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Israeli Technology strikes again! Most radiation delivered today emit Beta radiation, which has a tendency to harm normal tissue. Alpha radiation is so powerful, that it will break both strands on a cancer cells DNA, and not harm the surrounding healthy tissue. The Isotope is not Radium 223, but Radium 224. There have been 12 Peer Reviewed Papers--->the intellectuals here can search them.

The new company in Israel raised 30 million dollars. It is called Alpha Tau. Alpha Radiation is unique when compared to other types of Brachytherapy, where sealed radiation seeds or micro capsules are placed inside or next to the tumor emitting Beta or Gamma Radiation.

But these typical Radiations only causes a single break in the DNA of the Cancer Cell, which allows some cells to recover over time. Also it is not as focused and causes local destruction of healthy tissue. The Israeli Researchers believe that what they now call DaRT Technology, has great value not only in destroying active tumors, but in preventing cancer from spreading to other areas in the body.

DaRT----> stands for [Diffusing Alpha-Emitters Radiation Therapy]. Human trials in Israel and Italy for Squamous Cell Carcinoma, as well as other cancers in New York and Montreal, are getting ready. New trials planned in 2019 will take place in France, and again in New York---> specific for Pancreatic and Prostate Cancer. [I assume Memorial Sloan Kettering], is participating. Also Russia is picking it up for Breast Cancer, and Israel again for Prostate Cancer.

The researchers claim they can treat any solid Tumor or Metastasis. In the Squamous C.C. study they eliminated 70% of the tumors completely, and in 100% they saw shrinkage.

The company has designed treatment kits, that can be shipped to any Hospital, anywhere. Patients can be treated in an Outpatient Clinic, without radiation shielding. The half life of the Radium 224 is about 6.5 days. And is all gone in 2 weeks. No radioactivity will be left because of the fast half life. The Kit must arrive over night. No one can be late. The typical Breast Cancer Patient may need 12 Needle Applicators, each containing 6 DaRT Seeds. Timing has to be perfect. To meet this critical time frame, Alpha Tau will need to build production facilities around the world. There is one in Israel, and one being Built right now in Massachusetts, another being scheduled for Japan, and one inside Western Europe.

Alpha Tau expects European Approval in 2020. The USA in 2022, but hopes with the FDA new fast rack program, that it can be approved also in 2020. The Researchers are all thrilled as they are curing patients in the Trials, and saving lives. Patients with an Overall Survival of Weeks, were Cancer Free in 60 days.

One question I have, as to Pca---> if the Prostate was removed, and a patient developed metastasis or had them from the beginning, can this technique, go after individual well defined Metastasis? The Researchers claim that when the DaRT Technology is used that the Immune System, then recognizes and is stimulated to attack the same tumors elsewhere in the body. The information I have so far does not explain how that is done. If true then my question about metastasis would be answered. Anyway great work by the Jewish People.


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OY, now that sounds interesting!

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Well you do know I am prejudice, being a member of the Tribe of Judah


Sounds like great news.

Sounds truly revolutionary

Hopes raised and then dashed are more harmful than hopes not raised at all. The devil is in the details and I would like to see the clinical trials before I pin my hopes on a magic bullet. Anyway, 2020 may be too late for me, though it might be something great for my brothers here. I would certainly hope so.

I am just reporting, as I get my hands on things not main stream--there are 12 Peer Reviewed Positive Papers, and if you want to dig them up, You can contact the company in Tel Aviv. I can also, but I have no reason to. I am a Citizen of Israel as well as here, so it is easy for me to run these things down. But it is not my job to do it. When they say they are curing people with Squamous Cell Cancer, that are in trial now, with weeks to live, I cannot doubt this at all. You have to understand how Jews relate things.


I do understand how Jews relate to things. I think I probably knew more Jews that Christians growing up and nobody could have more admiration for Jews than I do. Maybe because I'm as much of an impossible person as they are!!


Praying for you to find more positivism. I trust the source.


Next year in Jerusalem.

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Hope it's approved in U.S. ASAP!

Just keep hanging on, hope and purpose can move mountains.

This is great news for everyone with this disease. Hope it succeeds.

Read something about this about 3 days ago....they inserted the dart and it was easily removed after treatment...I would guess it would be effective for tumors maybe everywhere...bone a bit challenging but with the right trocar needle should be possible....attach something heavy duty to the dart for removal... Israel has some top notch companies and I am watching one for investment purposes... I want to go to Israel....making paradise out of a desert... smart, tough people......

My question also---Bone Mets. If doable, would beat the hell out of Beam Radiation.


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good news -

"The size of Alpha DaRT seeds is similar to fiducial markers enabling the treatment of small tumors and metastatic lesions."

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Where did you find this--I was searching to fill in what I said was missing for me in my post?


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excelent video on it at their website

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this video is really good

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Yes---My Post was also to get those interested in doing their own searches.


Holy Toledo!

Omg!!! If all you say, and it turns out to be true, that really would be a miracle!!! Hallelujah! I have the same questions as you do after reading what you wrote at the end. I also wonder if having previously gotten any radiation has any effects on being able to qualify. I hope you’re right about 2020 as well.

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I am just reporting--I cannot swear to everything that I came across. But if someone wants to investigate--you can contact the Company Alpha Tau, in Tel Aviv, and ask to get copies of the Peer Reviewed Papers. They may say they will provide only to a Doctor/another research group. No reason for them to hide anything--as they have a patent. and just as you can look up info on US Patents, you can on Israeli Papers. A legitimate, organization, made the report, that I condensed into common language, for easy reading.


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herb1 in reply to Portugal-2

Portugal-2: In recent online paper, they treat persons with/without prior radiation for squamous cell cancer.

No need to contact the company. Just Go to this site and read all about it including links to all 12 peer reviewed papers .

Interesting find Nal


In 2007 I had cyberknive. In 2008 I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and went to Israel to see dear friends from Romania and to walk on the Land of my Master. In 2010 I went back with a group to see Bethlehem and Jericho, besides the places already visited on our first visit(Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa etc.). My wife beat me, she went again in 2017 on a tour from Romania with several members of her family. We went all over The Holy Land(the Negev Desert, Dimona, Beersheba, Golan Heights etc.) with the exception of Eilat. When I hear Jewish people that they did not visit Israel yet, I go Oy Vey! It is said that it is easier to die for Jesus than to live for Him. Maybe Alpha Tau will "force" me to live for my beloved Jesus more years than I thought possible, because besides the cancer I am a healthy 68 years old. The only thing is that I don't feel that I am going to miss this world, with the exception of very few people, and obviously my dog and my pigeons. I put my trust in God, so that I don't have to worry about a thing.

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A man after my own Heart, as Adonai Elohim said in describing King David. From your Post, you would be very comfortable in a Messianic Jewish Congregation where Jews and Gentiles gather to worship and praise Yeshua, and follow the teachings of all 66 books, of the word. Blessed be He who is the First and the Last, the Creator of Heaven and then the Earth, and if not for Him, we would not be here communicating.



Great News, hopeful , good work

Maybe it can somehow be part of solution for micro metastasis- Baruch Hashem!

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Just back a couple hours ago from Beth Judah--the Messianic Jewish Congregation, I go to when in Ormond Beach for most of the winter. Great Service---lousy Oneg.


Also, their site has some good overview research info

Wow, that sounds like a possible winner, now all I have to do is live that long 😜😜😡😡. May have to go to Israel on a road trip 🙏🙏🙏🙏

You can read the 12 Peer reviewed Papers, at the results of the work.


For anyone interested in learning more about the status Alpha particle radiation progress I would direct you to a very recent interview with Dr Alton Sartor of Tulane University. He is a leader in this field of treatment. Just go to:

Didn’t understand it all but seems to be a possibility for us .

I'm confident that Medicare will 'code' this treatment modality within ten years. Pardon my cynicism.

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Your cynicism is killing me. God is great. FDA/Big pharma not so much!


Excellent reporting of exceptional work. Thank you.

The direct approach is always the best. Find the cancer, insert a wire that kills the cancer. Repeat if necessary. A video on youtube of a man who had skin cancer in his ear. Previously treated with radiation and surgery. He had the dart inserted and his cancer destroyed.

Worries go down better with soup than without.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 01/05/2019 12:36 PM EST

This is great information. I just completed my 4th LU-177 treatment so far it’s been great but I never know how long it will work. So always open to new treatments coming our way.


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How do u feel after doing your 4th treatment of LU-177

Hey Nal,

Cool, nice to know, started doing research on the matter, I'm a bit uneasy with my current PCa treatment, ADT: Eligard + Zytiga/Prednisone, happy that my PSA dropped from 1000+ to 0.5, but now just waiting around for hormone resistance to set in - is asinine!

It's the standard protocol they say, well I'm not listening...

Anyway, is Alpha DaRT really effective for "widespread" (micro) metastasis, needing to find each tumor and treat? Perhaps Acupuncturist will get a second wind with the skills. You would think Lu-177 PSMA way of targeting, could be the dream team.

The link below has a nice read about Alpha DaRT:

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No time to just stop at a PSA of 0.5---can we get you under 0.1?


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A lot of us in that situation waiting for ADT to stop working. This sounds promising because it can be used in conjunction with other new therapies. Even for the next decade if it worked as a “ whack a mole” treatment it would give us time until a complete answer came along. The ability to go into an outpatient clinic and get a 30 minute treatment which will definitely kill that tumor is history making. What other treatment does that?

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It may be more than whack-a-mole according to some press from the company.

"The company said that the procedure can also help avert the future development and spread of cancer in the patient.

“Cancer cells know how to ‘hide’ from the immune system,” but “tumor ablation,” which is what the company’s therapy does, “can cause the formation of tumor-specific antigens that can then be recognized by the immune system,” Jaehnert said.

After the ablation, the immune-system starts to recognize the tumor cells as unhealthy ones and kills them, she said, basically working like a vaccination for specific tumor cells."

I think Hope has medicinal qualities in and of itself. The longer we hold on the more chances that treatment will improve.

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You did not reply at trying to further reduce your PSA.


in reply to Nalakrats

Hi Nala,

09/11/2018 PSA 1000+

10/15/2018 PSA 62

11/09/2018 PSA 2.1

12/14/2018 PSA 0.5

Good trend while on ADT2, so far...

What's on your mind on getting it lower, anxiously waiting...


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ADT-3,4,5,6--IP6/Inositol,BIRM,Pectasol-C,Ursolic Acid,Beta Glucan's, Sulforphane.

For starters.


This Alpha-particle technology offers great promise. Indeed, Ra-223 already uses Alpha particles to good effect; however, it works by mimicking calcium, so is preferentially taken up in cells/tissues that metabolise calcium… hence its utility in bone metastases, where there is typically a very high rate of calcium turnover in the affected bony areas. What we really want to do the job most of us need is an alpha emitter (radium or otherwise) that is conjugated with something like PSMA, that is “specific” to prostate cells – in other words a “homing signal” for all prostate tissue (to include soft tissue/nodal metastases), rather than imitating calcium (essentially limiting the effect to bone only). Even in the case of bone mets, Ra-223 only really works where there is enough bone turnover to accumulate sufficient radium to be effective. (unlikely in the case of early microscopic mets).

AlphaDart will be interesting, though in its present form exists as seeds that need to be physically implanted into the target tissue, a bit like iodine 125 seed brachytherapy – albeit with different radiation properties. There is no doubt however that alpha radiation has a biological effect (so-called RBE) in the order of 20x that of conventional beta or gamma radiation (comparing physical dose-for-dose). Its ability to bust both strands of cancer DNA instead of one is a huge advantage.

So, it would really be game changing if the Israelis (or somebody) find a way to conjugate the alpha emitter with PSMA. Many of us would go from the never-ending fight to a pathway to cure. Here’s hoping!

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Nalakrats in reply to Harry_B

More will be coming according to my Israeli Sources.



Here is a link to a recent article about Alpha Tau from an Israeli publication. It contains many of the pieces of information in Nalakrats post along with some history. It sounds very interesting.

Hello Nalakrats. Have you done any reading on Actinium AC 225 PSMA (Lintuzumab) which bonds to PSMA and generates alpha particles. It also seems to have very good results with end-stage trials. Regards, Harry

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Yes I have, and I am following its development. Most of work is still in Germany. It will get down to the efficiency, costs and kill times, as to which technology wins out. PSMA--has limitations, as you have to present enough of them, where Alphatau, just needs to be placed near a tumor. And then the T cells recognize tumor cell break-ups and is suppose to identify the cancer cell bits and pieces when destructed, allowing the T cells to go after other area's in the body where the same cancer in whole form is lurking.

This part of the announcement, I still have no further info. Sure would like to know how the T cells get this info, and take a bit of something, and recognize the whole.

But Alpha Radiation is surely exceptional. There are other materials besides Actinium 225 under consideration, such as Bismuth. I do not know if this one puts out Beta or Alpha.

But Radio-Isotopes are in very active research--to our benefit it appears.

If you have an accelerator, in your research facility any number of elements can be tried, as dozens of elements can be made into isotopes.


Thank you Nalakrats. What you say makes a lot of sense. It would indeed be good to know how the T cells are activated and if then they do then indeed seek out and recognise other prostate cancer cells around the body thereby dealing with the hidden mets. I'm in the middle of an interesting debate between my radiological oncologist (who leans towards the use of Ac-225 as part of a multi-mode strategy) and my oncologist who thinks alpha emitter conjugated with PSMA should only be used when everything else is has failed. I'm leaning towards 'up the guts with tanks' methodology. Best regards, Harry

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The Oncologist just laid the talking points learned at Med. School==={Standard OF Care}

Everyone with advanced PC, who does not die of something else, dies from Standard of Care.


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