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Was anyone on this board a patient of Dr. Charles Ryan when he was at UCSF?


I have an appointment with him at the end of January and am interested in your thoughts about him as your primary MO. He is heading up the Oncology Dept at the U of MN Medical School so I'm wondering what his availability is going to be like and if he was good with patients given all of the irons he has in the fire. He seems to be pretty active on Twitter and I found YouTube videos of him, which I appreciate, thinking that he is more forward thinking than a lot of MOs out there. True?

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I was a patient of Dr Ryan in 2013 until 2014. I had just completed SRT at Stanford and wanted some extended ADT2 which Stanford was unwilling to administer so I transferred to UCSF where I had consulted pre primary treatment to begin with. I found Dr Ryan to be very busy but that was expected. He had many patients as UCSF does a lot of PCa volume. Dr Ryan had good reputation there and I think in demand. I was happy with him. He gave me attention and answered all questions I had. He was only monitoring my undetectable PSA at the time while I was on hormone therapy. At UCSF I think he had reputation for aggressive treatment but only per established standards of care. Good luck. I think you and I may have communicated before but I’m not sure.

Dr. Ryan was my husband's doctor at UCSF from 2011 until he left in 2018. we would both highly recommend him. He told us right off the bat that his life's work was to help men fight prostate cancer aggressively as necessary while still preserving quality of life. He thought out of the box, but always tied to current research. We will continue to consult him as our journey continues, and he has agreed to advise us in conjunction with our local oncologist. Good luck. Yes, he is busy, but when you are with him he zeros in on you and your particular brand of prostate cancer, and gives thoughtful advice.

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That was EXACTLY what I was hoping when I heard that he was joining the U of MN. I am actually switching from one MO at the U to him, which feels kind of awkward to me, but I see he went to the University of Wisconsin, as did I, and he has been very active on Twitter, which I took to be a positive sign of forward thinking. Thank you for your comments!

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