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The Blue Scorpion Venom

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If you think all your supplements and Alternatives come from things we know, or eat. Think again. For a couple of decades desperate cancer victims have sought out Homeopath's in Cuba who treat their patients with True Blue Scorpion Venom, that is diluted by some unknown % in distilled water. The claims are that over 10,000 Cubans have been treated. Many attest to miracle cures from Brain Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, and other cancers. Cuba has a State Drug Company--->Labiofam, and has been producing Vidatox, and has sold it to over 55,000 people world-wide. We have no meta data. We do not know how they are creating so many doses. Have they synthesized the actual active chemical---unknown.

Before the drug company got involved, and still done today, Homeopathic Practitioners would apply a small electrical charge to the Blue Scorpion releasing the venom. I would be very skeptical, about what the drug company is doing, as you would think it would take many thousands of scorpions to produce so many doses. And how many doses does one need?

If I was interested, I would go back to Cuba---> used to go when it was not legal, and get the real stuff from a real Practitioner. As the attested to claims of efficacy are quite real, as told by the local Cubans.

Now no laughing, as worldwide, there are today lab tests, in go, using Tarantula Venom, Black Widow Venom, and Snake Venom, in diluted doses being evaluated to fight Cancer.

I am just reporting!!!! Flights from Miami are available every day!!!


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With so many patients, there must be a few peer reviewed studies, even in Spanish.

Do you have the links to the? Have you read them?

Are there any known interactions? Including grapefruit and drugs that themselves interact with grapefruit?

Difference between venom and poison. Venom acts in the bloodstream; assuming you have no open sores in your mouth or throat, you can drink a glass of rattlesnake venom without ill effects. And something in a very small dose can sometimes be beneficial whereas it a larger dose it is harmful. Example: warfarin is prescribed as a blood thinner. In larger doses it is an efficacious rat poison.

I founded my cancer nonprofit online in 1999. Almost nothing is really new. We posted the following articles (dates at bottom of each) And please forgive that the links below any article are not yet working, but being worked on: (2002 and 2003) (2006) (2000) (2007)

This sound like "snake oil" medicine with scorpions. Some many quack cures out there. In my research Homeopathic medicine is a magical thinking cure. Not real.

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I posted with tongue, in cheek--but this was also picked up by the Miami Herald, and they stated that a dozen countries has approved the import to treat cancer patients. They would know as the Herald is the local Rag for Cubans.

As I said I was just reporting.


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Oh OK. I didn't pick up on the tough in cheek point of view. :))

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Nalakrats in reply to de-luke

But in kidding aside, Cuban men and women when interviewed by the Herald, and the local Homeopath; they reported being cured. God said that he has provided everything we would need on this Earth for His Creation. We just have not found it yet.

And by the way---->Have a Blessed Happy 2019


Blue scorpion venom, flight to Cuba. You're just trying to get rid of me, right?

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You would be surprised what things are being tried. Like old drugs to kill worms in the intestines combined with standard Pca drugs showing promise for some people. The old Malaria Drug also in combination with our current drug menu.


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The cures just might be in poisons..

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Like chemo for instance?

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Well the reports from the Miami Herald, doing an expose on this subject interviewed a number of people that were cured of their cancers. The Herald is a legitimate newspaper, and has a large readership in Cuba. I was just reporting, but is it like a chemo or a targeted drug, I do not know. They have the company now supplying---sold 55,000 doses overseas, from Cuba. I know no more, but it is and has been looked at in research the use of different venom's as a possible positive drug agent in diluted forms.


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We hope!

Too bad that my one eyed snake died and stopped spewing out venom after my RPD. Used to tell the ladies not to worry cause it was packed full of protein. Happy New Year.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 12/31/2018 4:56 PM EST

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My dad went into remission with bladder cancer after chemo with TB was used.. It worked..

I understand Dr. Raymond Chang in NYC offers this to cancer patients. I know of a man who has had this treatment with good results so far.

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