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Charlton Heston's Life Advice


Charlton Heston starred in many of the great flicks of the 50s and early 60s, one of which was Ben Hur with a truly memorable chariot race (mind you, I didn't see much of the flick due to a drive-in theater, a spacious back seat and a lovely lady. We did surface for the chariot race.) In those days Heston was driving the chariot, not a substitute. Chariot racing not being as common as it was of yore, he got a lot of training. The most memorable piece of advice he got from the trainer was:

"Just stay in the damn chariot."

Good advice for all of us. I'm staying "in the damn chariot" - and it's one hell of a ride!!

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Yep, up, down and sideways....heck of a ride. (and you pick up a lot of mental and physical bruising along the way)

Keep racing and watch the curves, brother....

I saw Ben Hur, the memorable film several times during my young days and still remember how masculine and comanding Charlton Heston was. I don't have a damn idea how I can just stay in the chariot when I have been deprived of my masculinity and testosterone! Anyway thanks for picking up this excellent advice to fight with the utmost courage under whatever circumstances.


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Use duct tape!

Another great quote I say to my Brothers in arms on this forum.

Never give up never surrender.

Words to live by.

Saw Hur hated Him...

Good Health, Good Luck and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 12/21/2018 4:28 PM EST

I stayed with 72 radiations and 6 1/2 years for Lupron, now I am cancer free. Thanks Charlton.

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You paid for it!

I remember that movie Major Dundee (aka Will Penny), having just finished painting the Sistine Chapel, raced toward the El Cid Airport (1975) in his chariot, clutching the Ten Commandments in his arm, with an ape named Cornelius (who looked a lot like Roddy McDowell) in a chariot chasing him, shouting “soylent green is people!” and “you can have my sword (guns hadn’t been invented yet) when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands.” Maybe I’m confused...

Everything I say is a lie...and that’s the truth.


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