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Support for the use of Bee Propolis

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The below gathered and condensed from the Univ. of Chicago Medical Center, and the National Health Research Institutes, in Taiwan: provides the positive use of Bee Propolis. This material comes from the bee's internal production of a waxy material used to repair their hives. It is understood that the full biological effects are lacking in these over the counter compounds. As one can easily purchase Bee Propolis in capsule form or raw form.

Now the active ingredient or chemical in Bee Propolis has been determined to be Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester. Below I will use the term CAPE for this compound. Dr Chuu in Taiwan showed that in low concentrations CAPE successfully slowed the proliferation of cultured prostate cancer cells isolated from human PROSTATE TUMORS.

CAPE was also effective at slowing the growth of human prostate tumors grafted into mice. The use of CAPE reduced Tumor Size in half, within 6 weeks. But when stopped the tumors began to grow again. The conclusion, was that Bee Propolis[CAPE], suggested that CAPE, stopped cell division, rather than killing cancer cells.

So in a paper yet to be produced by me here on Killing Dormant/Stem Cells, it is possible that CAPE could be a part of at least stopping the advancement of Dormant Pca cells.

The researchers created their own Western Blot type system to measure proteins and protein changes, in their tests. This reduced costs severely for their work. They were looking for cellular pathways involved in Pca Tumor growth. Using these methods, the researchers were able to determine the arresting of Cell Growth was due to the suppression of proteins in the p7056 kinase, and the Akt pathways, which are important sensors for getting sufficient nutrition, that can trigger cell proliferation.

One of my proposals from a few months ago was focused on trying to starve the cells that we consider Dormant, when we are Undetectable as to PSA. As I proposed that they were not sleeping, yet in a low state of metabolism, yet feeding to at least stay alive, as they needed just enough glucose to produce Lactic Acid to maintain their internal pH of 6.7

It appears CAPE basically stops the ability of prostate cells to sense there is nutrition available. The ability of CAPE to freeze cell proliferation, could make it promising as a co-treatment with Chemo--where the CAPE stops growth and the Chemo kills the rest.

It is too bad IMO that the tests did not go beyond 6 weeks, as Pca cells may be able to survive without nutrition, when it is blocked by going into a low Metabolism state, to reserve its energy, and stay alive. I can see long term use for a year, whereby unproven, that certain Pca cell lines in Tumors would have 2 choices if nutrition is blocked ---go Dormant, to survive, or Die. But the tests were not long term, and there has been no follow up. They did provide though, new alternatives to the typical Western Blots. If you are going to ask me if I use it--I can say it is available at Amazon, under the terminology of Bee Propolis.


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Thanks - your input is so insightful.

Extremely interesting article!! Bees are amazing. Our niece told my wife to have a tsp of Manuka honey before and after neck radiation. She did, and did not have one sore at all after 8 weeks. Wish we would have known about it 4 yrs earlier when she did radioactive iodine. Sores were horrible and painful.

Thanks for the post. If you’re taking this beeswax, for how long, amount per day. Also, have you seen a change in PSA?

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I use double the label suggestion--divide morning and night. PSA has been undetectable for 31-32 months--but I have some posts coming; on going after dormant sleeping Pca cells/Stem Cells, and Propolis may be a part of the program, as it stops Pca cell growth.


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gusgold in reply to Nalakrats

I have used every supplement from resveratrol to laetrile and graviola and in 10 years have never found one that will lower PSA...I just got no luck


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Nalakrats in reply to gusgold

This does not lower PSA either. It is suppose to stop progression. The tests indicate, that you stop using, the disease then continues. But there is little other proof, other than what I reported. Products produced by bees have incredible healing powers.

As my Jewish Grandmother said, "it couldn't hurt".


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Schwah in reply to Nalakrats

By saying “it couldn’t hurt” Does that mean to date there are no known negative side affects? Thx for your info. Always interesting.


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Nalakrats in reply to Schwah

No there are no known side effects. The Propolis has a strong odor, even encapsulated. It is also sold raw--you can Check Amazon--as they have a number of products for sale. I was using and stopped, but after the new research on what the CAPE molecule in Propolis can do in small amounts, I probably will return with my next order to Amazon. Never known anything produced by bees as harmful, except stings.


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Schwah in reply to Nalakrats

Thank you.

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lovemydad in reply to Nalakrats

Amazon has several versions. Is there a brand that is trusted. My dad would like to try this - and I am ordering for him. He is doing well, I will post after his next Dr. Visit. He also believes it can't hurt.


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Nalakrats in reply to lovemydad

The Puritans Pride label has been around a long time---decades. Their product is a 4X concentrate in capsules--but not one supplier lists the % of CAPE in their product, which is Caffeic Phenethyl Ester---the pure chemical CAPE from a Chemical House in Germany is 500 dollars a gram.

So it cannot hurt, but is there enough CAPE, in a serving? It is cheap enough to double or triple the amount recommended, to try to get a minimum, of 3 mgs of CAPE per day--I would think on an empty stomach a couple/few times a day. I am not a Doctor/Prescribing---just reporting.


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j-o-h-n in reply to Nalakrats

OLD but still FUNNY ("it couldn't hurt").

A boy calls his Jewish grandmother on Grandparents Day.

“Grandma” he says, “I’m coming to see you this afternoon.”

“I’m thrilled!” she replies. “Now let me tell you how to get into the building. When you’re on the front steps, use your elbow to ring my buzzer and I’ll open the door. Once you’re in the lobby, use your elbow to push the elevator button. Then, when you’re in the elevator, use your elbow to push the third-floor button. I’ll be in the hall to meet you. Got that?”

“OK, Grandma,” says the grandkid, “but why I do have to use my elbows?"

“What?” she asks, “you’re coming empty handed?”

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 12/17/2018 7:35 PM EST

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Nalakrats in reply to j-o-h-n


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900312611 in reply to gusgold

Look into "Pygeum" if you would be so inclined. I tried it as an alternative to finisteride awhile back and it lowered my PSA greatly; went from 1.19 to 0.82 in 2 months, but when I asked about it Tall Allen and another made me feel like I committed the unforgiveable sin; they never really did answer my questions about it so I got scared I was doing something bad to myself so I stopped taking it...nightly bathroom trips went from none to one (on Pygeum) back to one to three a night and PSA in 2 months bounced back to 1.40 (but that result was from a different lab from my regular lab ...

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Nalakrats in reply to 900312611

Sorry you felt beat up by the Tall one, and others. They are anti anything not double blind studied, thru 3 trial phases and then blessed by the FDA, with at least a dozen Pro peer reviewed papers.

I reported on Pygeum and its prolific use in Germany by Oncologists, and Naturopaths. They provided good use results, I condensed the data, and suggested as a possible supplement to help fight our cancers. I just today ordered another bottle---funny you brought this up on a day I bought again. You can simply go to Google and type in Pygeum and Prostate cancer and read about what has been observed to-date.

Don't ever let the Protectors of the Orthodox Medical Only way intimidate you. If you feel once more intimidated, put out a note to our administrator--->>Darryl.


Patrick has been using propolis for years but also does not believe in the OTC...he goes to a local bee keeper and just starts eating the hive, like a bear, figuring the bee stings also slow PCa.

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Nalakrats in reply to gusgold

That must be an old picture---he does not look that young--I should know---just had lunch with him last week.


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teamkv in reply to Nalakrats

I would have liked to been at THAT lunch!!

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Nalakrats in reply to teamkv

Pretty hairy, as few would understand when we are in research conversation mode. Takes about 3.5 hours.


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j-o-h-n in reply to gusgold

Nice Truck...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 12/17/2018 7:41 PM EST

This is very interesting. The question is the variety of dormancy. Do the cells simply go to a lower level of activity while still absorbing nutrients from the environment or do they depend on store energy - like a bear's hibernation. Do they turn into a sort of seed? They've successfully germinated several thousand year old see from Egyptian tombs How much interaction with their environment do dormant cells have? And what triggers them to become un-dormant?

I Have been working on a major post for 4 months on this subject--I do not know if it fully answers your questions, some parts are directional, and has strong indicators. This subject has become a new field of study that is hot--so every time I think I am finished writing more stuff becomes available for me to evaluate. I was hoping to finish by next Sunday---when I leave for the winter---and head to Fla, for sun and fishing.


Florida and deep sea fishing sounds like a great idea. We'll be going to Cabo San Lucas in February for deep sea fishing. If you've never read John Steinbeck's Log from the Sea of Cortez, you should. I think you'd enjoy it.

Yes I have, a thousand years ago. Good that us captives of Pca can go and enjoy ourselves, and spit in the face of the Devil.


Appreciate your posts...will take a look at using this....a fisherman myself...been doing some fishing myself lately when I can get away from work ....takes one's mind off this evil disease...Good luck with your piscatorial adventure

Thanks, every year, I take the fishing vacation---pray I can do it many more years--but will take it one year at a time.


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MontyB in reply to Nalakrats

Any chance that you've done one of the Reel Recovery retreats...the free to men with fishing retreats ?

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Nalakrats in reply to MontyB

No I have not---I tried all kinds of local fresh water fishing--and lost interest--so it is always going after the big stuff, at the ocean---biggest so far---14 foot 800 pound Blue Marlin--a couple of 7 and 8 foot sharks, and when I was younger--I would fish during the day take an evening nap and Shark fish at night. Now that was living the dream. There had to be a 3 flag day and a heavy downpour to keep me off the surf/ocean. Today at 75, I can go to a movie with the wife on foul weather days.


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MontyB in reply to Nalakrats

I'm still hooked on the fresh water fishing, but can understand how one could get hooked on going after the ocean stuff. I may give the Reel Recovery a try. I think it's a one time deal, but I also think it'd be fun to do a bit of fly fishing and some fellowshipping with fellow cancer fighters and to get a bit of instruction on how to fly fish the right way. I taught myself how to do it years ago and it was fun, but I'm sure I probably missed some important aspects of how to do it right.

Can't imagine the excitement of hooking a 14 foot 800 pounder. My ocean fishing adventures have been limited to spear fishing. Did have some exciting times doing that and did take some unexpected rides...holding onto my speargun. Those were the days. Yep me too...movies are good on foul weather days.

May you have many more years of fishing fun...there are some promising looking drugs in the clinical trials...if they can overcome castrate resistance, it will really change life expectancy for all of us... hoping and praying for some clinical the mean time, I look for OTC remedies to add to my regimen...and see if there are clinical trials I should participate in....did one already....refuse to give up....

As I have written the whole Prostate Cancer Research world, has gone wild over Immunology breakthroughs---with over 290 Drugs in Clinical Trials world-wide, and just over 2900 Drugs in various stages of In vivo, and In vitro---it appears everyone is on board with the thinking, that the next Chemo, or Androgen Blocker is not the Answer. That the only way to put the Beast at bay--is through the development of Targeted Immunology Drugs, that activate our T cells to recognize the invader. If this is not so---then why are there so many of these drugs being developed. The big answer--is the big money for these discoveries, yet to come----hundreds of Billions of Dollars, to the winners.


Another great post Nalakrats.. I am still looking for a vanta doctor. I only take 50 mg of Cassodex daily. My psa - after 4 years - is around 1.2 to 1.5. Have you ever heard about studies that suggest double or tripling the doseage

Not studies--just that in England, and other independent MO's--some of these MO's use 150 mg per day--there is no evidence that higher doses are more effective.


Thanks - you are always so helpful. Got my first Lupron shot today. The adventure continues after 17 years

Would have preferred that you would have got the Vantas Implant than the shot. Too many reasons to get into, and some of it is anecdotal, from various individuals, including myself.


I know I tried. Nobody here at Phoenix mail or honorhealth know anything about it. Also Phoenix mail Mo said he did not think the metformin has any effect on prostate cancer from the latest test. I really respect your opinion

What do you think.

That is Phoenix Mayo Clinic

Sorry for confusion

It keeps the aggression of the cancer down, when you have a BCR---just search Metformin and Prostate Cancer--you can do it on Google and find plenty on this.


Thanks so much. What is BCR

Bio Chemical Recurrence.


Thanks - so helpful.

I am in good shape but I am going to work my ass off to beat the side effects of Lupron. Any thoughts??

Walking/Jogging as many miles a week you can handle, then increase on a schedule. Weight Bearing exercises--use a gym, and maybe add a personal trainer. When fatigue hits usually in the afternoon, that is when to hit the exercise. Before exercising, you can take 2,000 mgs of L-Arginine, which will increase blood flow to the muscles. There is a product on Amazon, called Boost--it is pure Oxygen in a canister--you can take a couple of whiffs, when you are down and fatigued. I use it before workouts, or I take it into the gym with me--it is about 12-13 inches long.


Thanks - I currently walk 2-3 miles 4 times a week, 20 minutes on stepper 2 times a week and now am going to lift 3 times a week. Golf 2 times a week - hit balls 4 time a week. I will check out L-Arginine and Boost . When I go - I plan to be a very FIT person.

Your thoughts are always so helpful.

And I pray alot

are you only on casodex? yes, there are studies :

In this Finnish study they have taken 150mg because of a japan study, have a look.

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Nalakrats in reply to Myriammole

No Casodex, or Lupron--on a drug Vacation, now 14 months.


I thought that Chemo works by targeting cells undergoing rapid mitosis like cancers, hair follicles, and stomach linings. In fact, I thought it was more effective with more aggressive cancers. If bee propolis was used as a "co-treatment with Chemo", might it not render the Chemo less effective by slowing the mitosis?

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Nalakrats in reply to LeeLiam

I do not think the researchers would suggest co-treatment if there would be a problem. The CAPE in Propolis, only blocks two pathways to prevent Pca cells from wanting to ingest nutrition, so IMO Only, these cells probably are weaker, and Chemo might actually be more effective. There are other Natural co-treatments: one I wrote about, where the use of DMSO, with any of 5 selected Chemo Products, can work together. The DMSO drives to the Pca cells, and takes the Chemo right to them, killing them, without harm to normal other body cells--but this is only done by a few Naturopaths. There is also a natural Dye that does the same thing---just like using tagged Glucose, to light up your cancer cells with certain scans.

Sorry I mixed apples and oranges---here, but there are other co-treatments--that Orthodox Medico's question--Like using BIRM, with Chemo, to prevent side effects that comes from the Chemo, so there is minimal loss of hair, prevention of neuropathy, and the drying and flaking off of finger and toe nails while eliminating nausea.

There are many co-treatments, that are not in general use.

And the Propolis Discovery, there is not any guarantees, as the study was very limited!!!

And does not pass normal FDA Type scrutiny, which would be demanded by Orthodox Medical Doctors.


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Nalakrats in reply to Nalakrats

1 gram from a German Specialty Chemical Manufacturer, is only 500 dollars--it is 97% pure--ouch.



I believe that CAPE has probable benefit. The important thing to note is that most propolis has little or no CAPE.

I was searching for an old post on the subject [1] (3 years ago), but it doesn't have a product link.

Here it is: Bio30 (2).




Patrick, figured inconsistency, would be expected--as there are a thousand varieties of honey based on the pollen sources. But TAIWAN had good material, but did not describe how and where it came to be.

Surprised someone has not synthesized CAPE--I will check. Because we would like a couple milligrams to take each day.


Thanks for this - I read somewhere, and a good while back, that propolis and green tea extract taken concomitantly swork synergistically. Perhaps you know why this could be so.

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Nalakrats in reply to Trecento

If so only God knows!


This is very interesting. May I ask: how much propolis do you take, and is there a specific brand?


Puritan Pride--at Amazon--use---you make it up, as there is no % of the CAPE chemical in the Propolis---I guess 3 or 4 caps a day. I do not prescribe--just report.


Thanks! I'll cook it up for my dad, he's stage 4 - in remission right now - and open to trying pretty much anything that might keep him that way.

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