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Hi we have been reading posts and this website has helped us a lot. Thank you !

My husband 56 had prostate surgery last year December 2017 with a 4+3=7 Gleason . His PSA was never undectable at 1. October 2018 it has moved to 2 and urologist wants to do 2 months Lupron followed by 2 months radiation followed by 2 months Lupron. After bone scan and CT, they said they are guessing using data where they need to treat it on the prostate floor. With cure chances being 5-6 out of 10 . When I asked about getting a C-11 scan done out of pocket to help locate it, radiation Doc hadn’t heard of it. We have Kaiser in Ca. Should we try to get a C-11 Pet scan done before treatment? Any other advice on treatment options?

History- my husbands father and 3 uncles fathers side all had prostate cancer 3 out of 4 passed from it.

Thank you

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Did you really mean his PSA is 2.0 or did you mean 0.2? No matter what a PET scan shows they will treat the ENTIRE prostate bed. If you meant that his PSA was 2.0, he should have a PET scan to rule out distant metastases.Skip the C-11 PET scan - that's yesterday's news. He can get an Axumin PET scan almost anywhere. There are PSMA-based PET scans available at UCSF, Stanford & UCLA that you would have to pay out of pocket for.

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Hi , thanks for the information/ advice on the PSMA based PET scans.

His PSA was 0.1 after surgery in Dec 2017 and has moved to 0.2.

Any advice on Lupron? I’ll read more posts on it.

We have many more adventures to take in life, might be bumps in road, but we will keep going.


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Whew! That's a relief. His PSA is low even for a PSMA scan to detect anything. But you would only be using it to rule out salvage radiation. There are better outcomes with at least 6 months of ADT and with treatment of the pelvic LNs (another reason to save your money on a PET scan). But different ROs have different minimum PSA they use.

Auximin scan has a 20%-25% chance of locating the Location, of the Cancer Colonies. Tall_Allen's suggestions, are supported.


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