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PSA results

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I’ve just seen the results from my PSA test done on Monday.

My PSA is 2.3. I am 49 years old.

However the last test I had done was in 2014 and it was 0.7 then. Not had follow up chat with doctor yet.

Although my latest test is within the “normal” range for my age- should I be concerned at this stage about the velocity of change between the 2 tests?


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You should definitely get it checked out. A rise in PSA does not automatically mean cancer, but it's a really easy test to monitor and the increase is telling you something. Get it checked out. Early detection is key to beating it. I would think a biopsy would be appropriate, but your doctor may suggest antibiotics first to rule out an infection.

Yes! Have it checked! Our urologist was not concerned when my husband’s PSA went from 2.2-3.2 in 6 mths. Wrong call.

Yep... you should.... when there was a spike in my PSA that's how my doctor picked up my Pca.

You know the sayings "see dick ignore his psa" - "see dick sorry he ignored his psa" so "don't be a dick".

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor

j-o-h-n Thursday 12/06/2018 9:15 PM EST

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