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BIRM Does It Really Work


I have taken BIRM for over a year now and IMO it does nothing to lower PSA. A lot of users say it gives them more energy, but so does coffee and it is a lot cheaper. Here is my problem with BIRM: It has been around for over 10 years and still not one double blind study to show it is effective against cancer. Billions of dollars have been spent to develop drugs that can harness the immune system to fight cancer like Provenge and Keytruda..The problem is not the strength of the immune system but rather how to harness the immune system to recognize cancer as a cell that needs to be attacked and destroyed.

I was reading the reviews of BIRM on Amazon and this is the best 5 star review I have read "I can not rate it on if it actually works because I have not seen any visible effect. I gave it 5 stars because of fast delivery and I am now on my third bottle".

Nalakrats brought BIRM to the attention of this board and I nicknamed BIRM Gator Blood. Nal drinks 3 bottles a week and I contacted Nal's daughter to find out if she has noticed any change in his condition, and she sent me a recent picture of Nalakrats, which is shown below.


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A matter of fact I was talking to Fredrica--the gal that runs the import business in California, for BIRM. We have become good friends. You should learn your Spanish. Now if you read all the reviews on Amazon--there are those that did not get the terrible side effects of Chemo, we have if my memory is correct one individual who had her inoperable lung cancer cured, another had an inoperable Kidney Cancer cured, one man had his Prostate Cancer cured, one had Colon cancer cured, and many use for immune boosting--which we all can use when taking our Pca treatments. There are responses from neighbors and friends all using for cancer.

1] Now Gus; why would you think the US Gov't would Fund with your tax Dollars the University of Miami Medical School, for the study of BIRM not against any Cancer---> but specifically Prostate Cancer. Now this is the NIH, using The Dept. of Defenses Moonshot Cancer Money, that Joe Biden Backed. It was our Gov't that funded UCLA Medical School for the development of Xtandi. So from my special perch, I knew the day Miami started, but have not gotten any info yet, on their tests, or how they are setting up their tests--and I would assume like UCLA, who did double blind studies, the the NIH would demand them of BIRM. Some of us are just ahead of the curve.

2] Why Gus; would the US Gov't issue a patent on a mixed botanical extract. There are a lot of things I have extracted in the research part of my life---none worthy of a Patent.

3] Amazon does not sell the 7X concentrate---> and in checking in with Fredrica, she has more than dozens and dozens of testimonials given her from her customers who buy the 7X concentrate, and have had success--> meaning in her words---> cleared [claro]--up the cancer. And she tells me that others recommend others and she knows that my writings, have brought her great amounts of business, what ever that means.

3] Yes I introduced BIRM to this site and another, but I do not remember ever recommending that anyone should take it just because I might be using it.

4] And users of BIRM from Amazon can save 10 dollars by buying direct from the distributor----408-312-4508--you can say Dr. Nalakrats recommended that you call.


gusgold in reply to Nalakrats


I called the number and said Dr. Nalakrats said to call..she said chew...I guess she meant who and then said oh, you mean the crazy American and I said yes and she raised the price $25 to cover your commission. Unless you get Tall Allen to agree with your post, within 72 hours, I will call a friend of mine in Florida to arrange for Gustave to bite both your legs off when you go fishing in 2 weeks. Below is a pic of my pal Gustave.


Moespy in reply to gusgold

Hahahahahahahahahah!!!! That made my night!

Nalakrats in reply to gusgold

Good to see you back--how was the Alligator tail meat I sent you--makes great sandwiches with Horseradish so you can get your Isothiocyanates which also kills cancer cells in vitro. Yum!


Actually crocodile meat is quite tasty. Tastes rather like rattlesnake. Both are different tasting than cougar however. (You are what you eat.)

(You are what you eat). Then I must be a kitten...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 11/30/2018 8:53 PM EST

Hidden in reply to Stegosaurus37

Couldn’t eat cougar, but have had rattler and gator in garlic and butter, Taste like chicken!

Stegosaurus37 in reply to Hidden

Nope, chicken tastes like rattlesnake.

Hidden in reply to Stegosaurus37

Either way ,ain’t bad in a pinch .. now cougar? What s that taste like??

Stegosaurus37 in reply to Hidden

Doesn't taste like chicken, doesn't taste like beef or pork. Tastes like cougar - and pretty good.

RICH22 in reply to Stegosaurus37

had gator burgers once, in Dizzyland - if you bite into something that looks like a hamburger, has the texture of a hamburger but then you taste fish.... well, maybe you won't throw up as i did. yuck and eeewwwww!!!

j-o-h-n in reply to gusgold

chew who? Oh, Now I get who is who. It must be Nalakrats who is who who's gonna get chewed. BTW does chew mean who in Spanish? I'm a Gringo.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 11/30/2018 8:50 PM EST

RICH22 in reply to j-o-h-n

chew was probly YOU? hispanics will pronounce Y as a J or CH. chew know what i mean?

j-o-h-n in reply to RICH22

Jes sejor

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 02/10/2019 12:24 PM EST

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Nalakrats in reply to Nalakrats

Sorry everyone got the number wrong---it is 408-612-4508


You can't even know how many people you've helped by sharing this information. We purchase direct from them now; we have told friends who are also using who have told their friends. And so it goes. We are beyond grateful.

Lombardi24 in reply to Nalakrats

Nalakrats... can I buy the 7x strength from the above phone number?

Nalakrats in reply to Lombardi24

The one I corrected---408-612-4508/LA time--just mention Dr. Nalakrats--they will take care of you. Remember I do not prescribe--just report things.


Cynthgob in reply to Nalakrats

I’m paying 260.21 delivered for 2 bottles. Can you get it cheaper?

Nalakrats in reply to Cynthgob

I would have to pay 126 X 2 = 252 plus shipping---which sounds like your number. I can get a special professional discount--but I use the single strength currently as my disease load is now low/undetectable.


arete1105 in reply to Nalakrats

Nal- are you saying if your numbers are low, .2 psa, 12 T, then you can use the cheaper product? The concentrate is for high numbers- correct?

Nalakrats in reply to arete1105

I cannot talk about numbers--as they are not defined relative to Prostate Cancer--as BIRM is used for many Cancers---originally Lung, Kidney, Skin, and Colon.

But logic would say that if you have a low burden--that would include Hormone Sensitive and non-Hormone sensitive Pca cells that you would not have to hit the disease with a Mack Truck. And the reverse--if your disease was not low burden or advancing rapidly--you may wish to hit it with BIRM concentrate. Only your doctor can define your burden load--and only you can make any decision as what you wish to do.


Gus, going for the morpine drip in a few weeks for relief of shortness of breath, Ill let you know how that works

gusgold in reply to Dan59

I thought the morphine drip was for end stage disease

Dan59 in reply to gusgold

I thought this was the advanced list

dadeb in reply to Dan59

Hang in there Dan 🌸

erjlg3 in reply to Dan59

I hope it helps Dan. 🤗

Hidden in reply to Dan59

Whoa brother....

There is no 1 size fits all.

When PCa becomes castrate resistant then its a bit hit and miss in androgen blockers anyway.

Lycopene worked well for me at the start but not now. Also the ADT injections dont really work and I thinks its more being scared to stop them that lets me take them.

For me immunotherapy has to be the way forward but I think its cost prohibited for PCa given its classed as slow growing for most sufferers.

RICH22 in reply to paulparry

yes, using genetic engineering to dissolve the "cloaking" codes PCa DNA develops is the ultimate answer. i think C cells are constant mutations that our immune system normally detects and wipes out. but some C strains arise that can fool all the different blood and lymph cells that attack anything in the blood that doesn't belong there. unmask those C cells and whammo, our bodies finish the job.

What is BIRM?

WSOPeddie in reply to spikezoey

Can you get the industrial strength on ebay (7x)? I didn't find it there so now order direct. I asked for overnight shipping so received in one day.

What is the dosing of the 7x and times a day? How do you take it? Mix it w anything in particular?


10 years and only Petri dish experiments.

Commercial sources of unverified quality and potency. But who cares because no one knows what the dosing should be.

There is better evidence for the use of placebos for curative results. Or the use of laetril.

I think I will pass on this one.

gusgold in reply to cesanon


that is what I say...actually it might be closer to 20 years...not one case of proven lower PSA...All these nuts, myself included, paying $85 for a bottle of really bad tasting herbs. Many herbs give more energy..these nuts are claiming it cured my diaper rash, no longer read pornography, masturbate 12 times a day now only 6, acne gone, now a homosexual, really like trump, the list goes on and on..I wasted $800 because of that nut nalakrats and now these crazies are looking to buy industrial strength for $120..they would be better off buying industrial strength drano which does lower psa

cesanon in reply to gusgold

What went through my mind, is if it makes you feel better during chemo, how?

Is it reducing the intentional toxicity of the chemo? What good would that be?

If it is powerful, you need to understand it's true effects and interactions.

j-o-h-n in reply to gusgold

All your changes are nuttin, just wait till you start driving on the left...

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 11/30/2018 9:04 PM EST

Hidden in reply to gusgold


Hidden in reply to cesanon

You’re right. Placebo if belived in can benifit and Laetrile too.

I have been taking BIRM since March 2018. At the beginning my PSA dropped from 13 to 3.2 in two weeks and since that my PSA is between 0.6 and 0.7. I am taking the concentrate from California. I asked the creator of BIRM, Dr. Edwin Cevallos how to take and he recommended three times a day with food. The person who initially told me about BIRM was Dr. Mark Soloway now working at Aventura Hospital, Miami. He is one of the authors of the first scientific paperwork on BIRM effect on prostate cancer. The one from Amazon does not work when you sick, it is only a prophylactic.

I am very convinced on the effectiveness of the produt and what surprises me is is the total silence on BIRM. For me, Dr. Cevallos deserves the Nobel Prize in Medicine

Myriammole in reply to Cubano

Do you mean your PSA dropped only by taking BIRM? No hormone therapy, chemo or other? What stage is your PCA?

Cubano in reply to Myriammole

Yes, that was between the time I finished with Taxotere (which did not do anything) and the start of taking Zytiga. When I started Zytiga mas PSA was already under four. My PSA yesterday was 0.7. I have my chart with the changes, but I cannot put here

Cubano in reply to Cubano

I meant Zytiga my PSA....

Cubano in reply to Myriammole

Stage fourth, bone methastasis. Although the last bone scan showed some bones resolved and less contrast in general

Cubano in reply to Myriammole

I added my chart to the Facebook page of Dr. Edwin Cevallos

louschu in reply to Cubano

This is also anecdotal. But my PSA dropped from 21.4 on Dec 25 to 2.1 on Feb 1. The main factor was a load dose of Firmagon but I started the 3 times a day BIRM around the same time.

I have had the load dose before and also been on and off of Lupron. This is the biggest percentage and absolute drop I have ever experienced.

All our cancers are somewhat different but I plan to keep taking BIRM. I would appreciate other anecdotal stories that have measurable results.

your testimonial is took taxotere and zytiga

jmurgia in reply to gusgold

I agree!


Boy! He just gets better and better looking all the time!

Thank you. I just wanted to share my case. The Taxotere, after six sessions raised my PSA from 3.59 to 8.0. After the last Taxotere infusion I did not have Zytiga right away. I had to wait about one months until the doctor defined the next step. Without any treatment my PSA went up to 13. I started taking Zytiga when my PSA was already under 4.0.

I am not a doctor, nor part of any medical trial with BIRM, but it was recommended by a prestigious urologist and I am testing myself. When you are in Stage IV there is no reason to try. But it up to you beleive or not.

Sold under what on eBay nothing comes up for brim

I recently bought some BIRM (expensive stuff), and tried it a few times. Like you, I really can’t tell any difference in my energy level, but I accidentally spilled a spoonful on my 13 year old Shih Tzu buddy, Bogey, and almost immediately his thinning gray hair turned into a thick, shiny black coat, the plaque on his remaining teeth went away, his cataracts disappeared, and he started chasing squirrels again, but only inside the house. My laundry gets cleaner and whiter, I no longer get robo calls from telemarketers, and my junk e-mail volume has decreased by 75%. I put some in the gas tank of my car and my gas mileage improved by an incredible 7 mpg (almost like having a hybrid). I slipped some in my wife’s coffee, and she’s been a lot nicer to me since then.

I don’t like to talk about it, but in addition to my PCa issues I also suffer from a rare condition called pseudohypochondria, where I think that I think that something might be wrong with me, or someone else. There is no known cure, and it has confounded scientists and researchers for years (or at least several weeks). However, I recently went online to a website (which has since mysteriously been taken down), and found a new miracle drug called “Placebo,” extracted from the roots of the faux banana tree, which is found only in Haiti’s soon to be extinct subtropical rain forest, along with the soon to be extinct monkeys that live in them. Q. What looks like bananas, smells, like bananas, and tastes like bananas, but isn’t bananas?

A. Monkey puke. But I digress. The Placebo works! It has many of the same results noted above for BIRM, but doesn’t taste like used brake fluid. Unfortunately, the world’s supply of Placebo will sadly (and soon) disappear when deforestation will see the last faux banana tree in Haiti (and the world) chopped down to carve out voodoo dolls.

Everything I say is a lie...and that’s the truth. 😎

RICH22 in reply to Litlerny

aha! so it is as i've always suspected: extensive PCa researching leads to incurable but intermittent schizophrenic episodic redundancies. ironically, BIRM spelled inside out is RIBM, which dyslexically indicates Rib Them... nudge nudge wink wink.

actually BIRM makes a great brake fluid

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