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I am new here, so I wanted to share my story about my personal fight with prostate surgery. Diagnosed in 2006 at age 56,5.8 psa, had robotic surgery May 2006, cancer free for 3 yrs then it came back and had radiation in 2010, did not work. Then took Lupron and got it down to 2.4 psa, then February 2018 it went to 8psa, then to 16 psa,

then took provenge and jumped to 64 psa. Got on zytiga in September and went to MD Anderson and bone scan showed 10 lesions metastasized to bone and in my ribs and spine. New psa shows a 10 psa, zytiga is working, but not sure what is next

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Sometimes switching from prednisone to dexamethasone can keep Zytiga working longer. After that, you can consider Xofigo for the bone mets. After that, docetaxel. The excellent urologic oncologists at MD Anderson can discuss their many clinical trials with you.

cabin in reply to Tall_Allen

thanks for your info, yes my oncologist at md Anderson is brilliant.

Water under the bridge--wish when you were put on Lupron, as you got down to a PSA of 2.8--that Zytiga was added at that time as a duel drug attack. You are in a great place--at MD Anderson---they are on top of all the new immunology treatments, trials Etc. You will be taken care of well.


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