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This is their page with the list of supplements. I don't notice anything kinky or crazy. And the next page contains supporting citations.

When anyone on the internet encourages you to take anything not on this list you should be highly sceptical, and insist on seeing published studies (from independent journals) before ingesting it.

And also probably do a search on

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Reading the prevention URL:

OMG!!! What a great bunch of reading!!! I've been an LEF member forever, been taking their vitamin K (etc) forever as well. They where brutal to the medical associations and individual practitioners!! WOW.

Read the section: Prostate cancer is not an isolated desease. (OMG great! read)

Then the diagram: Wholistic nature of PCA.

Vitamin D...

At the beginning it mentions a diagnostic test: PCA3 ... Could not find more on that as an adjunct to PSA. Then little details about PSA velocity/density??

I'm already following most of the preventative protocols, inluding Nalkrats nattokinase/serrapenptase et al, but just plain old PSA periodic. I'd be curious to find a better blood test(s).

Not sure why they didn't spend more on periodic mp 3T MRI.

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What is "periodic mp" 3T MRI.

curt504a in reply to cesanon

See multi parametric MRI (3 tesla power) at:

If contrast is needed, ask for "pediatric approved" to get less gadolinium.

The tactic is, assuming you can afford the cost, get periodic mp MRI at some interval for a much more thorough verification then just PSA tests at some frequency. I liked the FL location of Sperling. Nice trip, location to hang around for a vacation at plus get a great picture taken and an expert to interpret it. 3 tesla MRIs used to be not that common. I bet calling around every year will eventually find one that will take cash and save $$$ for scans every some period of time. I'm a do it yourselfer and get my own tests without Dr handholding or useless prescription. Getting your own tests for cash saves a ton. The insurance / medicare co-pay (prescription or Dr orders) is often much more then the cash payment if you ask.

cesanon in reply to curt504a

What does a multi parametric MRI (3 tesla power) cost out of pocket at the current time?

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