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For Men With The Her2 Mutation


Palbociclib---> a new kind of inhibitor, referred as a Cyclin Dependent Kinase Inhibitor, But is still in the class of Checkpoint Inhibitors, has been granted FDA approval for women with Breast Cancer--where there is recurrent Cancer occurring. It is now a Std of Care or Treatment in Europe for Women who have recurrent Cancer and present HER2-Mutational load. So this Inhibitor is specific to this Gene Mutation.

It is used in Europe in combination with Hormonal treatment as a duel drug protocol.

I bring this up as I know some men on this site have the HER2 Mutation, as to their Pca. And what happened with Olaparib, being used against BRCA-2 for women's Breast Cancer and approved for it, was not approved for men with Pca and BRCA-2. So MO's started using it off label, for men that presented BRCA-2 Mutations. Now it is often used--and I do not know if the FDA ever approved it for Pca, but men here are using it.

For those that like the science----> human cells must pass what is called the R point, in order to complete the cells life cycle----> to be able to divide. If you can check or block this, as Palbociclib is reported to do---> we have another Checkpoint inhibitor that might be usable for Men with the HER2 Mutation

So check with your MO. One of the reasons I urge men to get Gene Mapped is when a new drug comes along that matches effectiveness against a Gene mutation known to be present---> it gives you another weapon. Men and women carry the same mutations.


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Have you run across any research going on with mutations: ARAF P216L and NF1 T2722T? These were picked up by a liquid biopsy tumor response test i had done a few months back. MO says there's no current remedies.

Thank you Dave

I agree--we do not at presently have targeted drugs for these. Each mutation seems to require its own drug---disappointing--but some Docs. Have used Olaparib on other Gene Mutations, besides BRCA-2, I have no idea if there were anything positive to report.


My husband has the HER 2 so good to know.

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