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PSA elevating


Hi I'm George;

I had my Prostate removed 2 years ago. MY PSA has been negl. until 6 months ago my PSA went to .10. Then I lost my job - Ins and was out of work for 3 months. Just had a PSA it was .20 the Open Enrollment postpones my ability to get ins w/pre-conditions covered for couple months. What is the significance in the PSA results and a couple of months before any procedures

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Immediately go on a plant based diet with no added oil. Go to and go to advanced prostate cancer... 2 parts. It’ll show research re plant based diet. I personally know someone who has been on this diet, had bone Mets, and now Mets is shrinking. It sounds impossible to give up meat and dairy however you can. There’s lots of internet support for it. Data: people who live in rural China and Japan have very very low rate of prostate cancer. When they move to USA, which has highest rate, their prostate cancer rate goes up. When men move to Japan, China rural areas, their prostate rate goes down. Lots of evidence standard American diet is causing cancer. Also, exercise. Even a little a day and increase as you can.

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I agree!

What were your prostatectomy pathology outcomes (Gleason score, positive margins, T stage)? You can get insurance under the ACA NOW if you had a change in employment that made you lose your insurance. Call them.

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