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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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man with prostate cancer

prostate cancer stage 4 for 10 years. i have been on zytia but can't get it now. so my oncologist suggested provenge after the 3 treatments then go back to zyita if i can find it. continue taking the lupron/eliguard shots. what is offered after that if anything.

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You can’t get Zytega for financial reasons, because it stopped working or because your dr won’t prescribe it?


i was getting it through a foundation due to the cost. will the foundations run out of it so then i wait for more to become available it sucks for sure


This page mentions some of the standard treatments that are often used in advancing Stage IV prostate cancer. Now is a good time to be learning about them and presenting questions to your doctor(s). Other things may be available in Clinical Trials pending future regulatory approvals, depending upon in what part of the world you live, or your ability/resources to travel for treatment.


Just curious, what was the problem with finding Zytiga? Insurance coverage? Something else? Provenge treatment is often really expensive, too.

These respective assistance links might possibly be of some coordinating help.




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74,000 not sure if that is for each tx or for all three but cheaper then zytiga


What country are you in?


I did the Lupron/Provenge first then after about a month started the Zytiga. This worked for about 16 months when it stopped working. I was then put on Lupron/Xtandi for 4 months. Did not work at all. Since then have had 13 Chemo treatments of Docetaxel with Lupron and Predizone which is still working. Right now I am on a Chemo holiday since my body was getting toxic from all of the Chemo. I have another 4 weeks until I meet with my oncologist to evaluate where we are at. Hope this helps.

Dennis Carlson


lupron doesn't slow down psa's lowers one testosterone is all



Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Saturday 08/04/2018 2:04 AM EDT


Same as Dennis I had Lupron/Provenge then started the Zytiga. Zytiga stopped working after 11 months. I had scans and then my oncologist started me on Xofigo (Radium 223).

Take Care, Monty


Hi Charles we have some if u want it about a months supply as I have stopped using it best of luck


yes please send it to me if u can charles meyers

570 juniper st

kettlefalls wa 99141


Hi Charles is that a us address I paided a thousand euros towards it u can have it for 1000 dollars including postage I would let u have it f nothing but I can't afford it they would return my money at the pharmacy if the packets are sealed I live in europe. Hope that helps best wishes j


sorry i can't afford a 1,000.00 usa $$$


Sorry Charles as I said I have to get back what I paid by handing it back I will recover the thousand euro I had to contribute if I could I would give it to u as it is with the exchange rate I would still be still be losing about 100 euros I can't manage any cheaper hope to God u find some best of luck john


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