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California Dreaming


Hi All

I posted a picture a while back of me with my boys on a trip to California, I’m back out here with my wife and boys to show her everything I loved about it. I was on Balboa lake yesterday looking at where John Wayne lived and felt grateful to have made it over 1 year! It’s hard at times and I get tired but I’m filled with gratitude at being able to enjoy so many moments. If anyone reading this lives around the lake then your one lucky individual! I’m Gleason 9, mets to lymph in pelvis and numerous in abdomen and chest area, to many to treat so I’m on Zytiga, Pred and Zoladex. We are off to Big Bear lake tomorrow so let’s hope a Grizzly doesn’t get me before the prostate does. 👍 I had a great response to my last post with lots of people saying they felt it was a positive thing to read so I thought I’d keep them coming!

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Keep living life to the fullest! I remember the first time I saw Big Bear Lake from the air. It was nearly magical. Have a great time!

Ha, one year your just a baby. Just teasing. Yo have many years left with your family. Looks like you are living right! Fight on.

Great pic! Sounds fantastic- have a great time!

Apollo, It is great to hear you are living life with the boys and doing well, Enjoy every day!!! Thanks for such a positive post.


Apollo123 in reply to Dan59

Hi Dan it’s nice to hear from you, how’s it all going? 👍

Dan59 in reply to Apollo123

Hi Apollo, I am doing well, minus a few side effects hehe. TY for asking. We had a Great trip to Cornwall and London last month really enjoyed it.

Apollo123 in reply to Dan59

You should post a picture it would be great to see you enjoying. Cornwall is a lovely place, I’m not a huge fan of London (sorry to offend anyone living there). I live in a quiet area so I find it too busy. My son is going to a music festival in Cornwall on Wednesday next week. I’m glad to hear your doing well.

Dan59 in reply to Apollo123

Apollo, We spent most of our time in Cornwall,We went to Port Isaac, Padstow, St Ives, Lands End, Newlyn,and Moushole.We really enjoyed ourselves, and the people of Cornwall. We left Cornwall to see Rolling Stones in Twickenham, then the next day we took a train into London to see the sights and ride on the London eye, Next day flew home. When I make a post I will include a picture, If I Knew how to do it in a reply , I would.

All the best to you Apollo!

Apollo123 in reply to Dan59

If you come to the Uk again you need to visit Wales it’s beautiful. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 👍

Nice work Apollo. I've always had the wanderlust, I'm loving these posts.

Stay positive Apollo cancer hates that. Have a Great Time!!!!

As a boy I used to go bluegill fishing on Big Bear Lake with my dad. Enjoy!!!

Apollo123 in reply to Toad1

It was a great place with a lovely atmosphere. I didn’t go fishing but maybe next time. 👍

Great pic! My brother's PC is almost same status as yours (Gleason 9, mets in pelvis & liver). Same medication after chemo and radiation which made him almost give up but he started a clinical trial 3 weeks ago and it seems to be helping, tumors shrinking. You're in the right place to get info to bring to your oncologist. Keep up the fight, you have lots to live for and you will be around for a long time. God bless you and your family.

What is the clinical trial he is on? I always like to keep ahead of the game? 👍

It's a combination of Olaparib (Lynparza) and Cediranib. He's on the side of the trial where he got the combination vs. just one of the meds. Ask your Oncologist about it, I'm sure he will know. Best of luck to you!


Can I ask how you managed with travel insurance, my husband has stage 4 with mets, also osteoporosis and we are planning a visit to see our son in New York in September ( we live in UK)

Apollo123 in reply to JanJames

Hi I’m also from the UK, if you google All Clear they cover prostate cancer. I had one year annual cover for 500 pounds costs vary according to questions they ask you. 👍 hope this helps. The years cover was only 100 pounds more than the single trip.

Great Looking Kids, but who's the ugly guy with the beard? Enjoy your life especially with your family. Don't forget to laugh with them.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Thursday 08/02/2018 5:41 PM EDT

Apollo123 in reply to j-o-h-n

😂😂👍 I was going for pensive and movie star in the picture.

It's Balboa Island not Balboa Lake if you are talking about Newport Beach.

I meant Balboa Island. It’s a beautiful place. 🏝👍🇺🇸

many thanks for that I will give them a try. How advanced is your cancer?

Hi I have Gleason 9 Cancer spread from prostate to Lymph in pelvis and abdomen. After the original MRI which only showed 2 infected nodes I had a PET scan which showed numerous lymph involvement in chest area which means radiotherapy was not an option. I don’t currently have bone mets. I had a scare recently as I suffer with bad sciatica however a scan failed to show anything and the pain in the leg and back appears to be from some muscle wastage affecting my sciatic nerve.

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