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Katy's Birthday


My amazing wife who has put up with so much over the last 3.5 years since my initial diagnosis celebrated her 50th last week and we threw a party for all our friends. Here we are during speeches. Katy is the good looking one on the right. I am the bald git on the left (chemo does that to you). (As you can see I am batting well above my league). Sometimes you need to forget about PCa and just have fun!!

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Happy Birthday Katy! @Hazard-Bald is Beautiful.

Beautiful couple!

Happy to know you guys enjoyed this special day. Blessings to both of you.🙏

Happy 39th Birthday (wink wink). Many Many More.

J-o-h-n Wednesday 07/11/2018 2:32 PM EDT

Thanks everyone for your kind replies.


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