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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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To all my followers and readers: At the end of this day before the 4th of July, I will be shutting down regarding my participation on this site, which includes postings, answering posts, and communicating with my over 110 followers, who message me. I will do the same on another site.

I am working on 75 years of age, and even though I am very comfortable and have not worked for a living since 2005. I am clocking about 3-5 hours a day on HealthUnlocked. I have my own [None Standard Of Care Program] that requires 2 hours a day. Thus it has become overwhelming, as I get about 50 messages a day, or respond to other Postings, and also Post.

There is no need to start a rumor, as I can assure everyone I am very healthy, and not sick, but will continue my back door drug intake, and my supplemental program, and my Treatment vacation.

I am needing to spend more quality time with my wife, my religious studies, sermons that I give, my Congregation, my Bible, and my community of friends. I will continue to read those Posts that are Interesting, that provide science to this disease. Many come from Patrick, and will archive any/those from anyone, for future use that are important.

I feel bad, because of all the new Followers that have joined in the last 2 weeks or so---about a dozen of you. I had to make a cut off point. I do not know when I will return. But my gut thinks it will be when the summer ends and Fall is upon us.

I want to thank everyone here, from Darryl, our administrator, and to every one with Pca, and their advocates[wives, daughters, sons, etc.], for allowing me to make contributions to this site. I pray that I have helped at least one man here, with this disease. There are those that have unknowingly have helped me. Patrick, we will continue our Lunches, and Gusgold you will need to find someone else to send your Gator Pictures to.

Thank you all for this experience that I have had over the last 26 months.

I Remain Yours Truly, In Our War,


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Thank you for all your help. Godspeed.

Peace, brother.

Nalakrats, Thank You for all your time and help to members of this list. I completely understand your need for a leave of absence, I also have been feeling that need but I continue to monitor in case anyone needs a message of hope. You are a good man, May God bless you.


Enjoy your summer hurry back.

Best of Health to you good person!

Thanks sir for your valuable inputs on many queries posed by many followers. Wish you a good health and happy life.

You have helped many profoundly including myself. Go and take a break and do not be sad. Every warrior needs time away from the front. Everyone who has had contact with you has benefited. Have fun and thank you for your service!

Wishing you Life, Laughter and the time to enjoy! Take care.

Thank you for you input and dedication.

Good luck on the time off, enjoy life, have fun.

Thank you for all your advice and knowledge and your commitment to this site. Enjoy Life!


Hope to hear from you in the fall. Have a great summer.

Well deserved break! Your knowledge and sharing is most appreciated.

Mark, Atlanta

Nalakrats has finally gone over the deep end. I have been talking to his daughter and she said he kept slithering into his neighbors pond at night, naked, trying to catch fish. They called the Gator Institute who caught him with a trap they set last night. For more information contact The Gator Institute For The Criminally Insane. He no longer talks just hisses and tries to bite...his daughter sent me the pic below.


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Ba ha ha ;))

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It had to happen....

Your valuable contributions are greatly appreciated. I attribute my excellent health to the information provided on this site by yourself, Patrick and other knowledgeable members. Enjoy some well deserved time off and I look forward to your return when you feel the time is right.

Thank you for the help, info, and advice you have provided.

Take good care Nalakrats.


Can’t wait to see you back! I will miss your wisdom and insight. Enjoy your leave of absence.

I’ll miss you. Enjoy what’s next!

Thanks so much for everything. We will all miss you. Good luck.

I have come to rely on your input You have a unique understanding of a very complicated disease Come back soon

Enjoy your new found time. We will miss you. Guessing you’ll miss us here and be back sooner rather than later. Maybe wishful thinking.


Thanks for having a very large impact on how I view this thing and my treatment plans. Enjoy your time away!

On this journey of unknown are a blessing. Thank you.

Ave atque vale, frater! Us'n gonna miss you! Enjoy your time off!

Thank you for all your help. I will miss your posts. Enjoy your vacation and get a well deserved rest.

Thank you so much for helping me and my husband. I will be forever grateful. You are a blessing from God!

hugs and prayers,


I hope that if you haven't already, you spend time finding your true inner self. Good luck.

We, the members of your ‘online congregation’, will miss you terribly. You have helped us all very much - both with your medical insights as well as your sense of humor!

Hope to hear from you soon ... and Godspeed!


You are a blessing to many of us. You will be greatly missed. Enjoy your well deserved time off. My prayers for you.🙏💛

Nalak, thank you for all the time you spent helping others.

you will be missed...

you are one of the pillars of knowledge of this forum.

wish you great health and god bless you

Sa Beracha

Carry on Brother - Mahalo for all of your efforts helping us out. Obviously you will be sorely missed, but you have every right to take care of yourself and family.

Be well, Live long, Fight On


Thank you very much for all your support and help and for an always a quick answer when we have doubts.

God bless you

You've only been here 26 months? It seems like a lot longer. Ha. Ha. (Joke.)

Seriously, relax and live well. There's more to this wonderful, mysterious world than so many "cancer thoughts" day in and day out.


Enjoy it all. Family friends loved ones and God. Your work has helped so many.

Wishes and prayers for a beautiful peace for you and the Mrs. So very blessed to have had you and everyone else here. No response needed :))

:) Jackie


Thanks for your help and advice and may God bless you and yours! Enjoy the rest of your life.


Thank you for providing your considerable knowledge to assist us in my husband's prostate cancer case. God bless you and your family.

You will be missed. Peace.

You have done so much for so many and you deserve a rest. Enjoy yourself and the company of your family in good health.

Thank you for all your heart felt wisdom and encouragement. You have helped so many on their journey. You will be missed, we are looking forward to your return. Enjoy your time. Many hugs and prayers.


Sad to see you go Nalakrats,you helped me any many others without even knowing it.

Take care

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Vaya con Dios!

Thanks very much for passing on your considerable knowledge. I’m new to the group, and have greatly appreciated your insight. I hope you will please come back soon.

Thank you for all your valuable knowledge and opinions you so willingly share! Prayers for a breakthrough cure or long term remission for ea man struggling with this disease.

God Bless you Nalakrats, for caring about others. Enjoy your reprieve.

Your wit and wisdom will be missed. I looked so forward to your point counter point discussions. God bless and take care Brother.

Thank you for all the valuable input, I always look forward to reading what you have to say. Enjoy your time off, and God bless you and your family.

Nalakrats, you have turned a (strange) name and typed words into caring and trusted counsel for many of us. We will miss that, but we know that a relaxed living into Life and Relationships gives healing and purpose and strength to live with this disease. Be Blessed, Ron

Dear Nalakrats, you will be greatly missed during your hiatus...but I am happy for you and your family to have this time together and pray that it will be richly blessed, as you are such a wonderful blessing to others....and shall look forward to your return!!!!

Thank you for your wisdom, your patience and you kind assistance to those of us who are searching for answers. I do understand your need for a break and wish you the very best! Good luck and Godspeed!!

Many thanks.

Nalakrats i look for your posts. You are an amazing warrior with true grit. Thank you for your service to others. I've learned a lot about this nasty disease and have come to trust you. Your desire to spend more time with your wife and community friends, Bible and Congregation is talking to you. Go and do so. I wish you many blessings and good health, lots of joy and peace.


I will miss your comments greatly!!

Late to arrive on this scene. Les and I will miss reading you! You will always be with us in spirit. And speaking of that, last night I listened to Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell on “The Power of Myth”—recorded a couple months before Joe’s death. Campbell was another Nalakrats for me at one time, not that your beliefs are identical. Well-reasoned and deeply felt is what i’m trying to say. Go well. Love to your wife. Jan and Les

For everything there is a season. Thank you for contributing such wisdom during this season. My husband and I have learned so much from you and were prepared for many of the decisions and options for supplements in this battle. Blessings to you for the time and research you shared. May God richly bless you in this next season of life.

Your posts will be missed.

You're a soldier -- and a good one. An educator -- and an enlightening one. An inspiring light -- and a bright one!

Enjoy your hiatus...and THANK YOU for your immense help!

And -- please -- take care of Alan Stark.

Thank you, God bless. For everything there is a season.

Thank you Sir for all your research and sharing. Best wishes.

Bless you Nal.

sorry to see you go, but understand fully. It is extremely stressful for those who are involved in this battle, so spend so much and to date, have so little to show for our collective efforts at trying to change the tide in the war. I hope that others will come forth to help us in getting the word out and do our best to offer some guidance, however limited its effects are. We all have something to offer, and my words of wisdom today say, get involved, get into a drug trial, for this is the only way we will find a way to fight and turn this horror story into a manageable disease.

Take care Nal and see you on the other side.

Enjoy your summer and hurry back!!! We're missing you already!! .... thank you so much for all the great input and knowledge

God bless you. Thank you.

Thanks for all the work you have done here, and all the advise and hope you have given us. I few months off is the least you deserve. God bless and take good care of yourself and your family.

Thanks bro for all of your valuable input! We are all hoping you return soon; however, if you decide that your new life allows you fulfill your 'bucket list', we understand.

All the best to you. Thank you for all your posts over the years. Enjoy yourself.

Party On my brother! I wish you nothing but happy days and nights for all that remain!

There is a vast quantity of information on Prostate cancer, in this World, swilling around out there, confusing and scaring everyone and you have succeeded in distilling much of which surrounds this painful, poignant subject into commonsense, bitesized nuggets of useful life enhancing help.

Thank you for your assistance personally and to the Group.

May your God go with you and return with you.

Thank you for your contribution. I am the daughter of a fighter. Go enjoy your life and be happy!

💖 Ellie

Our team "the Patients" are losing to "the Doctors" by a score of 3 to 0 in the Pca World Series. It's the bottom of the 9th inning with bases loaded and our slugger NALAKRATS is up to bat with a 3 and 2 count and the pitcher is winding up ready to unload his best pitch and "SORRY FOLKS BUT YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THIS FALL FOR THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME".

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 07/04/2018 8:29 PM EDT

** Happy Birthday America **

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awww shit....

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Saturday 07/07/2018 8:49 PM EDT

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Continue to keep us laughing John



Thankyou for everything

Thanks for informing us of your hiatus. You will be missed. Not too many around here, or anywhere, who could fill your shoes. All the best.

Nalakrats - I hope you are still reading our site to see how much you mean to all of us! I don’t think I have ever seen 73 replies to anyone here before.

Godspeed, our friend!


I hope it’s a sabbatical as opposed to a permanent break. You give too much positivity to leave. I read your postings with interest but I understand the need to step away from everything cancer related. Hope to hear from you soon. 👍

You helped me , DrWho also , I first came on and a few guys and girls boosted my morale . Peace and health to you and your wife. Thanks Nalakrats.

Hope is contagious Nal, thank you for that! You are one of a kind. God Bless you and may you be blessed many times over for your dedication to all of us in the field . “Loving Wife of a PC fighter”

I second the emotions towards Nal. A great guy! Thanks

I add my voice to many others in offering my gratitude for the contributions you make to this site and to the well-being of its members. Best wishes, and I look forward to your return.

Approx. 6 months ago, I was sitting w my better half at a McDonalds getting a coffee while we waited on some car repairs. I had recently found HU, and decided to take a quick look on my iphone. The headline of the post that day read something to the effect of - Nalakrats decides to fly solo, stop ADT,etc.... The post had a big impact on me. I read it to my wife. We discussed PCa, how it is changing our lives, and how grateful I was to have found this site where guys like this Nal character, and many others, so generously share their stories and hope for the future.

Nal - I'm late to replying here as I was on vaca and opted to wait to get back to resume visits to HU. Thanks for all you've shared, enjoy your break, and see when you get back.


Best wishes-

I'm sorry to see you go. I wish you well and hope you return when you are able to.

God bless and thanks for all the time you have invested in helping others.

Sending hugs Ras 🐊


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