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For Gusgold, Patrick Oshea, et. al.


I am having difficulty in trying to re-find the Memorial Sloan Paper--that was done in 1978, or 1976, On the 200+ Cadavers where their prostates were removed---they having died of Prostate Cancer, and the prostates showed very high levels of Estradiol. Indications being that Estradiol was a causer, of the cancer death. Then they at Sloan never went any further and there is just this one paper.

Over a year ago--we had Posts and Threads and we all contributed to my original post, as I had back then found the paper. I am needing to find it again for a Urologist who is doing a research paper. Cannot get to it.

You guys are far more sophisticated than I am in locating stuff--I tried Bing, Google Chrome, and inputted the info in many ways---to get to the paper. No Luck!. But we are all over Google with our Posts especially Gusgold, and his reference to Dr. Friedman and Robbins. And if you follow the threads, you see Patrick and myself and others contributing.

Can someone locate the paper for me. Thanks!


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I know that this is not exactly what you are looking for, but thought it might be of interest.


Given how complex biological systems are, I wonder if If there might not be multiple possible reasons why one might find escalated levels of Estradiol in prostate tissue of cadavers.

The estradiol might well be the result of something as opposed to the cause of something.

rococo in reply to cesanon

Even so estradiol might be deadly for some yet benefiicial for others with less aggresive disease . They may respond negatively to casodex while others positive. Rocco

I just did a thorough on-line search but no hits... Sorry

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Saturday 06/30/2018 11:31 AM EDT

Is this the post you were looking for?

Gus/ET AL---You may have missed my earlier replies in previous post replies. So let me try to string some things together.

First shred of evidence: I reported on a Study that goes back to 1978, and buried amongst Prostate Cancer Researchers today. Who looks at 40 year old studies? At Sloan Memorial Hospital, they collected over 100, my memory was about 180 complete Prostates of men who had died of Prostate Cancer. This was at a time before we had the PSA blood test. So for all your science adherents---this is what they did: Basically they chopped up the Prostates of each man into a mush. Then using solvent extraction, they removed from the prostate masses all extractable chemicals. They then injected the extracts into HPLC machines. This stands for High Pressure Liquid Chromatography. These devices separate each chemical component in the extract, and actually measures the % of each molecule found.

The researchers were looking for any abnormalities, or anything that could tie the death of each Pca cadaver to some Chemical analysis, that might prove or verify a coincidence, in each of the deaths.

Well low and behold, they found a common trend. Not a trend but each prostate examined and extracted and shot into the HPLC, found enormous amounts of Estradiol. That was a common factor to each Cadaver. A comment I read many years ago inside of this study by one of the researchers--said he thought by the level of estradiol, he was dealing with Female Tissue--not Masculine material.

They at Sloan could not conclude that Estradiol caused the death, or that it caused Prostate Cancer---just that all who died of the disease had very high levels of estradiol. No further research followed.

So where did this imbalance in the body occur. Researchers many years later had determined, and what we learned from Dr. Morgentaler's work, that men with low T were out of balance, where their estrogen levels were dominating their hormonal balance. It was then discovered, that men who upon examination for T levels, showing to be Low T, or candidates for replacement therapy, were evaluated for PSA from 1998-2005. All those men that did show low T and had normal digital exams, and PSA's below 4, were asked to be biopsied,even though there was no evidence from the digital exam or the PSA, for a reason to be Biopsied. In all those that Volunteered for the Biopsy---men between 50-65, and their were multi hundreds over the 7 years, 20 % of the men were discovered to have Prostate Cancer, not detectable by PSA or Digital Exam. They all had Low T in common/Hormone imbalance.

So working backwards, It can be assumed that men with Low T, are out of balance, whereby Estrogen became prominent. In such there is a metabolism process, whereby estrogen causes the liver to produce more of the carrier protein for T, which is known as sex hormone binding globulin[SHBG], causing less free T results. Low levels of T, and higher levels of E, are associated with, excess body fat, sexual dysfunction, BPH, and Pca.

So there is a need to convert the estradiol to 2-hydroxy metabolites. Making for safety. Also there is a need to reduce the activity of the androgen receptors of Prostate Cancer cells, that are looking for estrogen metabolites--which in this case is estradiol. And DIM can do that

So there can be a lot of confusion when reading about T, DHT, SHBG, Estrogen, and trying to figure what is what. Let me put it this way when My New Oncologist---Head of Prostate Cancer Research at the Levine Cancer Institute and I were going over my drugs and my supplemental program, When he asked why I was taking Proscar, Avodart, and DIM[Di-Indole methane]---I answered I did not want one molecule of Estradiol in my body---he just nodded and said yes! Dim, will not allow Estrogen, to Metabolize to Estradiol. It will direct it to 2-hydroxy metabolites[2 of them]. And the Proscar/Avodart routine, prevents for the most part, the conversion of small amounts of T, even with men on ADT, to be Metabolized to DHT. And DHT, can be Metabolized to Some estrogen.

So in my opinion, if on ADT, you would want to block the receptors of Pca cells, from latching on to T, DHT, and Estradiol. Or what I call a total Blockade. This does not mean the Pca cells will die and starve--as some do---these little bastards have other ways to get around blockades, using other bio-synthesis processes they possess. Gus likes Arimidex, I like Dim---not any kind, but the Micro encapsulated form from Bioresponse in Colorado. Find Dr. Zeligs Paper of last year at either NCI, or NIH. I forgot where it is---But if you call the 800 # for Bioresponse, they will tell you where to locate the peer reviewed paper.


Nalakrats in reply to tom82

I am looking for the authors and the original Paper at Sloan---It could be I just used the info, and did not detail the name of the paper and the authors--shame on me!

Thanks for your hard work in stringing the above to me---I may yet use this.


pjoshea13 in reply to Nalakrats

I had no luck - even with the most relaxed search arguments. -Patrick

It just disappeared from public view---I tried to get into the archives of Memorial Sloan---no luck.


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