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Part 1 caused controversy, with those lining up vehemently regarding the use of only the true scientific method[DB], AKA double Blind Studies, before taking any Drug or Supplement. And many more here like myself, can and do make decisions based on scientific papers, clinical trials, in vitro, and in vivo studies, including the work of Internist MD's that just happen to only now practice Naturopathy.

So those married to the [DB] scientific method, I hope you have a good divorce attorney. As some of us are in a unique position, of actually having to stand before the Approval Board at the FDA, in my case 3 times. The approval process is flawed!! As the FDA considers tests that are done by Third Party Labs/Institutions, and in many cases rely on the presenting company for approval, to provide their own [DB] studies. Now we are talking about the U.S. Gov't, anybody see something wrong here? And Big Pharm, with billions of dollars wanting to get even bigger. I am fully aware of there being questionable practices that allowed both Drugs and Food Ingredients to get to the market. If our FDA approval system, was so perfect there would not be such a[ large amount of documented deaths, and illness, related to either drugs or common food ingredients], we now take internally, with a knowledge, that our Gov't and our Industries of Drugs, Pharmaceutical, and Chemicals, were all pure, as the driven snow of the Antarctica. Bull****

So below and following I will be addressing both Drugs and Food ingredients, since both categories need the blessing of the FDA. But only one needs [DB] Studies and the other does not---Wonder why?


Now we know as certain individuals reminded us of the [DB] method, before using anything be it a Drug or a Supplement. There is not enough money in Supplements that cost pennies per capsule or tablet, to be studied, as no one Company can gain an exclusive to Nature and make a profit. But, Drugs are different. You can patent the Drug, and get exclusive rights for 17 years, which gives the Drug Company time to modify the existing Drug and get a patent extension. All the while charging hundreds to thousands of dollars for monthly use. And in most cases they copied Nature[see my Part 1]

So how perfect is our FDA Gov't & Drug [DB] process? Since the year 2,000 to 2016, there have been, now get this---> over 500 Drug Recalls/Bans. Can you imagine this? Some of the Drugs were in the Marketplace for dozens of years, killing, causing disease, and permanently harming enough people. Is the taking an Antihistamine worth ONE DEATH? Oh but it was [DB] studied. I see! Out of the 500 Drugs recalled, there is a list of the top 50 or top 100. Meaning Drugs that were in the Market for multiple years before the Drug Companies gave up trying to massage the FDA, and excepted a recall, and a Ban, with a loss of revenue. So I have a short list of Drugs Banned after more than 10 years in the Marketplace. I cannot list all 500. So here are 15: Remember--they were all [DB] Approved.

Darvon---used 55 years---recall after 2,100 Heart Deaths.

DES---used for 31 Years---recall after too many Cervical and Vagina Cancers, & Birth Defects

Ergamisol---used 11 years---recall after too many Blood Clots and very low WBC Counts

Hismanal---used 11 years---recall after creating A-Fib in many users

Permax---used 19 years---recall because of causing Heart Valve Leakage

Pondimin--- used 24 years---recall for causing Heart Valve Disease

Metrazol---used 48 years---recall for uncontrollable seizures

Quaalude---used 23 years---recall for Mania, Convulsions and Death

Raptiva---used 13 years---recall for damaging White Brain Matter

Seldane---used 13 years---recall for Heart Attacks

Trasylol---used 15 years & 48 years---reinstated by FDA but still caused way too much Kidney Damage and Heart Failure. This is a case of Bayer--playing outside the boundaries, with the FDA.

Vioxx---used 5 years---20 million users---recall due to Heart Attacks and Strokes

Accutane---used 27 years---recall for Birth Defects, Miscarriages

Cylert---used 30 years---extreme Liver Damage

DBI[Phenformin]-Precursor to Metformin---used 19 years--recall reduced Blood PH, causing multiple diseases.

So I end the examination of Drugs and their [DB] history of not being anywhere NEAR PERFECT, with over 500 failures within the last 15-17 years. I do remember one Supplement that was banned---L-Tryptophane--and it was used by many as a sleep aid, and a anti-anxiety supplement. No [DB] studies--as you cannot patent an Amino Acid. Why was it Banned? Well the Drug Industry Did Not Want Competition from something that cost 15 dollars for 2 months, IMO. Happy to report Ban was lifted. And it something I use today for sleep.

Food Ingedients

So now as mentioned above the requirement of some is to only rely on [DB] studies, for Drugs and Supplements. Well what about Food Ingredients? Chemicals added to our Foods for various reasons. Were they [DB] Human studied before the FDA allowed their inclusion in our Foods. No they were not! A Dollar a Pound Chemical, usually cannot be patented, and would cost way too much for evaluation, before being included in our Foods.

So many years ago, the FDA working with Chemical Companies came up with a system. It is called GRAS[Generally Regarded As Safe]. The Key word here is Generally. Not an exact science--would we say? So the Companies would feed Rats and other Lab Animals and extrapolate its data in Human Terms, usually based on the average weight of the Animal being tested and the average Human Weight equivalent. Now we do this for Supplements and we then we make individual decisions to use, if we accept certain data. But Oh My God, we have to accept what goes into our food the same process that we use to approve Supplements. No Human Studies!!! So as in Drugs Banned list, I made a List of Chemicals in our Foods, that are [GRAS], and I left the other 100, or so alone, as there is no time and space. So below is a Dozen examples, of what is in our Foods, that are GRAS: And if you are Vegan--unless perfectly Organic---we can still find Sulfite preservatives.

Sodium Nitrate---Meats---Linked to Human Cancer

Na/H/Sulfite---Keeps Veggies Fresh---Causes Asthma like breathing problems

Azodicarbonamide---Bagels &Buns---Causes Asthma for many

Potassium Bromate---Bread---Causes Cancer in Humans

Propyl Gallate---Fats--- Causes Cancer in Humans

BHA/BHT---Preservative---Causes Cancer in Humans

Butane--- Chicken Nuggets--- A known Carcinogen

MSG---Flavor Enhancer--- Causes Seizures, and Nerve damage

Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone---Cows---Various Concerns/multiple diseases

Na Benzoate---Preservative in Soda, et. al. Known Carcinogen, and DNA Destruction.

Polysorbate 60---Baked Foods---Causes Cancer In Lab Animals---but OK for Humans?

Chlorine Dioxide---To Bleach Flour---Causes Tumors and Hyperactivity in Children.

In conclusion of Part 2, anyone can see the hypocrisy of our Gov't system, as well as the participation of our Drug and Chemical Industry. So Generally Regarded As Safe[GRAS], that is our system to allow Food Chemicals in our Foods, the Same System the FDA uses for the Sale of Supplements. If you do not kill too many Rats when feeding Lab animals you can get an approval for consumption. Only wish I could have listed all 500+ drugs that were recalled/banned---many of which never got approval in Europe---yet somehow they got the [DB] OK here in the States. There is an unwritten rule, when your approved Drug kills a certain number of people, you reach the Ban threshold.

My Part 3 of this Series will get back to Drugs for other Diseases besides just Cancer that has its Origination in Nature, and things that grow on this Planet.


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Thanks for all the time and effort spent on this, eye opening.

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Nalakrats in reply to Bill48162

You are welcome--hope there was some learning that was made possible, for many.


Most comprehensive research in the flaws in our scientific sys. At the grassroots level we are all scientist and make informed decisions based on our own research. Thanks Nall for your help with this? Rocco

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Nalakrats in reply to rococo

Your Welcome--- one more to come.


Thank you Nalakrats for a most enlightening summary. Appreciated. It makes you wonder who or what to trust. Butane is a gas at room temperature and should not be present in cooked food in any significant amount. It is also not reactive unless heated to ignition. Phil

Yeah---this one floored me as my last 20 years of Work was in the development of Food Ingredients----and this must of come about after I retired in 2005.


Might we add Taxotere, Lupron, Extandi, Zytiga, Casodex, etc.,,,to the list of medications, with severe side effects profiles,,,many of which might lead to early death directly or...

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Yes they are poisons, but still approved by are FDA for use---the ones I mentioned plus another 500 were approved, and disapproved after many years of being approved poisons--by our wonderful FDA. So who should dare the use of Supplements, when we have no proofs of harm and they are yet approved by the FDA.


All drugs have side effects. There are very few perfect drugs. It is clearly a trade off. Poisons, yes, but they do extend life. They have to be used until better ones become available. The good thing about phytochemicals is that they have fewer deleterious side effects and can be used in some cases as adjuvants thereby making the primary drug more efficacious with reduced side effects. There have also been proposals that the dosage of chemotherapeutic agents could potentially be lowered thereby reducing side effects - but this has not been implemented in any study to the best of my knowledge. Phil

Yes I.E. there is a Study from Ecuador---where BIRM was used as an Adjuvant---with Chemo---reducing dosage, and allowing no hair loss, nausea or neuropathy--and when continued after the Chemo, there were a few total cures of different cancers.

NIH using Dept of Defense money---gave 7 figure grant to the Univ. Of Miami Medical School for the Study of BIRM, specifically for Pca.


Nalakrats you are quite well informed (appreciated). I generally prefer to see more published work and some information on safety or records of historical use before considering taking another phytochemical. What is the consensus on BIRM? When did the trial start? I could find nothing listed under

It is not an official trial--they are doing research, as the University being highly Hispanic, has had a relationship with Ecuador, and the BIRM patented by the Ecuadorian Doctor. According to why they got the grant money---is they have been treating Cancer Patients with BIRM for a long time. Remember some of my prior info--That BIRM was the Darling Natural Treatment for HIV in the late 1990's with a good success ratio, until the Gov't approved the Poison AZT--and then when that did not work correctly added 2 other drugs to make a cocktail, and knocked BIRM out of the box---that is when The Ecuadorian Discoverer Dr. introduced BIRM to Cancer Patients. It was the Univ. that decided to create a study on Pca---it could have easily have been Lung Cancer---where BIRM has had also some success.


Thank you for the background and history. How many in this forum do you think are taking BIRM? Phil

Based in how the price has gone up since Gusgold started promoting this Gator Blood, I would guess about 150 are.


Thank you for the response. I will review gusgolds posts on the subject,

I might have posted on it myself--do not remember.


The complement to FDA approval of dangerous drugs is their refusal and mind-boggling delays to approve beneficial, life saving drugs.

Metformin was introduced as a medication in France in 1957. It is extremely safe, cheap, and effective. It is the most used oral diabetes medicine on the planet. Recent research has shown significant anti-cancer benefits as well as glucose control, and the drug is under intensive study.

While European diabetics enjoyed the many benefits of metformin, the FDA refused to approve it in the US until 1994.

How many diabetics suffered severe injury or death during those 37 years, as a direct result of being denied access to the safest, most effective medicine available? I've never seen a thoughtful answer to that question, but given the number of diabetics in the US the answer could easily be many millions.

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Nalakrats in reply to FCoffey

The whole system at the FDA sucks--which allows for Lobby's from K Street, that represents companies who do not want new competition, as well as thet also Lobby for Drugs that have been marginally tested, because the company making the drug was allowed to do their own Double Blind Studies---anyone see some $ being passed around.


Enlightening, Thank you for sharing your insightful knowledge. Dave

It is a sick money world making people sick. Hopefully some good changes will happen at some point. Thanks for the info!

Now I really feel like shit... thanks Nalakrats.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Monday 06/25/2018 5:22 PM EDT

Rats, Bad government doesn't mean that good science is bad.

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Nalakrats in reply to cesanon

Good Science gets bought and sold to the highest bidder. and Bad Science Gets Claimed as Good Science, and this is also sold to the highest bidder.

Do you Know the Story of Xtandi? The US Gov'd gave Funding to the UCLA Medical School who developed Xtandi. Upon Completion of the appropriate testing, the Patent was given to a Japanese Company---and it then went on from there--until something that could have been donated, to we the people, now can cost 10,000 dollars per month.

So your taxes funded the drug, and now you have a right to pay for it twice.


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cesanon in reply to Nalakrats

"Good Science gets bought and sold to the highest bidder. and Bad Science Gets Claimed as Good Science, and this is also sold to the highest bidder.

Do you Know the Story of Xtandi? The US Gov'd gave Funding to the UCLA Medical School who developed Xtandi. Upon Completion of the appropriate testing, the Patent was given to a Japanese Company---and it then went on from there--until something that could have been donated, to we the people, now can cost 10,000 dollars per month. So your taxes funded the drug, and now you have a right to pay for it twice." Nalakrats"

1. Rats, your anger and frustration is neither a good or sufficient reason to knowingly engage in self-destructive behavior, or lead others on to do the same, in my opinion.

2. Do you have any affirmative reasons why you would encourage people to rely on unreliable and unverifiable anecdotal testimonial "evidence" of a type that has a proven history of causing early, painful and needless death?

For countless examples of the history of emotion based medicine, see generally:

PS: The solution to the problems you are so angry about is to start voting for the right politicians, and encouraging others to do so as well. “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” Thomas Jefferson

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Nalakrats in reply to cesanon

You know, you are not well! It is just that you have so many problems in your personality structure, that it is difficult for you to achieve decisions in times of intensified emotional distress. But my guess is someone must love you.


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cesanon in reply to Nalakrats


Either I am right, or I am wrong.

Changing the subject to my personality, is an off topic distraction.

Actually meandering complaints about well known FDA regulatory failings is sort of a spammy distraction.

If you can justify flaws in what I have to say... DO IT. How hard can that be.

Otherwise, is it really that hard to admit to the substance of what I am saying?

Dismal story.

I remember when Vioxx was withdrawn. Many with rheumatoid arthritis were devastated - claimed it was the only thing that worked for them. The big story was that Merck had sat on negative data for 5 years. The revenues from the drug were huge - turned Merck mentality into that of a drug cartel. Since then one has become used to seeing big name companies turning to crime. Wells Fargo. Volkswagon. Got to protect that next bonus.

Bad enough that we have to live with the results of incompetence.

A bad drug that seems immune to recall is Warfarin. About 100,000 Americans over age 65 go to the ER each year due to adverse reactions to drugs. A third of those visits are due to Warfarin. That doesn't include those who bleed out before arrival.

Almost 100 new cases every day. Does that sound like a safe drug?

When I had a double DVT, it took forever to figure out my therapeutic Warfarin dose. I was in the "Coumadin Clinic" 2-3 times/week. I told my doctor that I could buy the INR testing equipment online & test at home. He said that he couldn't prescribe the drug to patients who didn't attend the clinic. Patients were not to be trusted. The best I could hope for was monthly visits. I learned to not eat greens (vitamin K) before the test. Or drink wine. Basically, the aim was to pass the test & keep the INR in the 20-30 range without volatility - at the time of the test. However, between tests, depending on what one ate or drank, the INR could go above 30 (or below 20). It could go up & down each day. I tried to be tested at the same time.

Another drug - one where the patient can test at home - that takes 14,000 Americans over age 65 to the ER, is insulin.

Overall, two-thirds of the 100,000 annual ER visits is due to blood thinners & diabetes drugs. Rather than question the safety of the drugs, there is a tendency to blame the victim. After all, younger folk know that one begins to lose the plot after age 65. LOL. But the problem is the narrow margin between therapeutic & toxic doses.

I was interested in Phenformin. Wikipedia:

"Vladimir Dilman first proposed in 1971 that biguanides like metformin and phenformin may have potential to treat cancer, prevent cancer, and to extend life, an idea that was subsequently supported by in vitro and animal studies, as well as an apparent reduction in the incidence of cancer in people taking metformin for diabetes.

Laboratory studies attribute these apparent effects to inhibition of mTOR, inhibition of complex I, with phenformin being a more potent inhibitor than metformin, and activation of AMP-activated protein kinase. It appears that inhibition of complex I may cause diminished TCA cycle intermediate production and decreased mitochondrial ATP production thus resulting in AMPK activation and lower mTOR activity."

Better than Metformin? Some with serious cancer might accept the increased risk of lactic acidosis.


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cesanon in reply to pjoshea13

Wow. I had no idea blood thinners are so dangerous.

What are the side effects driving the warferin users to the emergency room?

And are the emergency room diabetics presenting with?

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pjoshea13 in reply to cesanon

The INR (International normalized ratio) is a measure of clotting time. It will be close to 1.0 under normal circumstances. Warfarin is not a blood thinner - it merely increases clotting time above 1.0. The idea is that when an unwanted clot is being built-up faster than plasmin can break it down, slowing down the acretion of fibrin gives the body a chance to get ahead of the clot. Even so, it can take months to entirely dissolve a significant clot.

The therapeutic INR for me was 2.0-3.0. As I mentioned, it took some time to get there & it was easy to slip out of that range (above & below). In itself, the therapeutic range can be dangerous for some. Having an ulcer, an increased risk for falls, high blood pressure & so on, might result in serious bleeding where the clotting time is far too long. An INR above the therapeutic range increases the risk of a bleed out.

The cause of an ER visit is invariably due to excessive bleeding. A vitamin K shot quickly restores the INR to ~1.0. However, I have never seen advice to Warfarin users to carry some vitamin K at all times.

More modern coagulation inhibitors do not have such a quick fix. They pose a challenge to ER staff.

Coagulation inhibitors are not dangerous if one can avoid bleeding. LOL

I am less familiar with insulin, but there is a danger of severe hypoglycemia if the dose is too high, which can be life-threatening.


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Nalakrats in reply to pjoshea13

As we know that is why we both use Natto, and I add to it Serrapeptase. Got another zero yesterday! E2 at 24, and waiting on T.


Love it, I need to read Part 1 and then Part 3 when you write it. Thank you and keep on keeping on my Brother.

Thanks, part 3 is in notes getting ready for transcription.


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