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Anne Donovan Dead At 56 From Heart Failure


exercised her whole life....Warren Buffett 87 and Charlie Monger 93...both eat at DQ (burgers fries shakes blizzard) + Warren drinks 6 cokes a day and both get very little exercise...I am up to 4 cokes a day + 2 shots of Gator Blood

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Truly there is something to be said for "destiny".

Hey Gus you think DQ will ever get Gator blood flavored shakes and blizzards?????

If you reach that age and aren't diabetic you can eat whatever you want, especially if you've invested big bucks in those enterprises. You wouldn't expect them to complain about DQ or Coke.

The fact is that Buffett eats almost everything that is considered "bad" and yet has not suffered even the slightest bit because of this. In addition to his drinking several Cherry Cokes a day, he eats candy and ice cream, T-bone steaks and hash browns, hot dogs and hamburgers and a lot of salt with his food. He abhors vegetables. Otoh, he doesn't touch alcohol or tobacco in any form.

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