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The Atlas program


Hi I’m 76 and I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in February a PSA of 38 and a Gleason score of 9 I’m currently receiving hormone therapy but today I went as I thought to see about my radio therapy but was asked after a long talk with th consultant if I would consider taking part in the Atlas program which consists of extra medication but is a blind 50-50 program if anyone has any information or experience of this I would be most grateful for any advice.

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I am a fan of get it out asap--and fight what might be left. Others here and RO's disagree.

As a 9 myself---I went RP--and took up the fight against what had escaped. Debulking the mother load, in my way of thinking is crucial---there is not a massive amount of blood supply that goes thru the Prostate.

There is this trend of trying to treat High Gleason's with everything else but an RP.


It is an excellent trial, and your only chance at getting an early shot at getting Erleada (apalutamide), which so far has tested very well. Here are details of the trial:

Even if you don't get randomized to get the apalutamide, you will be no worse off than if you didn't enter the trial. The care and close monitoring you will get by being a trial participant are above and beyond what you would ordinarily get.

As for the radiation part of it, the radiation therapy with the best record of success for GS9s is external beam therapy to the entire pelvis with a brachytherapy boost to the prostate. It is far better than surgery or external beam alone. Here's an article comparing them all:

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Thanks very much for your quick reply I really appreciate it,

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