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Updated List of Supplements I Take


I updated my list of supplements that I take. I hope others may find this list helpful.


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With the supplements that you are taking what is the status of your cancer?

I had my prostate removed about 10 years ago and for the first year things were good... PSA < .01

After a year my PSA started rising which meant prostate tissue was left behind which is common with the DaVinci device--so I had castration resistant prostate cancer. Then I took Bicalutamide for 3 months and I started taking the supplements in my list--alternating those that had anti-coagulant properties so I would not be taking two many anti-coagulants at the same time. And in teh last 10 years my PSA has been < .01. I guess that the combination of the supplements were each makes a little contribution has a positive cumulative effect. There were other supplements I tried but these are the best ones I settled on... God luck.

Thanks for the informaton.

Hi Max I have been reading your posts which have been very helpful, I have been seeing Gamma Tocotrienol has some affect on prostrate cancer cells, have you tried it and what do you think?

Hi, I would never take that product because it is a very dangerous anticoagulant ...

I was talking bout my approach to staying alive. I talk a combination of things most of which are anti-coagulants so I would NOT take it because I am already taking too many anti-coagulants so whatever else I add I must be careful. That compound is a very strong anti-coagulant with no outstanding effects against prostate cancer i could find. I graduated from medical school with a perfect score on Part I, Part II, and Part III of the National Boards in medicine. I don't practice but i finance a lot of medical research with my own money. By the way... I agree with your comment and I am just a guy trying to live a few more years.

Thanks, I have found research that says it is a potent in killing prostate stem cells.


I was just curious what you thought about it as you know a lot more than me.



From that study it seems that it only helps other drugs rather than doing anything on its own?

Great work - Thanks - Will Follow


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