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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Holy Nalakrats....We Are fighting PCa and now have to worry about Prions

In Nalakrats post on Zyflamend the thread contains a statement from New Chapter that the gel caps are prion free...what does that mean...that capsules used for supplements can contain prions..if that is true we have more to worry about than just PCa. Read about prions below



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Prions are infectious bacteria, that can be associated with gelatin used for capsules. An extreme case would be using gelatin from a cow that had Mad Cow Disease--and could be in the matrix of the capsule. A one in a billion billion probability.

All they are saying: they are more Organic and infectious free, with their new capsules.

Hope this helps you Gus---you are wearing me out doing your research.


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Looks like we are ok...we are protected by the FDA and the "honest" supplement manufacturers...what about the explosion in the number of people who are reported to have "dementia" ...I am sure it is totally "unrelated"...the powerful beef lobby would never try and cover up mad cow...I saw a program recently where cows that fell over dead were being used in dog food and that these same cows were also getting into the human food chain.




Mad Cow.... I told my ex-wife that eating dog food would bite her in the ass one day.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Friday 03/23/2018 5:13 PM EDT


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