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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Xofigo may fight bone metastasies for 2 or more years

Interesting research from Oliver Sartor. A small, 44 castrate resistent metastatic prostate cancer patient study showed that Xofigo could be useful in a repeat adminsitration (six spaced out injections), extending it's use to two or more years. malecare.org/metastatic-pro...

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Interesting good news---making better use of what we already have.


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Very interesting. Would have to be spaced out for me. After my second injection it about took me out! But I have to say-bone pain almost gone. It also helped that I had recent radiation to spine. To think Xofigo for some have zero side effects-that is amazing & I could not be happier for them. I’m told side effects “should” not be worse? Really?


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