Advanced Prostate Cancer
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New Cancer Vaccine very promising in testing on animals

Hello Friends

New Cancer Vaccine which puts the T Cells in over drive , eliminate distance Tumors in Mice. The approach works in various type of Cancer. Read the article for details.

Testing being done in Stanford Medicine. Clinical trials will start shortly. It probably be a long time , before available in market.


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Yes! This will fit very nicely in my plan to be Cancer free within 10 years. I'll then spend the next 25 years enjoying retirement, grandchildren and all the fine things that old age should be about.

Hope it's highly successful.


Uhhh, how do you do a digital exam on a mouse? Couldn't resist. Must be feeling better from sciatica attack. I thought only dogs and horses developed prostate cancer? Implanting prostate cancer tissue might be similar, but it's not going to be the same. Long road ahead.


Many many previous test have shown mouse immune response to various disease including cancer are similar to human.


I take it back about mice and PCa, apparently at last one species, the tramp mouse, does develop what looks very much like prostate cancer.


From mice to going through the cumbersome human clinical trials process takes several years. If this is a viable human treatment let’s hope they find a way to fast track it through human clinical trials and FDA approval while we’re still alive and able to benefit from it.


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