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Looking to add immune enhancer to my Doxy and High dosage vitamin C Treatment

Hi Friends

I have been on my self supervised Doxy (50-100 mg / day) and High dosage lipo vitamin C (5-10 g / Day) treatment for over a month now . My PSA was lowered about %8, while I relaxed my diet, started eating some French bread . I am looking into adding some immune system enhancer to this treatment , hopefully to get a better result.

I wanted to ask the opinion of my friends here. The immune enhancer I am looking for , should not require prescriptions. I am considering supplements like Echinacea , elderberry, probiotics, etc.

These supplements are shown to enhance immune system against FLU virus.

I am also considering a supplement called Acemannan, from Aloe Vera leaf . Acemannan has shown to be effective against cancer cells. Just wanted to see if anyone here has a better idea ?


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Hi BBruce

I have been feeding into regularly.

My advise is get a ph test strips to monitor your Urine & Saliva pH.

If you can actually determine your Urine&saliva pH 7.2-7.5 you have indeed done well and have managed to control your cancer from advancing that is why psa reading is excellent.

You can approve/disapprove me from your findings.

Good luck.



Hi Roland

How are doing my friend ? I’ll do. Thanks. Your reply is related to my last posting. This is a new posting about what immune system enhancer should be added to my Doxy and High dosage Vitamin C, Any idea ?


Hi BBruce

What I mentioned is relevant to your body's immune system.

By using your current regime you do kill a lot of cancer cells. The other thing Is exercise/omega 3 fish oil (unless you were restrained by other health issues) should help get rid of more dead cells.

Also if you can maintain your pH at healthy 7.2-7.5 on Urine & Saliva the cancer cells are put on hold (they will stop multiply) which renders your treatment even more effective.

If you are using a vegan/green diet your alkaline body is very much closer to the healthy pH level.

Mind you I am able to hypothesis this from my 75 days of being diagnosed Stage 4 D2 PCa and it is purely from my gesture by donating $4000 to the Council of Deaf & Blind from my very own pension fund.

So I encourage those who will and going to benefit from this new reality also donate $50 per month to malecare and the Deaf & Blind for 4 months.

In 4 months you would be able to have the confidence to be your very own manager of your cancer and be very good at it.

To put it to perspective Dr Leonard Coldwell claim to cure 35000 patients.

I am doing this for free. And in the near future if I have an honest feed back I can exceed this 35000 figures.

May god bless all of you,

So this is my story.

Roland ( Honorary Doctorate???? )

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BBruce. Sorry no experience with this type of treatment,I am doing the traditional treatment with the doctors help


I suggest BIRM Immunological Enhancer, now under grant money study at the Univ. of Miami Medical School. Money is from our Govt. The NIH.

I have been using for 15 months. It is a part of my daily routine. I use the single strength one. There is a 7X version---for people needing greater attention than maintenance. It also helps people thru Chemo, with a lessening of side effects.

You can get from Amazon---as to the 7X version---there is a Tel. Number posted by Gusgold about 4 months ago---in California. Sorry not at my finger tips now.

Might be helpful to read the reviews of real people on the Amazon Site--and ask questions to those who have bought. We jokingly call it Gator Blood. Was approved in 1998 for preventing HIV from going to AIDS.

Most people on this site will boo hoo this---fine with me---it has a USA Patent---and why would the Gov't fund it?



Great your recommendations is excellent. God Bless.



I use a similar protocol but with organic oil of oregano instead of Doxy. The ingredient Carvacrol closely mimics Doxy but with less damaging effects.

I also add Ceylon cinnamon to the mix as well for added punch.(not Cassia, toxic to liver as well.)

Mushrooms are also great immune enhancers. Edible as well as supplement form.


Thanks . excellent recommendation . God Bless


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