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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Here's Another Advanced Prostate Cancer Survey for $150

Interview #1 for $150

Phone interviews up to 90 minutes; participants are paid $150

Dates: December 11 -22 BUT follow through to the qualifier link right now


Patients would have experience with at least two hormone drug therapy regimens and have experienced a rise in PSA within the past 12 months We have two other interview opportunities coming in early 2018 as well. If someone who registers does not qualify for this study, we will let you know if you can participate in the next study. So, it's in everyone's interest to take a minute or two to fill out the qualifier at:


Consider this a holiday gift from Malecare and an opportunity to influence prostate cancer drug education and marketing.

Interview #2, for an additional $150

Survey opportunity for $150 APPLY FOR BOTH and earn $300!

For men with advanced prostate cancer AND caregivers. Just 90 minutes puts $150 in your pocket (just in time for the holidays). The survey will help one of the advanced prostate cancer treatment manufacturers to provide better information. Open to anyone in the USA, only. Sign up now, for interviews to take place Dec 12 - 22.


Research Details:

• National Web and telephone interviews- December 12th through the 22nd

• Looking for patients diagnosed with Non-metastatic castrate resistant Prostate Cancer who are ages 55 to 79

• Looking for caregivers of Non-metastatic castrate resistant Prostate Cancer patients

• Must be treated by urologist or oncologist

• Patients and caregivers will be compensated $150 for their 90 minute web and telephone interview.

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