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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Types of bone scans?

My shooting nerve back pain is gone for now. Xray was clear for "bone shifts" in my spine - ruling that out as the cause. I asked doc if no mets showing on xray meant they were gone. He said you cant say that for sure. Anyway, my PSA is now 0.1 as of last test - excellent. MO mentioned he would send me for more sensitive bone scan than my original to get a new baseline for how chemo is working. He said it was "floro.." something. I didnt ask him to repeat since i tjought i could google it. But seems i cant. Any clue what type of scan this would be?

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Based on your report I'd guess he is planning a PET scan. The radioactive tracer is an isotope of Fluoride (FL18). It highlights areas of abnormal cellular activity (aka, growth). I've had a couple for a different cancer (not PCa) which was all over my body. Simple, just like c a CT scan with a radioactive twist. I hope that's it for you; mine was a very useful and effective tool.

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0.1 is GOOD!

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It could be a Choline trace or Axium tracer both are PET based scans that highlight PCa cell activity in organs or bones the cells glow when the tracer is present. Good luck :)


There are newer scans that allegedly can do better than the PET Fluoride (FL18). There are several PET choline scans. There is a PSMA PET scan. They all need higher PSA levels though.

My Oncologist is intentionally letting my PSA climb to 2+ in order to do a PSMA PET scan.

For more info about the various options, see:





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