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Do you have "blood in urine" occurrence once a year?


Every year I have blood with my urine. I took radiation (high dose seeds and exterior radiation in the surrounding area of the prostate) 7 years ago. Doctor always says after checking inside my inside my penis with a camera, that it's not cancer in the bladder . Probably from the radiation that I took , he says. Anyone who had radiation in the prostate and exterior radiation have yearly blood coming out with their urine?

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Sorry to hear about the blood. I do not get blood in my urine. However, about once every three or four months I get blood out of my rectum. They told me that this may be the result of the 38 rounds of radiation. They also told me not to worry unless it gets worce.

I just think about they told me that my PSA and digital exam results were nothing to worry about. That is, until they finally found that I had advanced cancer. They admitted that I had cancer for years before they found it. Wish they told me to worry years earlier when the cancer was still curable.

Same here: Diligence in Prostate screening (PSA and digital) for years. Diagnosed with enlarged prostate and put on flomax and rapiflo.


I asked for testosterone replacement. • Given biopsy before starting:

12 needle cores ... 11 G-7 & 8, 1 G-4.

• Prostatectomy: Extra Prostate extension, capsule penetration, gland 70% cancer, etc. Scan showed hot-spots. etc., etc.


Now I have to do my own research, plan my own treatment, and use Urology to get treatment approved and paid for (insurance).


Do I trust the opinion of doctors?

What is, is.

I had this invasive, aggressive prostate cancer years before the biopsy ... even when being tested every year. (???)

drsridhar53 in reply to Dr_WHO

I am not sure Dr. Who. You would have started worrying and lost quality of life if they had told you earlier. I am sure your, and hopefully mine are still controllable, if not curable, and we shall live with the curse till we die of something else.

As it happens I'm having an episode of that just at the moment. I probably have it rather more frequently than that. More like every 4 months. I did also have external beam radiotherapy three years ago but no 'seed' inserts.

I also had the endoscopic investigation to confirm that there was nothing sinister in the bladder and happily there wasn't.

Where I go (Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK) they show you the video feed in all the gory detail. Whilst the inside of the bladder was so smooth and regular that even I could see that there was nothing happening there the part where the camera passed through the remaining prostate had big patches of bright red. The doctor doing the procedure commented that the gland was regrowing. I was not aware that it was a possibility.

I should have added that prior to my radiotherapy I did have a laser enucleation of the prostate where they zapped out approx 75% of the prostate volume. This was a form of TURP to improve urine flow.

In my case it generally lasts about two or three days and after that things return to normal


For the last 2 months I have had blood in my urine--tried antibiotics for a week--no improvement--Onco says could be bladder cancer caused by Braccytherapy 12 years ago--waiting for cystoscopy.

There is another, remote possibility. Something called "runner's hematuria". Translated that means if you do strenuous activity (like running :-)) shortly ? before the urine test, they may find blood in the urine. Just another aspect to consider...and hope for.


I had blood in my urine once. My urologist wanted to look inside my bladder, but it seemed to me that the blood was coming from somewhere south of the bladder. I declined the examination & the problem went away.

Is the urine uniformly bloody, or is there blood at the start or end of urination?

My urologist said that oncologists "love their radiation, but we have to clear up the mess".

One of the polyphenol products I use is CranMax. Cranberry extracts are well known for bladder health. Bladder issues affect women more than men, so women are more aware of the efficacy. I figure that it couldn't hurt. If only other parts of the body were so easily bathed in polyphenols.


WSOPeddie in reply to pjoshea13

I started using those cranberry supplements in capsule form after reading a recent post, possibly one of yours.

motosue in reply to pjoshea13

End of urination

pjoshea13 in reply to motosue

I'm thinking not the bladder then - but I have no specialized knowledge beyond my one bleeding episode.


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I have used Cranberry on and off for years!

I tried to delete this post after I had seen (in Related Posts) that I had posted about this 8 months ago. I thought I deleted it successfully but I guess not but I see new posts about this that came in and these posts are so helpful too. I guess they are possibly new posters about this subject. Thanks to all you posters again. I feel comfortable and not worrying now that I have read these new posts and also the older posts. Thanks to all. I guess since I have this bleeding episodes again, I was a little scared again and so it was good that I read ALL OF YOUR POSTS about this so today I went back to my slow jogging because of your information and experiences about this.

THANKS TO ALL !!!!!!!! :-)

to motosue,

For Your information , I received 8 weeks (5 days a week for 39 sessions) of Radiation during the months of February, March and April of 2005 at MSKCC. (Dr. Michael J. Zelefsky). Fortunately I have never had (visible) blood in my urine.

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Friday 12/01/2017 6:40 PM EST

motosue in reply to j-o-h-n

You must have had good radiation doctors who could aim good. :-)

j-o-h-n in reply to motosue

Somehow I remember the Doctor giving the commands "Ready Fire Aim"...

j-o-h-n Saturday 12/02/2017 11:06 AM EST

Now I notice when I pee that a small piece of scar tissue comes out with the pee. I wonder if this occurrence matches what all the posts have said and what is this telling me about my body. I will need to go over them carefully and read each one.

Dear Motosue.

I particularly welcome your post. I m sorry I am giving some gory (!) detail, because I thought it would help you (or is it your husband!?). I was diagnosed with PCa after intermittent small amounts of blood just before each time I passed urine, for about 3 months about 6 1/2 years back. No frank bleeding or coloured or clouded Urine. Gleason 7, PSA 12,6. I had a surgery, immediately after which PSA went down from 12.6 pre operation to 1,2 and three months later 0,12. It remained low for 18 months but occasional bleeding restarted at the end of another year. Started on Casodex. PSA rose to 2,4, in 2 1/2 years after surgery. Cystoscopy showed bleeding lesions in the Prostate. I was given 40 exposures of radiation. The encouraging things was bleeding stopped after the FIRST radiation exposure, and has not recurred after 15 months. PSA went down to 0,12 three months after radiation. But started rising at each three month PSA test. It was back three months ago to 2,8. I wish I never heard of this frightful Acronym! I dread meeting my Onc next week with a new PSA. I am afraid he may start some aggressive process. I hope this helps you.

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You are not compelled to have ANY TREATMENT, get 2nd opinions etc, etc: Do what is right for you and your wife!

It is your life and quality of life, Doc's keep "practicing" but can only make an "educated" guess, much like we do!

Trust the Lord, allow Him to be in charge and lead you!

Hi Wilfred!

I hope you're doing wonderful and having so much fun 🤗


Hi Wilfred!

Checking to see that you're still having so much fun! :)


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