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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Response Criterias

I'm wondering if in metastatic prostate cancer there are different response categories. I know in other cancers they might grade a response as a partial response, complete response, progressive disease, etc. My husbands PSA has gone from 1044 in January to 4 as of October but we honestly don't really know if that means anything or if there is any data related to this response. The doctor doesn't really say much. Any help?

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Thanks. I recently read an article about switching over to Zytiga to lower the PSA if you had a " sub optimal" response to ADT. My husband had upfront chemo so I don't know if that blurs the data. 😕

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The new protocol now is to take ADT + Zytiga because of longer over all survival in cases of advanced PCa.



Very helpful study results - thanks for sharing!


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