It's Tundra swan day

Nothing to do with cancer but everything to do with life. I live in the farmlands of southern Michigan. Today the sky is a beautiful blue, it's mid 40's with a slight wisp of wind. Amazingly the blue sky is full of Tundra swans making the journey from the Arctic to their winter homes. They glitter in the sun, creating a spectacle only nature can provide. Literally thousands have passed over my acreage today. The entire scene reminds me just how small I really am in the grand scheme of things.

When my time comes I hope I can close my eyes and see what I have witnessed today. This day, November the 11th, 2017 is one of the most beautiful days in my life.

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  • I always say "to see to CREATE Beauty". All we have do is open our eyes! What a beautiful description you've given. Everyday lately does seem EXTRA beautiful.

  • Nameless, that is awesome! Its nice here in Northern NY as well, sunny clear and cold at night, I am heading out to enjoy the last 2 hours of sun. Where I used to live in Alaska is one of the primary summer spots for the Trumpeter swan, So I can picture your scene.


  • what an amazing description! We do live in a beautiful world one which before my diagnosis never really seemed as precious! The key to mental wellness is to engage with nature and the world around us. 👍

  • Apollo, Sad but so true. This disease has truly re-shaped the way I look at the world and live out my days. I truly believe I am more observant, patient and have more empathy for my fellow men and women. Those swans would be amazing to see but I will settle for the geese, ducks and seagulls that swarm over Magnuson Park (in Seattle), a short hop from our house.

  • Ahhh yes nameless9999, I understand exactly.

  • Thank you very much.

  • You paint a beautiful word picture. I can see the birds in flight.

    Thank You,


  • Your post made this Florida boy nostalgic for my old Michigan home. Thanks

  • Nice post. This is why we are living, what we are fighting to keep. I think we all appreciate these kinds of things much more now since our diagnosis. Life is so much more precious now and the beautiful things around us have come into sharp focus.

  • Thanks for sharing that moment. It made me smile on a cold, wet day in North Carolina.

  • Your words paint a wonderful image! My ability to see and appreciate has never been more clear. Thanks for reminding me to be in the present

  • Such an exquisite description and so kind of you to share the beauty with us. 💚

  • Hey Nameless---great spirituality---got your message good and strong. Keep it going!


  • nameless,

    I wish you many more beautiful days in your life like the day which has mesmerized you!


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