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Possible redemption if you are on any cancer treatment

Dear friends

Please read this article very carefully

basically it saying if you take Celecoxib and Digoxin with your cancer treaments ( of any kind ) , all cancer cell may die.

From the article

"Within 2 or 3 days, nearly every single cancer cell died because they could not respond. The CPT compounds don't kill the cells; they restructure the chromatin. If you block the cells' ability to evolve and to adapt, that's their Achilles' heel."

Celecoxib and Digoxin

Celecoxib is currently used for pain relief, while Digoxin is used to treat atrial fibrillation and heart failure. Both drugs, however, are also able to change the packing density of chromatin.

It may worth to try , I am not on any cancer treatments , otherwise I would have try it.

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This could be very dangerous advice for an older prostate cancer patient. Always ask your doctor before taking any combination of drugs that were originally approved for the treatment of things other than cancer. It would be a long and unlikely road from petri dish studies, to small animal testing, to clinical trials in humans for FDA approval of these already widely available drugs, currently approved for other indications. The current Warnings and Precautions are notable:


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Thank you, it was a good read; however it still is experimental, and what works in a petrie dish, may not work in the human body.




Thanks for you good advice of talking to a Doctor. Celecoxib, is a pain killer already approved by FDA. Many cancer patients like me , take few pain killers daily . The required cancer treatment also approved by FDA . You can also Google the side effect of Celecoxib. I don’t see much of a risk here.

When you sign up for any clinical trial , you acknowledge that you may die , as the result of the experimental drugs you will be taking.

Some of us are at end stage, exhausted all approved FDA drugs. We have nothing else to lose.

Thanks for your comments anyway


Well, I suppose it is up for each individual cancer patient to decide whether a risk is there and whether or not the risk is worth taking. Of course the oncologists who work with conventional medicine will say that we should not go for this or any other kind of experimental treatment - but they have to say that. So it is up to the person.

I don't see much risk here either. However, I find it unlikely that "all cancer cells" die within such a short period of time. I mean, does it matter how many cancer cells there are to kill? Does it take the patient's condition into account?



Good Morning BBruce,

Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers had me on Celecoxib for a while but it may have contributed to my 3rd incident of DVT, so we stopped it.

Like any drugs, when you have Stage 4 cancer, drug side effects and interactions become very very important.

Best wishes. Never Give In.

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Here is the actual study:

It could not be more theoretical. They used Leiomyosarcoma cancer-cells in a petri dish... and it appears that it was someone else's petri dish. The study it mostly about mathematics and fractal mathematics relating to chromatin packing density.

I would expect that no Doctor would knowingly prescribe Celecoxib and Digoxin to treat prostate cancer. Though I guess you might be able to trick a non-oncologist into doing it if you have both high blood pressure and arrhythmia.

Biological systems are complex things. That is why all advanced countries require animal and then human clinical trials before they permit the use of any new drug. When you mix drugs, you do not always get what you expect.


Color me skeptical. The author is a journalist with no medical education or credentials. No offense, but file her story under 'click bait'?


i am stage 4 P/C and i have been taking DIGOXIN with the other cancer drugs for years


Does DIGOXIN is helping with your 4 P/C ?


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