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The Secret to Cancer Treatment May Be In Our Guts

Hi friends

According to this article , by doctors from MD Anderson and others , gut microbiota ( the microbes in your intestine that help digest the food ) play an important role on your immune response to cancer.

Basically it saying we don’t have the right microbes or “ the overall diversity of the microbes in our guts“

They run experiment with mouse, and they were successful to prove this theory . Please read the article carefully.

I don't about you guys , here is a quick test I am going to try , I will start taking probiotics supplements.

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Hi BBruce,

I have always had an interest in the bacteria in our gut and its affect on our health. One website that I have gone to is: They have some podcast / articles and they have mentioned cancer in the past. If I am going to buy a probiotic, I would probably get order it it from them.

I have grown up getting strep throat and sinus infections all my life. I have been on anti-biotics so often, I hate to even think about it. I am sure my gut biome is damaged. One time, I had strep infection that wouldn't go away. They threw everything including the kitchen sink. Not too hard to see some link that I got cancer.

I was going to an integrative allergist doctor, I don't see him anymore. He wanted to help me heal my gut and told me to take glutamine and colostrum supplements. I declined. Those are not the best thing to take when you have prostate cancer. Be careful out there. I do my research before taking anything or changing my diet.

I think the future of some areas of medicine is gut bacteria. I would be interested in which probiotic that you are going to take. Just for curiosity.

Thanks for posting this article,


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Hi Dave

Sorry to hear you had lots of infection. I don’t know why you declined taking probiotic before. They boost the immune system, which you needed. I went to the ; their products are very expensive. I don’t think I will spend more than $30. I think most of them probably have the same ingredients, with few minor differences. The Wal-Mart brand Equate , for about $25 , 42 capsules a , 4 of the most active probiotic strains, and 5 billion live cultures will do for me.


Sorry Captain , I didn’t do enough research to answer your question , on my previous posting

I spent few hours looking for decent probiotic . I finally purchased Probiotic 10 , from Nature’s Bounty, which has ten strains with 20 billion live cultures. I bought it from Costco.


No problem at all, I was getting strep throat infections as a teenager, I knew nothing about taking probiotics back then, finally when I turned 40, they took my tonsils out. But the sinus infections continued. I did start taking probiotics after that as I started reading more about health. Often I would just eat yogurt or buy the cheap ones at the grocery store. I figure that I have been on antibiotics over 40 times. From what I am reading now, my gut biome might be totally damaged. I plan to keep trying to improve my health as I move forward. I was seeing an integrative allergist who tested me for leaky gut. I had it and he treated me.

Thanks for letting me know which ones you bought. If we go to Costco today, I will take a look at them.


A doctor I spoke to suggested taking lactobacillus plantarum for immune system boost. I did this for several months but my condition worsened, so I'm not sure it did anything.

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Thanks for your reply , here is what found from your posting. lactobacillus plantarum microbe, produce lactic acid, and lactic acid fuel tumors. Excellent .


I suffered from undiagnosed coeliac disease for over 25 years before a blood test in 2014 revealed the problem (ironically my PSA was also tested at the same time, and an elevated result has ultimately lead me to the esteemed advanced club). Through that time my diet was high in beer and wheat based products, and I had daily bloating, stomach ache and diarrhea. So my guts were in very poor state for a very long time.

With all the recent talk about gut biomes and its linkage to the immune system, I have been wondering whether this was a factor in the devlopment of my cancer?

I have been in a gluten free diet for the last 3 years and I can't change the past so I guess it doesn't matter now.


I think the papers the article refers to say the type of probiotic would vary depending on a lot of circumstances.

Below is a link to an interesting article from a few years ago linking Bifidobacterium with the efficacy of checkpoint inhibitors.

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I'm not on a checkpoint inhibitor. I did have the series of 4 Provenge treatments. I'm taking NOW's Probiotic-10, 50 billion, 10 probiotic strains, which is a powerful alternative & not too expensive.


Wow , that is a excellent news , how long have you been taking the Probiotic-10 ? How long after Provenge treatments you start taking the Probiotic-10 ? I wonder you may be getting good result, because you started it after the Provenge treatments

. Tell us how you measuring the good result ?

If you see my previous posting, I started taking Probiotic-10 today. If this is true, that means my posting may help some people here , including my self . yes it's only about $28 from Costco, compare it to $93,000 for Provenge. Good Bless.


Guess what--I ran across a video this afternoon of an MD maned Gundry, who says you're not doing any good if you take a probiotic without a prebiotic. In fact, you could just take the prebiotic--at least if it's the 1 he's selling (surprise), which both feeds good microbes (stimulating the immune system) & starves the bad. It's called Prebio Thrive. You can only get it from him, to reduce the cost, & he's offered a deal on it right now.

My health plan covered Provenge. I got it recently. I've taken Probiotic 10 for a while. As you know, it has to be refrigerated. Prebio Thrive doesn't. I don't have a sciency brain, so this is all a crapshoot for me. I'm glad we have guys on this site who help educate us.


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Been doing the Probiotics for 25 years--guess it did not prevent my Pca. But I am still doing them, every day.



Gut bacteria donation may be coming.


Please explain what you mean , Don’t understand .


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