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Psa level 58 at diagnosis an hour ago, Gleason grade 9, all cores both lobes, they saw a suspicious small area on the pelvic bone but not sure so requested bone scan. Tumour is crushing the urethra and that had looked abnormal. The doctor didn’t sound negative when he was telling us, he actually sounded positive, they wrote down T4 with question marks.

Started on bicalutamide 50 mg today. Just shocked and was hoping it had all been a big mistake! God knows what the surgeon found so intriguing!?

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  • Cammie,

    Is the bicalutamide a precursor to Zolodex or Lupron? Those numbers and the suspicion of a bone lesion suggest surgery might not be the right course (though see the recent discussion here about de-bulking). It seems to me you want to talk with both a radiation oncologist and a medical oncologist (the latter of whom should be asked whether early chomo intervention is an option).

    My best wishes.

  • No idea? He just asked us to get the prescription he said it strips testosterone.

    Thanks so much for your advice have written it down. Hope you are well.

  • Cammie , The Bicalutamide is often used to reduce flair caused by initial Lupron or zolodex. The 58 psa is certainly way more hopeful, Than what you posted originally .My original psa was 148 ,with Gleason grade 10 back in June of 2006 ,I never had an clean scan. I say that as a message of hope to you and your Dad. The Lupron or zolodex (ADT Andorgen Deprivation therapy)should bring it way down, and should shrink any tumors as well. There are many options in the future. In the past decade there has been at least 5 new therapies added to our arsenal with more in the future. Once you have Cancer he should be followed by a medical Oncologist.

    It is wonderful that your Dad has you to get him through this time, enjoy all your days together. Keep us posted on further developments . I wish you good luck.

    Ps, my iPad changes my spelling all the time, and if I do not catch it, it is the wrong word, Sorry I do not know how to stop that.


  • Well said, Dan!

    Cammie, we wish your dad a great response. We are all here to help. He’s lucky to have you by his side!


  • Thanks James hope you are well

  • Hi Dan so happy you are doing so well,so inspiring, I will ring the doctor and ask about this tomorrow. Best wishes and thanks so much :)

  • Tap Settings on the Home screen, then tap General.

    Tap Keyboard, then turn off Auto-Correction.

  • You could very well need systemic treatment given the volume, grade and apparent Mets. Bicalutamide is definitely used before Lupron to stop Testosterone flare.


  • Hi Bob, so does that mean he’s on the right treatment for now? We had to go to a wedding today and that was his second tablet today, think he had stomach ache but said he felt exhausted and had to leave early, so unlike him, would this be normal ?

  • I’m not a doctor


  • I would suggest you see a medical oncologist to get a second opinion. Since there is bone metastasis, there are quite a number of therapies less troublesome than surgery.

  • Yes I will do, thanks for your advice

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