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Sorry I have been away moving from one house to another. Anyway, recent papers and studies that caught my eye; one has to do with the use of Celastrol--a anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory, compound isolated from Tripterygium Wikfordii. Has been used to fight obesity. This is what Gusgold calls his Thunder God Vine. Well we now have a legitimate study, showing that the active chemical is Celastrol, and it does kill Pca cells in vitro. Interestingly you can find this substance on Amazon. Not one I am adding, just reporting.

Another is Sanguinarine. This Chemical can be found in the Blood Root Plant, or the Mexican Prickly Poppy--considered quite toxic. Native Americans have used the Blood Root for Centuries, for a number of ailments. FDA does not approve of the use of Blood Root--but what the heck, I do not approve of the FDA. Not one I would add either, but the same group that did the work on Celastrol, confirmed the Apoptosis, also in vitro, of Pca cells.

As to new advances---The Wistar Institute in Philly, has come up with synthetic DNA. They have been able on a laboratory basis, using mice, to manipulate their synthetic DNA, so that when added to the white mice, with Pca, these preparations were able to repair the mutations causing the cancer. Right now it would be quite expensive. But it just goes to show, and compound what is being done in the area of Immunology. They say they will have more to come.

Another one and this is exciting for those of us with the PTEN mutation--as Dana Farber, has been able to Nano Formulate Olaparib, and this is shown to amplify PARP Inhibition, and does sensitize PTEN, as well as TP53. As one with the PTEN mutation, which has shown some promise against BRCA-2---this could be a one shot PARP for those that have both BRCA-2, and PTEN---again someone like me.

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  • Thanks Nalakrats, always good info from you. I do not have the bracca ,but I do have PTEN, I am not sure how this relates to me, though I was offered an Olaparib trial , but thought I was unlikely to respond as I did not have the Braaca 2 mutation. I found this in pubmed from May of this year, still in mouse studies, but really glad they are making new developments to increase absorption of olaparib Through nano formulating the olaparib and resensitize tumors


  • Olaparib, in the initial studies, as I remember had efficacy for about 30% of the Trial Patients, another 20% had no worse or better situation, as to disease, and the other 50% continued downhill. [related to BRCA-2 Mutations]

    Many trials look for the magic number of reduction of disease, by whatever they are measuring, in the 60% area--to be considered successful--it also depends on what they call success--as this is also based on the Trial Design.

    Olaparib, as far as I know never had success, against PTEN, but had this 30% success, in disease reduction, as to BRCA-2---so this nano formulating, has brought another mutation into play, with the same drug.

    Since there are about a 1/2 dozen new PARP Inhibitors--who knows what we have if all can be nano formulated, and tried against other mutations, or may prove better than Olaparib--against BRCA-2 and PTEN.

    Just gives us more hope and info, as research marches on. I read over the weekend, about 50 of the latest publications, that came out in the last month. Lots of stuff going on. It is really encouraging to see so much work going on as to Pca. And this is world-wide. Many are seeking the Golden Ring me thinks!


  • That’s awesome! I think there will be a lot new in the next decade, I hope I am around to benefit. Going Monday to try too get approved for Radium, If not it looks like cabitaxol/Javenta.


  • Praying for you that the right decision is made.


  • Thank You

  • Hi Nal,

    Thank you for a useful post. And you have my empathy re moving--a difficult, even somewhat traumatic experience, especially from a long-standing home.


  • Your right---and having the Pca is an easier experience, than the moving thing.


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