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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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I know this is contrary to what we all were taught to believe but at some point there will be change, ready or not, that much is true.

The less medicine you take after your crisis is under control, the better off you will be. The human body is a system of Tolerant Controls that expresses itself in units, any doctor worth his salt would and should tell you that. This is why your med intake fluctuates over months and years. Doctors and specialist play a guessing game with your health, this is the only way they can create a metric or statistical data to know how to treat you at stages of physical conflicts development, TRUE. YOUR JOB is to Know your BODY, YOUR JOB is to EXERCISE, thats how you bring that precious cell killing life giving oxygen into your body at a higher rate, YOUR JOB is to Think, KNOW, and Believe, that you are NOT SICK(SIC) just inujured. I know its more serious than that but you must use your power of positive self influence to beat any Dis EASE. There is NO Dis Ease on the planet that cannot be cured or controlled by organisims that exist on THIS PLANET. Everything Starts and Ends HERE so there is no mystery disease, there is only that which we dont fully understand, and unfortunately trial and error are how we learn. Till next time, Believe In YOURSELF KNOW YOURSELF, TRUST YOURSELF and above all BELIEVE IN YOUR STRENGTH.

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I live within view of MCRD Parris Island SC; you would make a good drill sergeant. Yes don't let the disease define or medical care own your spirit.



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