Food is medicine

I have mCSPC , which is terminal. I also have exhausted all the drugs as well .

Here are the few things that help me to last longer, you guys may already know it , I put here in case not.

Remember Food is medicine .

•Cancer eat sugar (glucose, not Fructose ) and multiply. So the first thing is not to eat anything that turns to glucose. These are bread , rice , potato , cracker, etc. Also the fruits that have glucose, banana , cherries , melon , etc.

•Everything that makes the PH level of blood goes down ( become acidic) should be avoided. There are meat , eggs , dairy products, etc.

•At the end you end up with fruits vegetables + soy products. For protein you can eat some nuts and tofa.

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  • Are you sure you have exhausted all your treatment options? Advance prostate cancer treatment is a very complex thing, in the best of cases, involving highly trained and experienced specialists and researchers with years of experience. If you care to provide some more details as to your individual history & treatments, perhaps someone here can suggest some more ideas and resources for you.

    As for those thoughts about cancer vs. sugar and cancer vs. acid and their possible relationships to dietary attempts to change general blood level indicators and directly affect cancers, there's not a whole lot of peer reviewed science in support those ideas. Some of the larger medical centers even warn of related cancer myths on similar topics.

  • Hi.

    I would never say "I have exhausted all possibilities". There are so many different ways to treat this disease. Try to research more, try to talk more on forums like this one, go to a support group and, most importantly, talk to different oncologists about your situation. I am sure there is something out there that you can still do.

    And I agree: If you provide some more information to us, maybe there is someone here who can help.


  • Thanks for many positive reposes. Cancer drugs must go through a lengthy Clinical trial, before it can be approved by NCI , and other Federal agencies. Even after the drug is successful in clinical trial , there additional studies for safety and potency. Example is a Drug called Prostvac , short for prostate vaccine. This drug has already shown, expands the life of person like me with mCSPS by 8.5 months; during clinical trial. Later additional studies where added to make the Prostvac more potent; Combining it with GM-CSF, an immune system enhancer, see NCT01322490.

    More importantly , Insurance Companies do not pay for investigational drugs.

    My treatments , monthly Xgeva shots , quarterly Luprun shots . These are the drugs I have taken , Casodex , Zytiga , Xtandi, R223 & Chemo , my insurance don’t pay for, Provenge due to cost. My PSA is on the rise now.

    I have three oncologists at a very prestige’s hospital , in Atlanta Georgia.

  • I totally agree that there are options. I do know with any disease or inflammatory condition, sugar does its own damage, not to say that I agree or disagree that cancer feeds off sugar, but imbalances in the body. Bbruce I love your approach with the true Hippocratic suggestion "let food be thy medicine." I give you so much credit for the will power and your persistence, and ty for sharing what is wise, though damn hard to follow advise, lol for any disease. Big hug, my admiration, Healing thoughts and happy juicing to you!

  • For those still who have droughts about connection between cancer & sugar.; please google this “ sugar & cancer “ this is what you see.

    1-Affinity. Cancer cells love sugar! That is why refined carbohydrates like white sugar, white flour, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and soft drinks are extremely dangerous for anyone trying to prevent or reverse cancer. Sugar essentially feeds tumors and encourages cancer growth.

  • I agree Bruce. All my research has proven the same. I just don't like to debate non believers

  • Great, think we got this point across. May be we can save some one here a lot of pain. We should now move to the meat issues

  • No point in disagreements. I concur..Everyone must follow their own path..I find that the majority of people do not believe in organic solutions.To many it just a scam..If it's not the drugs ,surgery , or chemicals of W. med, they don't accept it.. I will try anything organic if there is even a possible benefit .. Why not ? what do I have to lose? Except APC???

  • We believe this also , along with practically all who fight cancer organically..

  • BBruce is correct about glucose and and acid. Our bodies have a wonderful immune system and we need to keep that healthy. Monies for cancer research goes to not a cure, but a control. Once my husband got on the chemical merry-go-round he went through the whole list, now on Xtandi. He has every side effect on the list.

    There is no peer reviewed science to support a cure or large medical centers calling nutrition a scam, because there is no money in it for them.

  • I confirm this diet.

  • As for the treatment. It is never exhausted. The research on Killer T-Cells is picking up speed.

  • Hi BBruce,

    Human body is a wonderful mechanism which will not easily give up and stop. Never cease, striving is all what you have to do. I agree with all positive replies submitted by our friends and surely you will have more support when you give more details of your PCa. Avoiding red meat, dairy products and eggs and keeping to a heart-healthy food habit is sensible and has been widely accepted as good for PCa as well. All other things we can eat moderately because it is meaningless to eat things without a taste to please you. After all, it should not be a mere struggle for survival only!


  • Sisira, very true. After all joyful eating does often boost serotonin and a happy brain helps in healing. Such well spoken advice.xo

  • Hi Sisira

    The diet, I suggested are for people with stage IV or terminal cancer. I don’t know anything about your cancer. Your statement “because it is meaningless to eat things without a taste to please you “. Is very funny . I like it.

    Just remember most people with PCa eventually become CRPC (Castration Resistant PCa) , and if you don’t take care, finally become mCRPC ( metastatic CRPC) like me. Because Cancer cells slowly mutate and finally become resistance to all drugs.

  • Hello BBruce,

    Thank you for cautioning the red light on mCRPC. This is exactly what I wanted to tell you on the trajectory of PCa progression. The lethal cancer cells especially the hormone refractive type becoming resistant to all drugs. Nevertheless, "resistant to all drugs" is only a paradigm there will be more and more target oriented drugs and treatment strategies based on one's identified and specific gene mutations - radio active isotopes and nuclear drugs. The existing hormonal therapies widely used are more than 50 years old without much new development!

    The funny thing really is when people give up hopes in the curative ability of scientifically proven drugs and modern treatment strategies, but they are prepared to believe in miraculous herbal medicine and food supplements where proof is only anecdotal. People who have been eating all types of unhealthy food with no control at all for their lifetime ,suddenly hit their head against the wall when they are diagnosed with a cancer. Even if they start eating all the so called medicinal plants growing on the earth, it is now too late. "You can't unring the bell" . All the same "Better late than never" - Heart healthy food helps our fight against PCa and also some well known and accepted food supplements ( only a handful ) can assist in checking the growth and metastasis of cancer. But not to the extent of having any cutting edge over stronger and proven drugs used for the treatment of advanced PCa.

    For your information I am T2c No Mx, GS 9, diagnosed in March 2015 at the age of 68 and treated with RP + IMRT + 2 yrs of ADT ( Zoladex ). Currently I am out of treatment and for the last 2 years up to now my PSA has remained at 0.008ng/ml. In case of a relapse, with no further delay, I want to hit all types of remaining cancer cells as hard as possible with early chemotherapy combined with ADT not caring for the side effects ( Chemo is no more the old type ).

    I also would like to tell you that I have been taking only a heart healthy diet form the age of 40 years and now continue same without any difficulty but I have now added those few good supplements which I use with proper discrimination based on some scientific research done on them and also recommended by some oncologists. I don't have any blind faith on them. My belief is, at best they can improve my general body health.

    In fact I was sorry to have learned that you have reached mCRPC. Please don't lose hopes. Briefly give all the important pathological aspects of your case and list down the most important questions you want to ask in order to get your decease under control. Always in our group there is one or even more to match with your pathology and managing the advanced decease successfully with careful treatment. They will only be too glad to help you.

    Your own ideas, your own views and you own experience - all these are the resources of our forum that we share in common and deeply respect.

    Thank you for joining us. Please keep us posted on your progress.


  • I had breast cancer, diagnosed Jan 1993. Told I was stage IV in 1997. Had 25 tumors on the left side. Nutritional changes such as you talk about (I used ONLY organic foods, especially Soy) made all the subsequent tumors 24, grow slower than normal cells. I also took some dietary supplements. I support the concept of detox with juicing (organic only) and coffee enemas. I founded nonprofit Annie Appleseed Project to share the evidence-based info.

  • Thanks Annie, can you provide more details about coffee enemas , where do I buy it ? Is it something that I have to prepare ?

    Also more info about detox with juicing , Juice of what ? Can I eat before or after detox ?

  • Look up the gerson diet. See if that suits your fancy as I think it may. Coffee enemas you can make yourself. I can send links to anything you need and I have a masticating juicer you may have if low on funds. It is the type used in gerson diet, and my dad refuses to follow a diet. If need be reach out.xo

  • Hi Daddyishhealing

    Thanks for the offer. Never heard of Gerson diet. Started research appreciate teach me something new.

  • Fantastic!!!

  • Hi BBruce,

    If you are doing well on the diet, then I'm not about to suggest that you change. However, there are issues with a vegan diet that some are unaware of when they make the decision. Nothing that supplements can't take care of, although vegan purists reject the idea that veganism results in deficiencies.

    You quote Hippocrates, but he had in mind, I believe, the medicinal properties of foods such as herbs. I doubt that "fruits vegetables + soy products" at the local supermarket are going to have much inherent medicinal value against serious disease.

    I was listening to Dr. Steve Freedland's talk last week, on what we think we know & what we actually know about diet & PCa. I almost posted it, but felt that I would need to add too many footnotes. But, what the hell:

    You mention sugar, which is actually not an issue for PCa. However, insulin is, & SF makes that point in his talk. To keep insulin under control, sugar should be avoided, along with high-glycemic foods, but it really can't be done without fat. SF debunks the idea of fat being a problem. The 40% fat Mediterranean diet promoted by Dr. Myers (essentially for heart reasons) is probably best for insulin control. That's 40% fat at every meal. Nuts are useful for balancing a meal.

    You can't really change the pH of blood without dire consequences. Some test urine, but what does that say about the blood?. Is it possible to change the pH of a tumor? I doubt it can be done by diet.

    I am actually a big fan of Freedland. His studies are well-constructed. His observations are always worth reading. He could have done better in his talk, I feel, but I hope that some get something from it.


  • Always I formed by you Patrick. I used to also use chromium picolinate to help balance my blood sugar, and I'm not sure if its of any need here, but I wanted to mention it. Also with a low glycemic diet, my moods and pain, due to completely different issues, were more stable than ever.wishing all love and healing. Ty for teaching me daily

  • " I used to also use chromium picolinate to help balance my blood sugar, " Me too; however; I stopped and watched what I ate. My A1c test is 5.7, and my doctor said based on the test; I would say your not a diabetic. However, I know you are a diabetic. My A1c was 7.1 previously. I did it without drugs.


  • I agree completely..Thank you!

  • Hi BBruce

    Just read was you have submitted.

    At one stage I was working hard on a more green diet with anti oxidants and minerals.

    The advise I pick up ( don't quote me I am a lay man ) is to kill the CSC slowly is the most effective way.

    Also being unconventional I would need to hold my stance in my cancer battle by at least able to manage my PSA below 40-50 mark over the next 3 months.

    With the current technique which involved doxycycline and vitamin C and the freedom from pain and fatigue which I am delighted I don't have to control my diet that stringently.

    Will be in touch and have a good holiday.

    Mine had already begun. Back to work on 3 January 18.

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