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How can I get a more sensitive Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) score?


Collaborative Laboratory Services subcontracts the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) part of my blood work out to the blood service conducted by Mayo Clinic Laboratories.

When DHT is lower than 50 they report >50; I want to know the true score. Does the Mayo Clinic have another blood test for DHT which is more ultrasensitive? If so, what is the name of the test or code?

P.S. My testosterone score is 16 on Lupron, after the second montly injection.

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The normal T - level range is 300 - 800 ng/dL. Normal DHT level range is 30 - 80ng/dL

Lupron seems to do a good job for you. Anything below 20ng/dL is considered as sufficient ADT action. Renowned PCa oncologist Dr.Charles Myers says DHT is 10 times more potent than normal T in fueling the growth of PCa cells. (Something like DHT 50ng/dL = T 500ng/dL) Ideal control is to have DHT at 5 - 10ng/dL level. DHT formation can be blocked by using a 5AR inhibitor - Avodart ( Dutastaride ). You can make your ADT a much stronger Triple Blockade by using Lupron + Casodex ( Bicalutamide ) + Avodart.

The whole objective of this treatment should be to bring your PSA to undetectable level and thereafter keep you in stable remission as long as possible.

Sorry, I cannot answer for the reporting errors of various labs.


BigRich in reply to Sisira

Thank you for taking the time to respond.


Hi Rich,

Dr. Myers, I believe, aims for DHT<5. Most men with T=16 will have DHT<5, but Avodart will handle cases where DHT is not made directly from T. And cases where PCa eventuallt evolves to make DHT via an alternative path.


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LabCorp does my tests and they report DHT to 1 decimal place down to 1 and then <1, which I assume is deemed "undetectable."

BigRich in reply to bldn10

I may switch to labCorp in the near future.

Thank you for the information.


BigRich in reply to pjoshea13


I really enjoy your informative replys.


I have no idea if this will work, but you might try calling your oncologist who requested the test, and the Mayo Clinic or other organization that performed it. It's possible that they have a more precise number in their records but assumed, wrongly, that all you needed to know was <50. I wouldn't be surprised if you get a runaround but, maybe if you're persistent and say that this is your data and you want it, you can coax the numbers out of them.

Good luck.


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They call us warriors, for life ia a battle. All good things, are worth fighting for. Life is good.


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