7th chemo yesterday, PSA dropped from 73 to 65

Happy dance today psa continues to drop from what was 95 after first chemo, after 5th it was 73 and after 6 it is 65. I had 7th chemo yesterday , rested feet on bags of frozen peas, put gelpack over top and nails to prevent neuropathy and toenail problem, iced fingertips and sucked ice cubes to prevent mouth sores and taste problem, everything seems to be working so happy to see the alk phos which is an indicator of activity in the bones and was out of range when starting chemo has fallen into the lower end of normal. Portugal and spain was a great trip, did not have any problems other than gaining a few pounds with the great food, got lots of exercise walking up hills.

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  • Great news. Don't they have ice where you do the chemo? I took your advise when I did my 9th chemo and asked for ice. The MSK RN had bags which she filled with ice and each bag had room for my hand which was separate from the ice. Used on both hands and feet. Haven't tried peas.

  • They have ice just to soak fingers in a ice water solution, I come in with small rolling cooler with my ice packs for feet and cubes to suck on, frozen peas are a cheap frozen bag to use, Thanks for the kind words I am glad you are doing the ice, I would expect nothing less for the number 1 cancer center in the world MSK.I got used to doing this when I did it for my wife last year who had 6 rounds of docetaxol, her local cancer center had no ice to use, did not believe in it , so I brought my own and iced her good , she had absolutely no problems except a few mouth sores which we treated with glutamine powder mixed with cold water for mouthwash.

  • Great news Dan, I've just finished round 5 one left! I'm glad Portugal was good. Cheers Paul.

  • Thanks Paul, I am glad you will be done after 6,cheers, Dan

  • Tough times don't last; tough people do.

    Good to hear your doing well Dan and hang in there. By round 6 for me my legs felt like lead and a few days after it felt like I was hit by a truck from Neulasta injection. Your into round 7 and still hanging tough, even enjoying a vacation. Stay strong my friend.


  • That is good news. I had 8th chemo today and use the hand cooling but not the feet. I do have the beginnings of some peripheral neuropathy, so may take the frozen peas next time. I do use a cold cap for the chemo and have kept most of my hair, which for me is a really good thing. For the record I started chemo in Jan 2017 after a diagnosis of metastatic PCa in Dec 2016. PSA then 310, now 2.6.

  • That is a great response, And it ws so wise of you to use the cold cap, I wish I had, that is the one thing everyone notices and they think that's what makes you look sick. The frozen bags of peas are very plyable, I just put my feet right onto the bag and use another to cover the top of the toenails, I think they are like under $2 a bag. I wish you the best, Dan

  • Thanks Dan, I will give the peas a try.

  • God bless all of you guys doing chemo.wishing the best possible outcome.

  • Great to hear of your results and trip. How many more chemo do you have to go? We're also going to Europe-Paris, Lourdes and London at the end of the month.


  • For me being so far out and using up most of the available therapies, I am on chemo till it stops working or the side effects get to great, I hope to get past a year of when I stopped xtandi, so I can rechallenge with that or other drugs that worked in the past. I think You will love your trip, it is so good to get out and forget about cancer, we went to Lourdes on our Pyrenees trip a few years back, we really enjoyed the Basque region of Spain, In particular San Sebastian and Getaria

  • Glad to hear that you are doing great Dan.



  • Thank You Sisera

  • Wow Dan! I'm doing the happy dance for you too! That is so great that the numbers are going down!

    Also so glad you're trip was great. You had to get lots of exercise. Trips can be exhausting to healthy people....whewww. you must be superman!

    Glad the ice is so helpful.

    I started taking B6 for my neuropathy/ edema about 4 months ago (different cause) it has helped so much more than I thought it would. I have it from elbows down to fingertips and knees down to toes.

    Awesome the ALK Phos is back to normal too :)


  • Great news! Also thanks for sharing about the use of ice (and frozen peas). Glad you had a great trip!

  • Thanks Dr Who.

  • Thank You for your kind words Jackie. It is also so good to know for all of us about your great response using B6 for Nueropathy, as Nueropathy is a very common Problem, I will pass that onto friends not on this list, thanks\.


  • Great news, Dan. Always good to see PSA and Alk Phos moving in the right directions. You might think about making a YouTube video showing how you get ready for chemo, and let the whole world learn, ... and see how awesome you look with the bags of frozen peas under your feet, and the gel paks on all the other good parts you want to protect from chemo side effects. Gotta protect those feet for wonderful trips and hikes to come.


  • Thanks Charles , I hope I can buy some time and switch to somethig else. The peas were a old idea, I do really like the frozen gel ice I got from a chiro for 35 dollars, I have the frozen gloves too and they work , but not so well for me as I often get it in the hand ,not having a port. Not having a port has not been a huge problem, I go in they slip the iv in for labs and when I get chemo they just drip it through, one stick only.

  • Keep on droppin,PSA , down to nada.Love those Spanish white beans.

  • .Thanks Lulu

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