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Video: 6 Reasons to go to a PCRI Prostate Cancer Patient Conference

It might cost you a lot to get to Los Angeles, USA for the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) Annual Patient Conference, of even to buy the summary DVDs. I give you 6 reasons you might think about it.

The expert prostate cancer doctors at the 2016 conference included Charles "Snuffy" Myers, Gary Leach, Eugene Kwon, Mark Emberton, Howard Sandler, Mark Moyad, Nicholas Vogelzang, Mark Scholz, Fabio Almedia, Duke Bahn, Jacek Pinski, Jeffrey Turner, and Henry Yampolsky.

Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) holds annual conferences in September, and mid-year update conferences in March, and makes summary DVDs of these. Find details of these, and many other valuable prostate cancer resources here:


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The 2017 PCRI Conference list of Speakers-Topics has also recently been announced.


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Thanks, Charles. I went last year. I really enjoyed it & learned from it. I haven't received this info from them yet.

I didn't have the expense problems some people have, because I grew up in West LA & my best friend is still there. I stayed with him. I offered to rent a car, but he drove me. I'm in the Bay Area & got cheap flights. The conference itself is remarkably inexpensive for what it provides.



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