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New PCF recommendations regarding diet and exercise: You may gnash your teeth!

The above URL will connect you to the latest (2017) Prostate Cancer Foundation's recommendations based on the current knowledge of what works, doesn't work, and is still unclear to deter the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. There's a lot missing in terms of nutrients. Mention of the use of vigorous aerobic activity but no weight training. Also, I have been taking, what I think is the most effective form of curcumin ( Nutrasil's "Advanced Bioavailable Curcumin & PC Lipids") for years only to learn that this is a no-no as far as Pca activity is concerned!

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A no-no, or just that they don't think the evidence is there to take individual nutrients?

Certainly, what is learned from surveying men about their habits, the basis for PCF's thinking, is very different from what is learned by reviewing research on individual nutrients, etc., as Patrick O'Shea does on this site.


Problem is, in citing meta analysis, there is often a lot of "garbage," unreliable poorly done research that is thrown together with the research done in accordance with more stringent standards of design and methodology. The outcomes are often conflicting, as in the cited PCF study and inconclusive. People in our situation don't often have the time for issues to sort themselves out. Besides, research scientists are often playing the "longer game" that takes into consideration such things as reputation, funds for grants, etc. Because of the idiosyncratic nature of this disease, what works for some people may not work for others. Example, "tea" only gets one star in its effectiveness against Pca, but how many papers (in my case, over time, probably close to 100), have we read extoling the effectiveness of green tea, especially among Asians? Now it seems to be coffee (6 cups or more). In short, the supplement game is like roulette, you place your bet on a number or color (in this case a supplement) and take your chance that Lady Luck will work for you!


I looked at the article and did not find any reference to Curcumin. Are saying it is a no-no just because they recommend against supplements in general?


No, you are right: there is no reference to curcumin, no tor other supplements. for that matter, which have shown to be effective against Pca. The reason I mention curcumin, however, refers to the mention of "PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINES: Refers to a class of phospholipids that contain

choline as a headgroup. Choline is an essential nutrient, as it serves as a precursor to

acetylcholine which performs critical functions related to muscle movement and memory" BUT, " high levels of choline intake were associated with an increased risk of

developing lethal prostate cancer, and another reported that high levels of choline in the

blood were associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer." The was part of their warning regarding egg yolks which contain phosphatiylcholine. I happen to take a curcumin supplement which is lipid based and contains a lot of choline.

In this forum we seen numerous references to herbs, vitamins, enzymes and other supplements for which evidence, in the form of research papers, is often cited by those individuals hosting the discussions. I just find it odd that an organization such as PCF does some kind of meta study, based on statistics, rather than quality, to come up with such wishy-washy conclusions.


Don't know about adding lipids , but the cucumin recommended by my nat. Onco. Is Thorne research Meriva 500 -sf 120 tabs .2 tabs twice daily with or without food. No one has told you the curcumin is bad for PC , have they ?


Hi Lulu700,

As I see it, there are at least two problems with curcumin: bioavailability and dosage. Depending upon what research article you read, the therapeutic dose of curcumin is between two-three grams a day. However, again, how much of that is actually being absorbed? According to the Longvida people who supply the curcumin in my Optima Curcumin & PC Lipids, "Each serving contains: A proprietary blend of 555mg or Longvida RD Optimized Curcumin and 1100mg of Essential PC Lipids. Optima C-PC leverages SLCP Technology (Solid Lipid Curcumin Particles) to enhance bioavailability up to 65 times; resulting in significantly higher blood serum levels of free curcumin and passage through the blood brain barrier." According to the diet I posted, choline, found in egg yolk, is counter-productive with Pca. That said, I can say that re blood test results (CRP), it doesn't appear to have caused any harm. I take so many supplements,that it's hard to say what is working and what is not. I know that, for me, it is much more effective than Pomi-T ( a combination of broccoli, turmeric, pomegranate and green tea) or Meriva-containing preparations.

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I also take so many nutrients.Thanks for your insight..


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