Is Creatine an Enhancer For those with Advanced Pca, or a Harmful Agent?

Many men are looking to add or maintain muscle mass while on ADT. One thought that comes to mind is Creatine. There are some articles that conclude the intake of Creatine, produces ATP, and that ATP, can fuel Pca cells, while fueling other cells in the body. One article indicated that Creatine has a positive affect against Refractive/Stem cells, those that do not give off PSA.

I asked Patrick what he knew, and he has not studied Creatine/ATP and advanced Pca. I have not studied it either, but for a few papers that go both ways, as to harm, and benefit.

So I am putting out to the group here, looking for definitive information regarding the use of/or non use of Creatine, and its production of ATP. Is this stuff a bad guy that needs to be not used, or can it be used for muscle maintenance, without advancing one's Pca disease.


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  • My gut feeling is that the loss of muscle mass and the increase of body fat often created during ADT is a very complicated, interrelated situation. Several things are happening at the same time. No one thing is a major contributor. Yet the end result is a net loss of muscle mass, and a net gain of some fat (which also does some crosstalk affecting muscles).

    When I look at the major "pathways" on overview charts such as this, accounting supposedly for some major factors that go into the muscle/fat production/maintenance dynamics, the supplementation of Creatine and a relationship to ATP, and ATP's relationship to Prostate Cancer cells as opposed to normal body cells, just don't jump out at me as major players for treatment interventions, one way or the other.


    But, I'm no expert in these fields, either.

    Anybody who may eventually crack the codes of the "wasting away" of cancer patients may also go a long ways toward ameliorating the problems of frailty among the elderly, with huge implications for future society.


  • We tend to look for a pill to solve our problems because it's easy to take unless it causes unwanted SEs. Everything I've read and been told is that aerobics, resistance training and diet modification are the only ways to offset weight gain and muscle loss whether one is on ADT or not. ADT just makes it that much more important. The fact that fatigue is another SE makes exercise more dufficult but ironically the more one exercises the less fatigued one gets! Mind over matter.


  • Reply to myself---there does not appear a body of knowledge to my post. Find that strange, since Creatine is used for elderly muscle wasting, and so many guys here complain about their muscle loss on ADT, and there increase of visceral fat. Is creatne beneficial , or an accelerator of Pca disease? Anyone?


  • Spelled Creatine wrong--and used there instead of their---sorry.


  • Nal,

    It is the Gator Blood....your reptilian brain is taking over according to your daughter Lizarda

  • Well you are a major gym hog, how about the ATP from Creatine---will it cause my gator scales to fall off---didn't I look pretty? Nobody seems to know---even Patrick has it as a blank.


  • Nal,

    without a double blind study there is no way to know. Myers also said supplements are dirty drugs and many are dangerous to guys that have PCa. He listed Chondroitan Sulfate, Colostrum, and Arginine as well as any supplement that raises IGF-1...guys on ADT have to be real careful not to wake the beast up


  • I agree except for L-Arginine---the proper description. This amino acid is poor man's Viagra. Very key to expanding your veins and arteries before Weight lifting, and great before bed, as by opening the arteries, your blood pressure drops making it easier to sleep. When I had T, before Pca---3,000 mg 40 minutes before sex created an extended---sometimes a double orgasm, with an unbelievable amount of semen--that popped women's eyes. It also helps in curing A-fib, in combination with Taurine. But only us Holistic Practitioners, know these things.


  • Nal,

    your buddy Durk Pearson said L-Arginine raises GH in addition to NO...what effect does GH have on PCa


  • I do not see where raising the Growth Hormone will have an affect, on PCA. Yes the affect of L-Arginine, to break down to one. of its components---NO, which jack's your Penis/semen--leaves the body very quickly. I always use before a workout.

    Back on Growth Hormone, there is evidence that it can be raised by L-Arginine---but you would have to take massive amounts of L-Arginine. Like--5-10 grams a day. And at our age we get just about nothing. All of the Body Builder Powders and drink mixes, you will find L-Arginine as their top ingredient on the Label, or 2nd at worst.

    I have used it for so long, I should be dead then--if it was harmful, and it did not cause me to have Pca, my inherited Gene Mutations did.


  • Dr snuffy myers wrote a whole chapte on it in = beating pc on hormonr therapy* .Some of his patients were creatine. I've been on it to compensate for my mostly veggie diet. Never noticed anything other than a little increase in strength. Rocco

  • The Body cannot live with ATP, it makes it from glucose, glutamine, and 2, other methods, so I, thought, adding creatine which breaks down to ATP, supplying even to those cells we do not want in our body might be beneficial, understanding that it is feeding energy to all cells.

    Thanks for your confirmation---the literature is meager for those of us with Pca. I know there are others using on this site, but nobody is responding, as you did. Thanks


  • I am also a creatine user (get it from Life Extension). Recently asked Dr. Myers about any hazards he knew of from this supplement--he said no problems. After reading about dosing a few years ago I concluded that cycling on and off creatine is prudent to avoid the body getting used to the supplement and stopping endogenous creatine synthesis. So I'm currently taking 2.5 gm/day for 8 wks, then 8 wks off. That's a very low dose, and I'm considering stepping it up. Body builders take a lot more, as discussed here:

  • Thanks for your input because it also includes Meyers input--I get here 2 for 1



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