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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Anti Inflammatory Turmeric Mixture

Here is recipe for turmeric I have been modifying for a couple of years.


Anyone else use turmeric?

Any additions you would make?

Does the recipe seem easy for anyone to follow?


Anti Inflammatory Turmeric Mixture.


The goal is to have a paste. Add liquids or powders as needed to get to a paste consistency.

About 8 hours after mixing the flavors mingle.

I have left the mixture out of the refrigerator for over a month with no spoilage problems. Not not add water nor any ingredient with water.

Turmeric can die your hands, counter tops, plastic containers. It also fluoresces under black light!


Some where between 1 to 3 grams a day(1/2 teaspoon) Can be washed down with milk or almond milk.


Turmeric: Three bottles of dry (3 x ~2.5 oz bottle) OR fresh turmeric ~7.5 oz (Trader Joe’s or Whole foods has the smoothest tasting turmeric)

Black pepper: One heaping teaspoon ~ 6 grams (3% black pepper to amount of turmeric) Black pepper - piperine helps with blood uptake of turmeric - curcumin.

Oil: Can be coconut, olive, ghee or another pleasant tasting oil (oil is for bio availability) ~7.5 oz

Sweetener: Honey or Maple syrup or another sweetener: three or more tablespoons to taste.

Salt: to taste.

Garlic or Onion: powder to taste. (I have used fresh garlic with no spoilage problems. Garlic sometimes turns a nice blue when mixed with an oil. Your results may vary )

Other spices: Try out other spices to taste. I have use small amounts of cinnamon, cardamon, cumin. They are tasty. In the end this mixture is almost ~curry paste.

No water. Don’t add any water or any ingredient with water. Water can encourage bacterial growth.


In a 2 cup mason jar.

This order of ingredient adding helps with the mixing.

Add the liquids: oil, sweetener

Add pepper, salt, garlic powder

Add turmeric

Mix. Add liquid until a smooth paste.

That’s it!

Image is of 1/2 used up batch of turmeric mixture:

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Wow! Much more sophisticated than I am. I just make a mix of olive oil, tumeric and black pepper when I cook. I primarily use it every morning when I make eggs. I also met with an integrative medicine specialist and they suggested I take supplements.

But your idea looks a lot more interesting! Thanks for sharing!



I hope you eat egg whities, for I don't believe egg yolks are good for Pca, Please google it.



looks amazing. How did you develop your recipe? Did you modify based on psa????

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I have not modified based on PSA. How could that work? More turmeric as the PSA rises? I can see taking the the mixture several times a day to keep blood levels high. I have looked at Turmeric (curcumin) studies. I got the 3% black pepper to Turmeric ratio from a study. If you know of any studies- I am interested.


I understand you take loads tumeric to get the active dose of curcumin. Of course there may be orher benefit. A monthly pas is our best guide and knowledge of estrogeni effects.

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I have taken Tumeric extract and pomegranate extract capsules since 2006 when my cancer recurred after prostatectomy.


I also take Pomi-T. I am not sure of efficacy. There has been a study on Pomi-T.



Turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for countless years. I thought you'd be interested in:



Typically in PCa, the interest is in the curcumin component only. A big concern is bioavailability. The LEF product boasts 5 times the bioavailability of the basic extract. Not very impressive.

Longvida is seriously bioavailable. It has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier:


... which is why NOW sells it as "CurcuBrain":



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Hi pjoshea13,

Do you know CuruBrain curcumin is made bioavailable? Is it proprietary information? I looked at their site, no info.

(This site’s html text field is acting strange)


I use 1/2 inch of fresh tumeric root in a breakfast nutribullet smoothie of almond milk, strawberries, kale, apple, banana, and fresh ground flax seed.



Good tasting I am sure!


MSK has a good app About Herbs. Also a web version: mskcc.org/cancer-care/integ...

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Boiling water ,shredad ginger , black pepper, honey and lemon one cup in the morning


I am using little different way ,but it works great


I just take the capsules.

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Me too.

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I am a chemist and you should NEVER consume Turmeric. Turmeric contains several hundred DEADLY poisons that can cause everything from cancer to nerve damage. Simply examine a chemical analysis of Turmeric and you will see a list of hundreds of deadly compounds. Among the hundreds of poisons fond in Turmeric are a class of chemical compounds known as "Curcuminoids" which are relatively safe and posses some beneficial properties like reducing inflammation and some minor anti prostate cancer activity. Hundreds of people DIE every year from consuming Turmeric.--look it up.

You should buy a supplement of Curcumin that has NO Turmeric in it.

The best adjuvants to discuss with your physician to fight prostate cancer are:

Casodex (bicalutamide) - a prescription drug that normally you become resistant to unless you take it with highly purified isosilybin B.

Isosilybin B - You should take this in a highly purified form for best effect but it is available over-the-counter in Life Extension's European Milk Thistle Extract.

4-MU (4-methyl-umbelliferone) - Available over-the-counter throughout Europe and cost about $4 for a month's supply. This drug will NOT lower your PSA BUT it will BLOCK metastasis to the bones. I have declassified copies of medical studies done in several concentration camps in Germany during the war where purified Isosilybin B and 4-MU were given to prisoners and officers who had prostate cancer that had metastasis to their bones and in numerous studies and 100% of patients had complete remission of all cancer. These studies can be found in the recently declassified Paper Clip documents. And there is an obscure reference in these papers suggesting that Adolf Hitler may have had this treatment. And we now know from declassified FBI documents recently that Hitler escaped Germany and lived to be at least 70. America should have searched for Hitler, and when found, have executed him.

8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN) - This compound is available over-the-counter and is 50 times stronger than estradiol BUT, unlike estradiol, blocks prostate cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer.

WHEN YOU ARE DIAGNOSED WITH PROSTATE CANCER YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PROSTATE REMOVED -- find a physician that has done over 4,000 procedures using the DaVinci Device BUT make sure that doctor is using the new modified DaVinci Device--The company making the DaVinci device was sued because these devices left laignant prostate tissue behind--check the list of class action lawsuits if you had your prostate removed using DaVinci and later your PSA started rising. The newer devices have something added to prevent this and maybe another reader will expand on this topic.

DISCUSS WITH YOUR DOCTOR about your immediately taking the following compounds:

Casodex (bicalutamide)

Isosilybin B -( Life Extension's European Milk Thistle Extract.)

4-MU (4-methyl-umbelliferone)

8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN)


Hello there! I just wanted to check... when you mentioned that one "must have the prostate removed", are you referring to early stages only or advanced disease as well ? What are your views on cytoreductive surgery in people with bone mets? This approach is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and even Australia, from what I understand... just thought I'd ask for your opinion on this matter. Thanks A LOT!


You have to understand that there are two types of urologists that treat prostate cancer. The first are those who are NOT licensed to use the DaVinci Device and those that are licensed to use the DaVinci Device. The FDA states that a physician needs a MINIMUM of 4,000 procedures under the supervision of an experienced DaVinci Device surgeon before they are qualified to do use the DaVinci Device on their own. That means that an urologist must invest 2 to 4 years of training to use the DaVinci Device on their own--most urologists do NOT do this. Instead they treat patients with chemo and radiation. I have never met a urologist who them selves had any grade or stage of prostate cancer that did not opt for immediate surgery using the DaVinci Device. No urologist would ever use radiation on themselves because of the very high risk of bleeding to death.

If you ask any urologist that has had prostate cancer regardless of the grade and staging what they did--they all had their prostate removed using the DaVinci device.

You must find a DaVinci surgeon with a minimum of 4,000 procedures who uses th e new modified DaVInci device that leaves less cancerous prostate tissue behind--all removals of the prostate using any method of surgery will leave cancerous prostate tissue behind that may or may not metastasise. Then after surgery take Isosilybin B and 8-PN (8-prenylnaringenin) for the rest of your life--these drugs are available in the U.S. over the counter. I would also recommend 4-MU which you can buy in Europe.

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This is so unbelievably helpful. In my heart of hearts, I really believe in de-bulking and lessening the tumor burden. Of course, we were told It's not an option for us since the cancer is in his bones. I know prostatectomy in our case would be considered controversial but I would still like to push for it. Even if it would be filed under palliative care. I want to thank you for your advice, you are so amazingly knowledgeable and it helps to know that you're firmly in remission. Did yours metastisize to the bones as well? Thank you SO MUCH.


Here is a deep dive on 4-MU frontiersin.org/articles/10...

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This is my opinion... I have prostate cancer and the statement "Further research needs to be done.." doesn't help me. So, if I believe that 4-MU will not harm me, then I have nothing to loose in taking 4-MU even if it turns out it isn't effective in humans. Each person must decide this for themselves.... if you want more data on 4-MU then simply make a Freedom of Information Request to the F.B.I. on their F.B.I. website for "All Paper Clip Documents." Most of the Paper Clip documents are now declassified and you will see among those documents that German scientists and doctors used 4-MU and Isosilybin B together to treat military officers and in studies on prisoners in the camps during WWII... the Germans did not use double blind studies but their observations are still significant. Again, each person must decide with their physician whether or not to take 4-MU... I take 1200mg daily and I done that for the last 6 years... and I had metastatic disease and I have a PSA now of < .01


Hi Maxlifespan,

Thanks for detailed reply.

Do you have a source for this?:

<i>Hundreds of people DIE every year from consuming Turmeric.--look it up.</i>

I found one article where a woman in San Diego died from intravenous turmeric from a naturopath.

I have talked with at least 3 oncologists and members of my PC support group- no one mentioned that turmeric killed hundreds of people every year.

thanks for the info!



Hi Luke, you can find the stats on the number of deaths in the CDC database. Simply look up a chemical analysis of Turmeric and pick say 5 out of hundreds of the chemicals in Turmeric. Then Google those chemicals and all of them will be poisons, carcinogens, neurotoxins, etc. What you want to take is a highly purified extract of the Curcuminoids found in Turmeric which do have beneficial effects but be careful since Curcumin has anti-coagulant properties so never take it with Omega-3 which is a dangerous anti-coagulant and in recent studies has NO benefits to man. Every plant is made of only chemicals and the vast majority of the natural chemicals in plants are DEADLY poisons put there by the plant to keep itself from being EATEN by animals and man.


Turmeric is made up of thousands of different chemical compounds. You can look up a few of the hundreds of different chemical compounds in Turmeric other than the curcuminoids and you will see hundreds of chemicals that are naturally made by the plant that are deadly poisons to prevent the plant from being consumed by animals. Man has breed Turmeric to minimise the concentrations of the most deadly of these natural chemical compounds but they are still in Turmeric and they have NO positive benefits to man. You will recognise things like Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, etc.

Some of the curcuminoids in Turmeric have beneficial effects and you want to take a highly purified extract that have been prepared in a form that will make it more adorable. However, never take it with piperine or pepper derivatives because that is like Russian roulette.


Hi maxlifespan,

You seem more worried about the dangers of plants than myself. :) Yesterday I bought sweet potato leaves in Chinatown for steaming. They are good eating but not as good or expensive as as pea leaves. regards Luke


A billion people in India die at a very early age... and the amount of turmeric consumed is very little per meal in India and there is significant nerve damage in the Indian population as a result. One just has to look at any published chemical analysis of poison Turmeric and you will see it contains some of the deadliest chemicals in the world.... there is a class of compounds found in Turmeric called "Curcuminoids" that do have some beneficial effects so you want to take a purified extract of the curcuminoids called curcumin without the poison Turmeric.


You say among the hundreds of poisons fond in Turmeric are a class of chemical compounds known as "Curcuminoids"…then you go on to say : which are relatively safe and posses some beneficial properties…how can they be poison if they are safe? Then you say: You should buy a supplement of Curcumin that has NO Turmeric in it, but again: in Turmeric are a class of chemical compounds known as "Curcuminoids" which are relatively safe and posses some beneficial properties like reducing inflammation and some minor anti prostate cancer activity. You also said: What you want to take is a highly purified extract of the Curcuminoids found in Turmeric which do have beneficial effects, but to go back to what you said earlier: You should buy a supplement of Curcumin that has NO Turmeric in it, but again you said: you want to take is a highly purified extract of the Curcuminoids found in Turmeric, but you are not to take turmeric, but again: poisons fond in Turmeric are a class of chemical compounds known as "Curcuminoids", but these are safe. Hundreds die from consuming turmeric, can “you” site anywhere this is true?

Thank You


All plants make hundreds of poisons to prevent animals, including man, from eating them. We have Turmeric is no different and it contains hundreds of poisons and carcinogen--this is just a fact that you can verify by looking up a chemical analysis of turmeric in the Journal of Chemistry and other other pier-reviewed chemical journals. Curcuminoids in Turmeric are relatively safe...


Think of it this way... NATURAL means IMPURE and SYNTHETIC means PURE. Natural products contain hundreds of deadly compounds... that is basic chemistry and real science.


Turmeric powder is approximately 60–70% carbohydrates, 6–13% water, 6–8% protein, 5–10% fat, 3–7% dietary minerals, 3–7% essential oils, 2–7% dietary fiber, and 1–6% curcuminoids. Phytochemical components of turmeric include diarylheptanoids, a class including numerous curcuminoids, such as curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin. Curcumin constitutes up to 3.14% of assayed commercial samples of turmeric powder (the average was 1.51%); curry powder contains much less (an average of 0.29%). Some 34 essential oils are present in turmeric, among which turmerone, germacrone, atlantone, and zingiberene are major constituents.

Ok, there have been a couple of people asking you for your proof/reference to these poisons, but instead of providing this proof/reference you can only say “to look it up”; if what you say is true then you must have read this proof somewhere and you should then be able site this proof instead of telling people to find it in the journal of chemistry, or cdc database, which most cannot access, but you being a chemist should have it readily available, since you told us to find it there you must have read it there, therefore what is the problem in you providing what you claim.

“A billion people in India die at a very early age... and the amount of turmeric consumed is very little per meal in India and there is significant nerve damage in the Indian population as a result” To ‘paraphrase’ you say: hundreds of poisons fond in Turmeric; yet you say: the amount of turmeric consumed is very little per meal in India and there is significant nerve damage in the Indian population as a result, so by your definition they are dying as a result of consuming “very little” turmeric which contains hundreds of poisons, doesn’t seem to make your point that turmeric will kill you, if you die from not eating very much of it.

BTW India Population (LIVE) 1,354,663,309, so after a few years there should be pretty much no one left in India


That is NOT a chemical analysis of Turmeric... Turmeric contains nitric acid, sulfuric acid, Here is a short list of a few of the dangerous chemical compounds found in Turmeric:


All chemical compounds have both good effects and bad effects in the human body. The Curcuminoids are no exception--they reduce inflammation and help with TNF but they also have deadly side effects.


Your link says nothing about “Turmeric contains nitric acid, sulfuric acid”, nothing about it being a “poison” as you claim, it does discuss extraction methods, and what should be further investigated. You totally ignored everything put forth in my reply and came up with only 1 link which does not reference any of your claims; where are your hundreds references from the journal of chemistry? You claim privy to this ‘journal of chemistry’ as you purport being a chemist, and you spread ‘chicken little’ rhetoric, but when challenged you are only able to link one item, not from this journal of chemistry, that says nothing to support your claim. Why can’t you address everything in my reply to you, and instead of just spewing out impressive words, back up your claims with references/proof?


If you look at a more comprehensive review of the componds


Well since you refuse to provide any reference to back up your claims you appear to be nothing more than a charlatan, a pretender, trying to impress others here with meaningless words that say nothing; your last reply: “If you look at a more comprehensive review of the compounds” is prime example that you are unable, or unwilling to back up anything you’ve said.


I did provide a reference and if you look up any of the compounds in that reference you will see those compounds in Turmeric are deadly poisons. look am a chemist and it seems that you aren't a chemist so until you learn some basic chemistry I don't have the time to teach you... Good luck with your cancer.


Anyway... I find that the turmeric from Trader Joe's is the smoothest tasting and cheapest. About $2 per 2 oz bottle. The fresh root is showing up in more places these days; Indian, Latin, and health food shops.


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