Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Some Find Dr. Nalakrats GTP (Gator Treatment Protocol) had to Follow

Some guys find GTP hard to stick with..catching a Gator, wrestling him to submission and eating the organs raw once a month as a cure for mCRPC tough to follow on a regular basis. Good News..There is another treatment G+C ( God + Chemo)...Any month that I can't catch a Gator I plan to follow the G+C Protocol minus the chemo...The 2 big G's...Gator or God...I say take both for a synergistic effect


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Oakland (CA) Zoo banned me after they lost gators twice during my visits. I was on video leaving, wet & bloody, but smiling. So no more gators, & I'm an atheist. Any other G's I can use, Gus?

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I go for Glee, and make sure I have a tin handy at all times. My motto in life having become "Got to have more fun," whenever anything pleasant happens I take a scoop of glee and rub it all over.


Come to think of it, that's what I'm using! I was advised in 2004 to retire from my job to cut down on stress hormones, & to have lots of fun to get the pleasure hormones hopping & fighting the PCa. Best advice ever! Now I have some fun before I have some fun, & then I have some more! (Paraphrasing the Toyes song, "Smoke Two Joints.")


Guy walks into a bar with a Gator and asks the bartender "do you serve Gators in here"

The bartender says "sure we do"

Guy says ok give me a beer and get a comedian for my Gator.

j-o-h-n Sunday 05/14/2017 3:27 PM EST

p.s. Don't forget Mama today!


Sorry, missing question mark , so here it is (?)

j-o-h-n Sunday 05/14/2017 3:33 PM EST


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