Who Here is Using 4-MU/Results/Observations

At another site there was a strong discussion about 4-MU. The Research Papers support its use. Acquired in 400 mg Tablets/3 per day recommended, from FRANCE.

Can be obtained in 25 gram powder, or 100 gram powder, I think, locally from a Synthesis Laboratory---with a minimum of 98% purity. Hard to measure out 400 mgs though, and it is not soluble in water.

Anyway looking for those with more knowledge than myself to help teach those of us looking for Alternative Supplements.


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  • Hi there Nakakrats, We bought 4-MU from France and Kenny tried it about a year ago. He did not experience any significant difference in PSA nor in the way he felt. After a few months he discontinued using it. Not terribly expensive, but no visible results.

    OTOH, Kenny started using the "black mud" cancer salve (orally) last October. His PSA dropped from 1.6, to 0.5, to 0.2. The Doc at MD Anderson was really surprised at the dramatic change. In the last 2 months it has started to creep up again, but much more slowly than before. Last PSA was 0.5. It has also helped a friend with throat cancer and a friend with lung cancer.

  • Thanks, streaker


  • Nal,

    Stay away from it...no one I know got positive results and some guys got far worse. Plus, it is deadly for gators. read struwellers post not uncommon...I had ordered 2 bottles about a year ago and threw them out without ever using.



  • Thanks, Gator Hunter.


  • Tried it for 6 months---no effect since PSA continued to rise slowly. haven't seen any follow up from the researchers. Dud?

  • Thanks milto27, for input.


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