BIRM Side Effect - Last Reported By Nalakrat's Daughter

Nalakrats brought media attention to BIRM more commonly known as Gator Blood. Nalakrats has not been seen in 7 days and has been taking Gator Blood for 2 weeks.

Last time I talked to Nal he was hard to understand because he kept making hissing noises. Then last night I received a call from Nal's daughter who said Nal's side effects, from Gator Blood, had taken a terrifying turn for the worse and she was able to send me the pic below.


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  • Thanks for the laugh, Gus.

    Now that's a big Side Effect!! Ha. Ha.


    P.S. Seen this one?

    "Do It Yourself Prostatectomy"

  • Poor Nal...

  • Gus, I am packing gear and getting ready to go to the Outer Banks, FOR SHARK FISHING. My 12 foot/10 foot poles, with 100 lb. test line ready to go---using piano wire for steel leaders. Everything being rubbed down with Gator Blood.

    A sub note, as to BIRM---I had such a full head of steam yesterday, that after a gym workout, and a normal evening---I was so energy up--it was 2:30 in the morning, reading, and I did not like, some molding in my Bedroom, went down to my workroom, and replaced, painted and, still needed an L-Tryptophane capsule to put me to sleep. I think I could have gone all night, and I just had another birthday---2 days ago. I was running up stairs, and my Gator Wife wanted to know if I had found some speed, and was using. Honest to God, energy abounds. My ass has not dragged for about a week now. Takes about 2-3 weeks for Gator Blood to kick in.

    Now an individual report, above is not scientific, But who the F--- on ADT-5, at an age closer to 75 than to 70, feels like being up 17 hours, and wants to get a ladder out at 2:30 in the morning to repair molding. Something is occurring, besides my Gator run ins, in the wild.


  • Nal,

    Judging from your latest pic very soon you won't even need any gear to go hypothesis is the longer you take Gator Blood, the greater your transformation..until ultimately you will be a 20 foot Gator..sort of like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly


  • Jeff is a Landsman of mine, I have you know---so anything is possible.


  • Nal,

    So am I like gators


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