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When I first introduced BIRM, there was some skepticism, as not much information was available. Some here thought it a bit pre-mature, as there were no USA studies, or Clinical Trials. We did know that the University of Miami was granted Seed Money by the NIH. So at least someone/someone's thought there was some value. I stated that I was not recommending its use to anyone, that I was going to give it a try, to improve energy and reduce fatigue. So far it appears, after 9 days to be doing just that. My afternoon naps have disappeared!


So I started digging into the claimed anti-cancer benefits, looking for info especially as to Pca. On 7/3/07 BIRM was granted a USA Patent, or the developers were, is more correct.

The plant base has been well known as a treatment for cancer in Ecuador. Studies in Rats, have shown that BIRM stops Prostate Cancer dead.

The Plant extract contains antitumor compounds with potent antiproliferative in Vitro, and in Vivo, against Prostate Cancer Cells. YOU CAN FIND THIS IN: Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology: Volume 52 number 1/July 2003 59

Patent # is 7,250,180---reveals more of the story disclosing methods and compositions useful in treating Prostate Cancer. Also disclosed are methods for preparing compositions for administration to Humans for treating Prostate Cancer

The full statement and details can be read in full by going to our Govt. and looking up Patent 7,250,180 to read the statements in full.

AS AN ASIDE, I had resources that I completely missed! These resources were the 55 people who on Amazon gave the BIRM product 5 Star Reviews. So I sent out a Question to all users. The Question I asked. HAS ANYONE USING BIRM FOR CANCER, HAD THEIR CANCER PUT INTO REMISSION OR CURED? So far I have gotten back 5 responses. One cure for inoperable Lung Cancer, one cure for inoperable Kidney Cancer, one cure for Prostate Cancer, and a remission for Colon Cancer, and Melanoma.

That speaks volumes. I asked them to send me if they could send their dose rates/amounts, and their time frames of use. I expect more info, to come in from users.

Again I am just reporting, and still do not recommend the use of BIRM. As I tell here many times I am not a Doctor but play one at home. I hope the above information is useful.


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  • Thank you for your dedication and professional research.

  • My Pleasure---This has become a Ministry for me. Hope to provide information for years while fighting my own disease.


  • What you are doing certainly works for me. My brain has stopped sleeping completely and my Oncologist dreads my visits! Next Torquemada session is May 9. I have a number of questions that she and her team must answer.

  • Have fun. I enjoy my tete a tete, meetings with my Docs.


  • Scruffy: How do you handle that "oncologist dread"? I felt I was almost escorted out of his office a few weeks ago. When I mentioned nitroglycerine patches, he admitted he hadn't heard AND WAS NOT INTERESTED IN READING THE PAPER i HAD! I know, I know, change MDs


  • First question you ask when getting an Oncologist is: Are you a believer and a participant in Integrative Medicine---this is a signal that both Homeopathy, and Oncology, are not mutually separate, and are used together where appropriate---and this includes alternative medicine.

    I insisted on this, everyone should. Or you keep looking!


  • Looking forward to hearing more!

  • I am looking forward to hearing from actual uses. Outside of this, I think I have exhausted all I can find on it. Understand if you can in Spanish, get into Ecuadorian Internet. So I continue to use---have more energy, is all I can report. Others with measurable PSA's if using, can measure. Again I am not recommending use.


  • I'm going to order it.

  • Since I have about 10 days on it, feel free to ask me questions, about use and what to expect. If you have a measurable PSA, I would do a 30 day PSA, to evaluate. I cannot, as I am undetectable. Again Joe, I am reporting and not recommending use. But I have had an increase in energy less fatigue, and my wife who had a terrible crud for 8 days passed it to me, and it was knocked out in 12 hours. Amazing.


  • Nal, why don't you think you're seeing a placebo effect? Psychological effect? Hey, either way, it's working! I am a chemist and will be checking the patent; maybe I can shed some light on it. But I remain pessimistic, or at least skeptical. :-)


  • I am a Published Chemist in Food Science, with 50 years of Natural Healing. Certain identified found chemicals I listed in a previous post, completed by An Alabama Certified Lab. And it has not killed anyone, that I can tell. And when you have live users email you with their positive results, regarding remissions, I felt safe to experiment. And I keep telling people I am not recommending this, just reporting. Mature adults, even those looking for a life line can make their own decisions.

    And I have reported increased energy, where my afternoon naps have been mostly eliminated. And my wife passed to me a really bad crud, she has been fighting it for 9 days--really bad. It attacked me and disappeared on its own in 12 hours without any other assistance. I was coughing up green/yellow, and 12 hours later it just went bye bye. And I have reported on this, though not as dramatically, before.


  • Thank you so much for sharing this. It is something we are definitely going to look into. Since we still haven't heard from the hospital in Germany and since my husband has very low energy-levels at the moment and we assume that Aberaterone stops working, it might be something worth exploring right now.

  • I am just providing info--no cures. But so far I personally have a good feel for what little information that can be obtained, and to go with it actual users, claiming remissions, of different cancers, who have communicated to me directly. Out of 55 users, only 5 responded.

    There appears to be a lot of info in Ecuador, But I have not been able to hook into it. So it is just one of those shots in the dark, but I like what I feel so far.


  • Nal,

    I also noticed increased energy. I have been using Gator Blood for about a week...yesterday I was swimming in my pool and I can now stay submerged for 60 minutes before coming up for air.


  • I think you meant 60 seconds.


  • No 60 minutes...I also have a craving for raw meat

  • Under water for 60 minutes means you have gills and are subject to being eaten by my Gator.


  • Have you grown a hard carapace and giant teeth?

  • How long has he been on Abiraterone?

  • He has been on Aberaterone since June 2014. It is slowly losing effect. So now either Chemo or LU177, popular in Germany at the moment, and at the moment we are researching other things to try. So Birm sounds really interesting. In a way...

  • Thanks. My Onco started me on Zoladex 3 years ago and still on it. After 11 months had 10 cycles chemo no probs. 5 month break (still with Zoladex) and Abiraterone since Sept '16. PSA now 0.04. Next tests May 9.

    My lead Onco responsible for 7 London hospitals and for the Stampede trial. She's great, hard but realistic. Look first I suggest to tried and tested.

  • Go to Amazon, plug in BIRM, and read the comments of the 5 Star reports, by individuals. Many used while on Chemo--claiming reduction of the bad effects of Chemo. So there seems to be a bit of a protocol to use in combo with Chemo--Lu-177 is radiation. Do not know much about it, as the expert is in NYC. Forgot his name. But popularity is increasing.


  • Nal, I just quickly looked at the patent. A lot of it is fluff used to cover all bases in case it does work; not uncommon! The one human example, no. 22, I think, is so involved/convoluted with conventional treatments that I wouldn't try to analyze it without a lot more info. There is also a passing note concerning toxicity, about half way down in the examples in the patent, that concerns me. It suggested to me that Max dose may be close to toxicity, which is often a problem with cancer drugs. Separately, the dose given to rats seems to be high, but I'd need to have more info about the amount of actives in the 1ml injection.

    I tried to access the Birm.com website, but couldn't. Were you able? How/where were you able to buy the product? Online? I haven't had a chance yet; are there other BIRMs in use/research?

    Herb S.

  • There is a concentrate of this product used in Ecuador for bad cases of cancer, that is 7 fold, in strength. It is hard to get, you have to get it from Ecuador.

    I buy mine at Amazon---the first one that shows up---this one is the Modulator of the Immune System, the 2nd one is a booster. All people who used BIRM on Amazon, I asked for them to give me their stories of success---out of 55, 5 star reviews, I only got back 5--all had remissions. Some posters go back to 2007, and 2011, they could have died of old age by now. It is a crap shoot no doubt. But there is something fishy, as how the money to further research, this at the U. of Miami, got obtained from the NIH. I do not trust the Gov't. I had too many wars with the FDA, and seen Drug companies influence decisions, or prevent them.

    And Gusgold reported in tonight indicating he is feeling increase of energy. So I go on--My Geneticist is working on finding me a specific blood test I am looking for. It is rare. It deals with Nano Chip counters, placed in a flow of blood stream, that counts cancer cells/liter.


  • Hi Nal! Is this BIRM the atiflammatory? I know you're not a doc. I'm wondering if women use this also. I have make inflammation and continue to search for safer anti flam in place of predisone. Thanks for all you do ;)

  • I use Zyflamend[New Chapter] for inflammation reduction. Also use of Curcumin reduces inflammation, and I also use. And the Discoverer of BIRM claims that BIRM reduces inflammation. My C-Reactive Protein---measure of inflammation---- was already Zero, before I started experimenting with BIRM. I am still not recommending it, as the info is sketchy, but positive, and I am experimenting on myself, for the killing of micro-metastasis. But, have not found a way yet to measure. Working on it though. But no doubt there is an energy uptick, after a week.


  • you can buy BIRM concentrate at their site but $126.00 wow! I read a post from a woman in Ecuador and she said over there it goes for $14.00 US a bottle. They have big Gators in Ecuador..Nalakrats should go there and bring back a couple cases of BIRM concentrate


  • I use to travel there every 6 weeks when working, I can try to see if my agent, who worked for me in Ecuador, is still around, and can buy and ship to me. I hated the fights to Ecuador. Atlanta to Miami, to Quito. I will put out some emails, and see if I can get.


  • Nal,

    we need the concentrate...thats the one that kills cancer cells


  • Can you imagine, a taste 7 times more nasty. I got first email out to Ecuador.


  • My current situation is a Rising PSA; I am on no treatment and take no drugs other than baby aspirin and 5 mg Lipitor.

    I had RP 06/11 w/ PSA undetectable result, PSA Relapse (0.2) 11/13, completed 38 Rad Sessions 9/15 with PSA undetectable result, now PSA to 0.1 2/17. Found this forum and another and put together an extensive supplement program which I started March 01 and then added BIRM on 4/17.

    I sound like a good candidate to watch for BIRM effectiveness except if my PSA does not raise or maybe goes back to undetectable there will be too many other reasons this may have happened. Radiation last gasp PSA spike, megadosing of Vitamin D/K-2 or possible effectiveness of the other supplements I am taking.

    I am scheduled for my next PSA test on May 03rd and results a week later. I will update my result to this string. Please note that I am a risk taker and would never advise or condone my use of supplements to anyone.

  • I have a bigger problem, I am still undetectable. But, my Docs. claim that whatever I am taking--my ADT-5, and a multitude of targeted supplements, is keeping my nasty Pathology in check. BIRM can go after Dormant Sleeping Pca cells, according to the Inventor's Literature. So I am seeking a way to measure dormant cells in the blood, One method, very new, is to put a nano chip filter screen in a vessel and count the cells, as they come by. I have my Geneticist, and Onc. looking for me. Sounds expensive if we find it. So far my energy increase and fatigue reduction is occurring. And that may be all I get.


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