Advanced Prostate Cancer
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As there are a few of us using BIRM, the ones that will be able to determine if it has had, or is having a positive effect, are those with a measurable PSA. For me I am going after energy increase, and reduced fatigue, as I cannot measure PSA, as I am undetectable currently.

But in my title above, I point to stem cells. Sometimes more defined as Refractive Cancer Cells, that do not give off the enzyme that we measure with a PSA number, and their ability, to not give a damn about ADT Hormone Deprivation Treatment, as they do not require, hormones to survive, to continue, and to divide into daughter cells, that have an ability, using the enzyme Hyaluronidase, to start moving to far parts of the body, from whence the original tumor was[in the prostate]. Any Pca cells not 100% removed, or killed, or left behind during initial treatment, probably in many cases, has some of these Refractive Cancer Cells. The more aggressive the Pca, the more likely your Refractive Cell content, that may have been left, is higher in %, and more aggressive, of that left behind.

So there are a number of Natural ways to possibly treat. One being the removal of the over expression, of Galectin-3, that all Pca cells need to agglomerate, stick together, and grow into tumors. If they cannot gather, and colonize, because their Galectin-3, has been reduced, is one way, in my opinion.

The second way is to employ a substance, such as BIRM that interferes, with a cells production of the enzyme Hyaluronidase, so if they get around the ability to colonize, we try to keep them from moving.

Now according to the researchers, be it in Ecuador, and one of the investigations the University Of Miami Medical School will be looking at, is the claim that BIRM, has an ability to enter the cancer cell, and alter its electrical charge[for those non-chemists, this usually changes the direction or the production of certain reactions]. So if the electrical charge of the organelle, called the mitochondria, that functions as the cells engine, that powers the cells ability to reproduce, affects the electric charge---this would indicate, that death of the Stem Cells could/would occur.


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Interesting. Thanks for posting.


Have you looked at Coriolus and stems cell proliferation?


No I have not. Just working on one at this time--if you have info or published papers, please send to the group. My time is limited, with the dealing with many followers.



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