Nalakrats Was Right About The Best Way To Treat Prostate Cancer

Nal says the hell with ADT - RP - Radiation - Chemo - BAT - IADT...The answer is IGT (Intermittent Gator Therapy)...Every 3 months Nal goes to Costa Rica and catches a Gator. He then wrestles the Gator in a 3 hour death match, eventually killing the Gator by snapping open its jaws and eating the Gator organs raw. Nal has kept his rare form of PCa in a durable remission with a PSA of <.01 for 12 months. IGT is 100% effective in killing PCa but there is a downside...Nal talked 3 other men with PCa into trying IGT and the Gator won the wrestling match, and the men died a quick painful death. But, as Nal says they still wiped out their PCa. Check out study below.


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  • Gus,

    Have you been hanging out with Ty Bollinger again?


  • Gus,

    I used to love sea turtle steaks; when I got them in my younger years. Put a couple of the crocodile steaks on the barbee for me.


  • A quick and painful death instead of a slow and painful death... sounds like Nalakrats has at least half the solution... now he just needs to solve the other half...

  • I understand it works with grizzly bears as well :)

  • Another way to die... tell your wife she looks like she's gaining weight.... actually you may not die, but man will you suffer...

    j-o-h-n Saturday 04/08/2017 10:56 AM EST

  • Yes med marijuana works, see our success stories .

  • Is this what is referred to as Gater Aid?

  • Please post Nal vs. Gator video. Thanks.

  • Nal is still in Costa Rica...have not head from him...word is Nal might have lost his last match with a 20 foot gator and is now in Davey Jones Locker

  • I am back, with a real nice golden tan. sucked up a lot of Vitamin D. Some should have thought I would have overdosed, having also taking 15,000 D3/day, while being dressed in a Speedo, on the Ocean, bringing in Sailfish. No gator would come close--as I was armed with a 223 semi-automated weapon, I borrowed from a Costa Rican friend. This was my 63rd trip to Costa Rica---they call me the crazy gringo. Sorry Gus, no Gators dragged me down to the Locker.

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