Psa flare after first docetaxol

Has anyone heard of psa going up a bit after firsts q21 day chemo, and then actually getting a good response , certainly not what was hoping that it would go from 90 to 95

But after a 30 point increase in 10 days prior to chemo, glad it is leveling out. Dr. Says too early to tell if chemo will works. I seem to remember that you can get a rise right away and then still get a decent response.had to do with psa cells being killed and still floating around in blood. I feel good,better than i I did at the end of xtandi

and fatigue. I drove an hour to ski yeesterday and had a great day skiing fast.


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  • Having just had a PSA flare of my own after initiating Zytiga, I did a little research and discovered that the Prostate Cancer Working Group 2 criteria includes the recommendation to continue treatment with newly initiated prostate cancer therapies for at least 12 weeks "without clinical evidence for disease progression." So if you have an asymptomatic PSA rise following initiation of ANY treatment, stay the course for 12 weeks because of the possibility of flare. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the learned information Len. Best of luck to you too. I hope you are doing well now and doing something fun and keeping your mind free of this at times. :)

  • Thanks, Jackie, and yes, I'm feeling well and I don't allow thoughts of cancer to occupy my mind, simply because it wouldn't help at all to do so. :)

  • That's awesome Len! You are one of the many... that this site will not allow me to follow lol. I'm glad you are doing well :)


  • Thanks Len

  • My Psa went from 62 to 8.1 after 4 sessions ( tested before session 5) .Don't know if it went up before going down because we only tested before session 4. Now have 2 sessions to go, fatigue is the biggest problem but results are fantastic. !!! Yes !

  • You have done fantastic Ranger!!!! will you be doing anything to maintain that low number

  • Really don't know what to do next. Was going to wait until after session 8 and see what plans the oncologist had. I know we are going to have a set of scans done to compare with October 2016 scans. Probably will wait a few weeks and do another lot of full bloods.

    Do you have any suggestions ?

  • Have you done xtandi or zytiga? sometimes thing level off after a while with chemo, sounds like if you had to you could rechallenge with docetaxol in the future, though I would prefer either zytiga or xtandi first if you have not done them. but then again I am not a Doctor, what does the Doc think?

  • Yes, PSA can bounce around initially, this is not a marker for efficacy. As Len has indicated keep on.


  • Thanks Joel, I did see your post from last year on a link to psa flare from pubmed. I have had a great long run, no matter what happens now, I will have beat cancer.

  • Yep---heard a number of times a flare before settling down and dropping. These Pca cells are like alien living organisms, living within us. I think they get pissed when attacked and fight back against the Chemo---Hang in there---lets get you to <0.1


  • Thanks for the words of encouragement Nalacrats ,much appreciated

  • Stay strong. stay positive, keep fighting, don't give up, you will be ok.

  • You may be experiencing the "the PSA Bounce". Some patients will experience a sudden rise in PSA after taking certain cancer drugs at first. The Drug as the effect of killing a lot cancer cells which cause a rise in PSA. Don't worry unless it keeps going up, in which case the cancer is feeding on the drug. Then you need to stop taking the drug.

  • Thanks for the reply Magnus

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