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BigRich, Gusgold--I have a one month up-date on Zyflamend use. Even though I did not have a base line blood test---my C-reactive protein has always been 2 or 3 times over the top end of normal. I had my C-reactive protein test last week, got the results on March 3rd.

Surprise surprise--My C-reactive protein came in UNDETECTABLE. This is unusual, since I present some arthritis in hands/knees and generate lots of aches and pains in the gym . Doctor threw up his hands--not seeing zero for this test. We discussed the possibility all inflammation, I thought I had or feel is Drug related.

So guys it appears Zyflamend is working. And it will continue to be a part of my supplemental program--New Chapter Zyflamend uses the Liquid CO2 super-critical extracts of the 10 herbs--which means the Polyphenols, that are important, are most likely 1,000 times stronger than swallowing the herbs, themselves.

I said I would report--this is my report.


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  • Nalakrats,

    Great news, I am taking my Zyflamend with my meals since February 17th. I will get retested in May. I hope, I have results as good as you.


  • I take so much stuff---it would be hard to say that my undetectable CRP, was due exclusively to Zyflamend--as I did not have a baseline test prior to taking Zyflamend. But somehow I got to zero.


  • Nal,

    How many Zyflamend caps do you take daily.


  • I have been taking 2 per day. I take on those days that I am in the gym, after my workout with a 17 gram Atkins Protein bar. It says on the New Chapter Label to take with food and after exercise. I did a workout yesterday--today is a rest day, so I will take mid-day with some protein high food stuff, or with a protein bar.

    I was totally blown away--when I was undetectable as to C-reactive protein. I asked my Doctor---GP--who did the test---along with about 40 other blood tests--if he has ever seen an undetectable---he said no. This is nuts!

    As to other tests Uro will be doing T and PSA this week. On my blood profile only things that needs some work---Blood Sugar down from 114 to 107--only on 1250 Metformin. will increase to 1500, and then to 2,000---and red blood count about 5% under normal---so I will increase my iron amino acid chelate tablet from every other day to every day. Otherwise all other blood markers real good---great Liver Enzyme numbers--which is important.

    Heading to Costa Rica for 10 days of Marlin and Sailfish, fishing--end of month. Will be going out 50 miles from shore in my rowboat. Will see if Davy Jones can get me.


  • Nal,

    check out this study


  • Very interesting. This study made a statement, that was mind blowing, that --C-Reactive Protein was a better Predictor of Overall Survival, than PSA tests--they did hedge a bit about Gleason Scores. And indicated much better survival rates for those with low C-Reactive Protein values.

    But their scientific method of elimination of many data subsets from other tests, using only those that would have viability[not mixing apples and oranges] to get to a point that they can Claim {a confidence level of 95%}--is not to be ignored.

    I plan to bring this Study to my Docs. treating for Pca--I think we should all copy this and bring them to our medical providers. We should all get the test--but remember--if their is inflammation coming from heart disease---you will not know how much may be related to Pca. But regardless of where high numbers come from, we should attack their sources with anti-inflammatory's--would be my opinion.


  • Have a BLAST Nalakrats!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  • Hi Nal,

    I'm happy for you, guy!

    My smart wife discovered Zyflamend in the months after I was diagnosed around this time in 2003, & I've been on it ever since. But I never knew exactly how cool it was until I read your explanation here.

    Please educate me on another item. What's C-reactive protein? Is that something PCa patients should be tested for, & I'm not? Or isn't it related to the condition we have in common?



  • C-reactive protein, is a common test, that is not always called for. Cardiologists do call for it with their heart patients as it can indicate, inflammation in the Arteries. They watch patients for inflammation especially after a heart attack.

    But in general as a test it measures the overall inflammatory situation in your body. If you have Arthritis, which is an inflammatory disease, you should present with a higher than normal C-Reactive Protein numbers. Any disease causing inflammation stress should register high numbers. As for Pca patients, there is the theory when being treated for Metastatic Disease, some of the drugs can cause inflammation, and just the killing of Pca cells, that the dying cell sends out a protein message, to other Pca cells to react to protect themselves, and this protein supposedly can cause an inflammation response. If this craziness be true, if your PSA is undetectable, and your Pca cells are dormant, for the time being, they should not be causing inflammation. But if you are at war with Xtandi, Zytiga, etc, or just doing Chemo, you should have a high response.

    Sometimes I feel we, with this cancer, that we have been invaded by the Alien Body Snatchers.

    So in tying up loose ends here---less oxidative stress/inflammation, is better for us guys going thru this disease. Zyflamend by New Chapter---which uses the super critical liquid CO2 process of extraction, from the Chinese Herb formulation is my choice in brands. Other companies may have CO2 extracts--but I am not searching them out---happy where I am--and Amazon gets it to me in a day on their Prime.


  • Great news, Nal. But I thought the gators got you? Supercritical CO2 extraction is a great idea, BUT it may be extracting "stuff" different from or in addition to the stuff extractable by our bodies. Does not change the results, only maybe changes the interpretation for the future. Keep doing it. And leave the fish alone.


  • No not really! It will extract all the organics, soluble in CO2. Most all molecules in a natural herb, extractable with water or alcohol, the CO2 will do it better and more efficiently, and concentrate them a 1,000 fold. We are basically seeking the Polyphenolic compounds of these herbs. For example in Boswella, we want the 5-Loxin molecule. In Turmeric we want the Curcumin, in Cayenne pepper we want the Capsicum, etc. The process leaves the twigs stems, root materials, and other undesirable insolubles your body would just pass down the poop chute behind.

    I would rather get in a capsule the amount of capsicum that might be in a cup of chili peppers. Good luck in eating a cup of hot chili peppers. That is what this technology can do.

    Leaving the fish alone until the 28th--when I go to Costa Rica---going for Sail and Blue Marlin--last Blue Marlin I hooked down there was 800 lbs. and 13 feet long. Took 8 hours to get him in--just to tag him and let him go. Just repeating my Bucket List--as the Pca has not killed me yet. But Davy Jones' Locker is always near by, at my age.


  • Nal,

    you state Davy Jones' Locker is always near at your age, but something is not right here. On your last fishing trip a gator ripped out the bottom of your leaky row disappeared for 2 you are back stating your PSA is undetectable, C-Reactive Protein is undetectable, and you sleep during the day and are out all night. Your Doc threw his hands in the air and said he never saw anything like this. Later on that day your Doc's body was found partially eaten. The PSA and C-Reactive Protein can be attributable to the Zyflamend....the hunger for flesh side effect seems more like Zombie that Zyflamend ....just saying


  • I am glad I offer you an outlet, so that you can sublimate your mind into other things and stop thinking about finding a cure for Pca. There is more to life like fishing, and immersing ones self with the mermaids, and the villain of that life: Davy Jones himself.


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